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Slash Dot Org and Wikipedia accused of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME

Byline Staff of 24 7 News

www.247News.Net 12/15/04

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The Nasdaq symbol is LNUX, the company is VA Software. They own the infamous www.SlashDot.org It’s a site that likes to defame and harass people.


An article appeared on /. (slash dot) yesterday that made a bunch of false claims about a person who claims he is being defamed by Wikipedia. The person in the article published by /. is rlandman the same person who has been heavily editing an article at Wikipedia that is filled with biased and false information according to  a religious leader who is now having his religious group file a ‘class action’ against VA Software and Wikipedia. The person who claims he is being libeled at Wikipedia and now /. is named Sollog see www.Sollog.com


Sollog is infamous in his own right, he likes to sue people. We covered a story a while back about how a public company was illegally using one of his trademarks; that companies stock fell like a rock when news of the Sollog suit against them was mentioned in the media.


It appears from the article that the person who is heavily editing the Wikipedia article on Sollog is connected in some way to /. Org.


There have been physical threats made against Sollog on the /. site. You can see for yourself if you want to search through over 500 posts harassing Sollog and Toh members at the /. article.




/. Org has been told to remove the harassing article and all posts about Sollog and TOH members according to representatives of TOH.


Toh, which has members in almost every country in the world, has a web page asking their members to complain by phone to VA Software’s President Ali Jenab. The general email address for Investor Relations at VA Software is also posted on the Toh site for its members to complain via email to the IR department of VA Software.


The question really should be how does a Public Company operate an offensive web site like /. The site is well known for vicious attacks on people and companies? The site has posts by hackers who state they will do DOS attacks on victims of /. articles.


Here is the article at /. That is attributed to rlandman the same person who is editing the alleged hate article at Wikipedia about Toh members and Sollog.




Here is the history page of the Sollog article at Wikipedia showing how rlandman is one of the main editors of the claimed defamatory Sollog page.




Here is the talk page at Wikipedia filled with alleged rlandman libelous comments about Toh members and Sollog.




It is clear from the /. article that rlandman wants people to believe there are no members of TOH and that Sollog is a ‘wacko’, however, the Toh web site has a contact page with the email addresses of members in almost every country in the world.


Interestingly enough, the owner of Wikipedia who some Toh members have stated is also rlandman in various Sollog chat rooms, has stated he personally received calls from Toh members asking him to remove the defamatory Wikipedia article on Sollog. He refuses to remove the page.


24 7 News has verified there are Toh members around the world and Jim Wales knows this, see his comments on his own site about how he was getting complaint calls from several people.


Toh claims the intent of the Wikipedia page is to defame and harass Sollog the founder of Toh and any of his followers. It is simply a religious hate article they claim. The Toh site has pages where their members can file RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME complaints against both VA Software the owners of /. which is a public company and Jim Wales the main principal behind Wikipedia.


Here is the TOH page asking members to file FBI complaints against VA Software.




Here is another TOH page asking members to file FBI complaints against Wikipedia and owner Jim Wales.





Why is there so much interest in Sollog?


Sollog put exact information about 911 into the public domain well before that tragedy happened. Here is one of the warnings about how a MAJOR EMERGENCY would hit Washington DC on 911. Three years to the exact date of that warning 911 occurred.


Here s a time-stamped 911 warning from Sollog archived by Google.




Here is an article in Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany about Sollog and his 911 warnings.




Sollog warned of a March 11th Terrorism attack, it was fulfilled when the March 11th Madrid Massacre occurred.




Last year Sollog warned a killer quake would hit on Xmas day 2003, around 9PM EST the great Bam Iran Quake hit and 50,000 died.




The links above to Sollog prophetic hits have been constantly edited out of Wikipedia if you look at the history pages related to the Sollog wikipedia page and the Sollog Talk page at wikipedia.


Toh claims there is a clear ‘conspiracy’ between members of Wikipedia and members of /. Org in a concerted effort to harass and defame Sollog and members of Toh.





Staff of 24 7 News Net