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Famous Internet Encyclopedia Run by Pornographer

Byline D.E. Alexander

www.247News.Net 12/11/04

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Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales is the person behind the popular Wikipedia.com web site. It parades as a ‘neutral’ resource and a ‘new digital age’ encyclopedia of ‘knowledge’.


Jim Wales admits Wikipedia is financed by his earnings from Bomis.com


What most people don’t know is that Bomis is a sex search engine and Wale’s has admitted the selling of sex images is what finances Wikipedia the ‘new encyclopedia’.


What gets me is; people are starting to use Wikipedia as a ‘source’ in news articles and in academia. They’ve bought the BS that Wikipedia is a ‘neutral’ resource and they’ve bought the BS that it can be edited by ‘anyone’.


The truth is most days Wikipedia bans many IP addresses from ‘editing’ the content of the pages of Wikipedia. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Ipblocklist


The truth is there’s a handful of ‘mods’ who decide the slant they want to put on an article. They choose what they want to say and what they want to link to. If you decide to edit the page then you will eventually get banned and called all kinds of names for putting what you think is correct material about any topic into Wikipedia. Each day hundreds of pages are edited back to what a few people that really control Wikipedia want. See http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Special:Recentchanges&hideminor=0&hideliu=0&hidebots=1&limit=50&days=7&limit=500



There’s hundreds of web pages on the Net declaring ‘Wikipedia Sucks’.


If you look at the edit history of the Wikipedia Sollog pages, you will see dozens of Sollog fans complaining about how Wikipedia is editing the Sollog pages. These ‘pro’ Sollog edits are immediately purged and then the poster is called Sollog or a Sollog sockpuppet (a bogus poster who is the same person).


I sat in an office of AIS and saw three different people on one high speed connection post about Sollog. They were all called the same person and Sollog. Then I went to local Starbucks and saw another person post to Wikipedia pro Sollog statements and they too were called Sollog. All of the posts were of course edited out later by the clowns running Wikipedia. You can’t post a positive thing about Sollog at Wikipedia and have it remain on the site more than a few minutes. And this is only the discussion page about Sollog since the main Sollog page is locked and ONLY mods with the power granted to them can actually change the main Sollog article.


Sollog Discussion page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Sollog


Massive editing of Sollog Discussion Page http://en.wikipedia.org/w/wiki.phtml?title=Talk:Sollog&action=history&limit=500&offset=0


Here is the LOCKED article page about Sollog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sollog


It’s a well known fact that a handful of mods control Wikipedia and that is why so many Wikipedia Sucks pages are popping up all over the Net. The claims that ‘anyone’ can ‘edit’ Wikipedia are just complete BS.


Here are some of the more popular Wikipedia Sucks sites








What does the former editor of the prestigious Encyclopedia think about Wikipedia?




What all of these articles fail to mention is how Wikipedia is financed by a porn site i.e. Bomis.com


I know members of TOH (a religious movement headed by Sollog) that have personally called the porno operator of Wikipedia on the phone and complained about how his staff is harassing and defaming Sollog and members of TOH with links that contain false statements about Sollog. Wales the pornographer refuses to remove the information that members of TOH are complaining about.


One complaint of TOH members is a link to the sex rag that is run by a group that caters to the Homosexual Under Ground in several major cities including Philadelphia. That FREE weekly pickup is known as the City Paper. The back of the rag is filled with ads for Homosexual Sex and Transsexuals.   The paper claimed years ago in an article that Sollog’s family operated a porno empire. The truth is Sollog’s father was a pioneer in the computer industry and his brother owned his own company on Wall Street. For close to 30 years Sollog has owned numerous software companies. Sollog and his family are not porno operators.


However, the porn operator of Wikipedia wants you to think Sollog is a pornographer, the reason is, that is exactly what Jim ‘Jimbo’ Wales is, he is a self admitted porn purveyor.


Here is Wikipedia admitting what is not well known in the media, that a porn site is the funding for Wikipedia.




Here is the softcore page of Bomis that entices you to ‘join’ so you can gain access to more sex images.




Here is where pornographer Jim Wales tries to sell you his sex photos




Bomis is the typical porno scam, it entices you with either a Free or inexpensive ‘Temporary’ membership when in the small print it says you will be ‘automatically’ upgraded to a full membership.




Just think, Wikipedia is now a top 300 site at Alexa see http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=wikipedia.org


There are almost 4,000 sites linking to the biased articles run by a pornographer at Wikipedia.




How many of those sites know a pornographer runs Wikipedia?


I hear a major class action suit is being prepared by lawyers for TOH against both Wikipedia and the City Paper for defaming and harassing Sollog with false and libelous information.


Why is there so much interest in Sollog?


Sollog put exact information about 911 into the public domain well before that tragedy happened. Here is one of the warnings about how a MAJOR EMERGENCY would hit Washington DC on 911. Three years to the exact date of that warning 911 occurred.


Here s a time-stamped 911 warning from Sollog archived by Google.




Here is an article in Der Spiegel the largest paper in Germany about Sollog and his 911 warnings.




Sollog warned of a March 11th Terrorism attack, it was fulfilled when the March 11th Madrid Massacre occurred.




Last year Sollog warned a killer quake would hit on Xmas day 2003, around 9PM EST the great Bam Iran Quake hit and 50,000 died.




The next time you see someone using Wikipedia as ‘source’ make sure you email the author of the work a link to this article or www.WikiSucks.com



D.E. Alexander