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Wikipedia accused of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES

Byline Staff of 24 7 News

www.247News.Net 12/13/04

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Wikipedia (see www.Wikipedia.org)  the on-line encyclopedia has been accused of RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES by a religious movement known as TOH (Temple Of Hayah) see www.TempleOfHayah.com


TOH members are being actively recruited to file HATE CRIME complaints against Wikipedia and it’s owner Jim Wales who is a self admitted pornographer see http://www.247news.net/2004/20041211-wikipedia.shtml



Many do not like the way Wikipedia imposes what many view as a bias in their articles that are promoted as “a neutral point of view”. There’s thousands of web hits in search engines on the Net declaring ‘Wikipedia Sucks’, a new web site was just created the other day www.WikipediaSucks.com due to how Jim Wales and his group are harassing and defaming the religious leader Sollog. Sollog is he founder of TOH the same group that is now accusing Wikipedia of HATE CRIMES.


If you look at the edit history of the Wikipedia Sollog pages, you will see dozens of Sollog fans complaining about how Wikipedia is editing the Sollog pages. ‘Pro’ Sollog edits are immediately purged and then the poster is called Sollog or a Sollog sockpuppet (a bogus poster who is the same person).


See the Sollog Discussion page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Sollog


Massive editing of Sollog Discussion Page http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Talk:Sollog&action=history&limit=500&offset=0


Here is the  article page about Sollog at Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sollog  it calls Sollog amongst many negative things a ‘wacko’. It also says there are no members in TOH his religious movement. So now members of TOH are asking the FBI to charge Wikipedia and its Pornographer owner Jim Wales with RELIGIOUS HATE CRIMES for the false and harassing information about Sollog and TOH that is now on Wikipedia.



Here is Wikipedia admitting what is not well known in the media, that a porn site is the funding for Wikipedia.




Here is the softcore page of Bomis that entices you to ‘join’ so you can gain access to more sex images.




Here is where pornographer Jim Wales tries to sell you his sex photos




Bomis is the typical porno scam, it entices you with either a Free or inexpensive ‘Temporary’ membership when in the small print it says you will be ‘automatically’ upgraded to a full membership.




Wikipedia is now a top 300 site at Alexa see http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=wikipedia.org


I hear a major class action civil suit is being prepared by lawyers for TOH against Wikipedia  for defaming and harassing Sollog with false and libelous information.


Why is there so much interest in Sollog?


Sollog put exact information about 911 into the public domain well before that tragedy happened. Here is one of the warnings about how a MAJOR EMERGENCY would hit Washington DC on 911. Three years to the exact date of that warning 911 occurred.


Here s a time-stamped 911 warning from Sollog archived by Google.




Here is an article in Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany about Sollog and his 911 warnings.




Sollog warned of a March 11th Terrorism attack, it was fulfilled when the March 11th Madrid Massacre occurred.




Last year Sollog warned a killer quake would hit on Xmas day 2003, around 9PM EST the great Bam Iran Quake hit and 50,000 died.




This is the page at TOH organizing members that Wikipedia claims don’t exist to file CRIMINAL RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME COMPLAINTS against Wikipedia and Jim Wales with the FBI.




Staff of 24 7 News Net