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Protestors and Hackers Target Wikipedia

Byline Staff of 24 7 News

www.247News.Net 12/20/04

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Users of Wikipedia are probably scratching their heads, there’s been thousands of changes to main Wikipedia pages by hackers and protest groups recently. If you click on a current article at the front door of www.Wikipedia.org you will probably see a ‘graffiti’ remark at the top of the page saying something like WIKI SUCKS go to www.WikiSucks.com or READY TO DIE NUKES ARE NEAR see www.StopNukes.com  Here are some archived pages I’m referring to






There are also many more slogans going around the top of pages at Wikipedia. Some see this recent action as the death knoll for Wikipedia.org since it is taking up a ton of volunteer time to try to stop this protest editing.


Wikipedia has a policy of ‘Open Editing by ANYONE’ that is the problem. Some who have edited Wikipedia have had their IP Address put into pages and that is a no no, since a hacker could hurt you if he knows your IP address. Wikipedia’s answer is “well a user can ‘join’ wiki and hide their IP address”. So the owner of Wikipedia is making people join his site if they want to edit the pages, if you don’t ‘join’ then your private IP address info will be exposed.


Many people who have found fault with the concept of Wikipedia have been using open proxies to edit ‘protest’ pages into Wikipedia. Wiki editors consider such posting behind proxies to not be a valid post. So thousand of pages with edits from anonymous users are being deleted as soon as they appear, well it takes a few minutes to hours depending on what was edited by an anonymous user.


You can track the dramatic increase on the Wiki Block List, it shows that a huge  increase in proxy blocking is going on. A large amount of the blocking is due to protest pages being put up by fans of Sollog (see www.Sollog.com) Sollog is a modern day Nostradamus and the founder of a religious movement named TOH an acronym for Temple Of ‘Hayah (www.TempleOfHayah.com)


Fans of Sollog don’t like the Wikipedia page that is filled of blatant lies and at best can only be described as a vicious personal attack on Sollog due to his religious beliefs. A handful of wiki editors have been erasing any relevant Sollog info posted by his fans and insist on putting information about a 20 year old DUI as a major bit of Sollog info. I guess if you compared the Sollog page to anything in a real encyclopedia you would laugh at the slanderous article that Wiki has created to harass and defame Sollog. I’ve never seen anything even close to it in an encyclopedia.


In fact, Fans of Sollog have formed  a group and started the web site www.WikiSucks.com The group even has a contest for best Wiki Edit and for who can edit the most pages on one IP at Wiki. The group also puts out information on how you obtain programs for open proxy surfing to hide your Identity. The site notes that Wikipedia.org was not on-line today for an extended period of time, perhaps to a DoS attack.


Since Wikipedia started attacking TOH and Sollog, there have been two court orders issued to Wikipedia to remove the offending pages. Wikipedia has refused to remove the slanderous pages and there is being formed a class action against Wikipedia on behalf of TOH members around the world.


TOH has also been linking directly to the FBI and Florida State Attorney General sites so their members can file civil right complaints that Wikipedia and it’s owner Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales is harassing Sollog and all TOH members due to their religious beliefs. http://www.templeofhayah.com/flago.shtml


The concept of an ‘open’ encyclopedia might have been a noble idea, but the reality is Wikipedia is being used to harass and defame someone over religion, that means the days of Wikipedia as an ‘open’ project are numbered. Sollog stated today, the he is set on suing Wikipedia for libel. He said, “Wikipedia will have to explain why they allowed false information to remain in their article even after many members of TOH phoned him personally to remove the offending material.”


Jim Wales signed the death warrant for the open editing policy of Wikipedia when he chose to let his members harass and defame Sollog and TOH. So it’s only a matter of time now before a court in the US tells Wikipedia to remove the Sollog page. Eventually the only solution for Wales will be to close down the open editing part of Wikipedia, the Sollog attack article proves Wikipedia and Jim Wales isn’t ready to run such a project without outright bias.


Some interesting facts about Wikipedia, the owner Jim Wales admits Wikipedia is financed by his earnings from Bomis.com  a sex search engine and Wale’s has admitted the selling of sex images is what finances Wikipedia the ‘new encyclopedia’ on his own site. Is this the type of person who should be in charge of an ‘open’ encyclopedia project?


You can view the huge increase in IP Blocking that Wikipedia has under taken since they started saying false things about Sollog. Massive banning of IP addresses due to people saying positive things about Sollog shows there is no ‘open’ editing at Wiki  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Ipblocklist


The truth about Wikipedia is a handful of ‘mods’ who decide the slant they want to put on an article choose what they want to say and what they want the article to say about a person or topic. If you decide to edit the page then you will eventually get banned and called all kinds of names for putting what you think is correct material about any topic into Wikipedia. Each day thousands of pages are edited back to what a few people that really control Wikipedia want. See http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Special:Recentchanges&hideminor=0&hideliu=0&hidebots=1&limit=50&days=7&limit=500



There’s thousands of web pages on the Net declaring ‘Wikipedia Sucks’ the most vocal is a new site www.WikiSucks.com  The site even has a contest now seeing what person has created the best edited wiki page.


The Sollog article might be a classic case of this contest.


There are now over a thousand edits of the Wikipedia Sollog page at http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Sollog&action=history&limit=500&offset=0


The slanderous Sollog Wiki page is at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sollog



The Sollog Wiki Discussion page is at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Sollog


There has been over 1000 edits to the Sollog Discussion Page http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Talk:Sollog&action=history&limit=500&offset=0


Here are some of the more popular Wikipedia Sucks sites










What does the former editor of the prestigious Encyclopedia think about Wikipedia?





Why is there so much interest in Sollog on the Net?


Sollog put exact information about 911 into the public domain well before that tragedy happened. Here is one of the warnings about how a MAJOR EMERGENCY would hit Washington DC on 911. Three years to the exact date of that warning 911 occurred.


Here s a time-stamped 911 warning from Sollog archived by Google.




Here is an article in Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany about Sollog and his 911 warnings.




Sollog warned of a March 11th Terrorism attack, it was fulfilled when the March 11th Madrid Massacre occurred.




Last year Sollog warned a killer quake would hit on Xmas day 2003, around 9PM EST the great Bam Iran Quake hit and 50,000 died.