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Arafat dies when Sollog warned
1111 hits Arafat

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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November 11th, 2004

He speaks and the ground shakes

He speaks and the wind blows.

He speaks and the mountains smoke.

Sollog spoke last year on 11/11/03 (see time stamped archive copy of his 1111 Prophecy) and he said a world leader would die on 1111 and millions would cry.

One year later they pulled the plug on Yasser Arafat and a major death of a world leader occurred exactly on 11/11 when Sollog warned.

Look at this TIME STAMPED 1111 Prophecy about a famous death on 1111. Google archived it last year on 11/11/03


There's over 3000 pages in the Sollog FBI File. The reason is major acts of terrorism had occurred exactly as he warned publicly.

Planes fall out of the sky when he says.

And more important, major acts of God hit where and when he says, such as Quakes, Hurricanes and Volcanic explosions.

Princess Diana died on the date he warned of, in the city he named.

JFK Jr died how he said.

Now Yasser Arafat gets unplugged and dies on 1111, a key date Sollog gave one year ago to the date for the death of a famous world leader.

The time of the death was 3:30 AM in the morning. Fans of Sollog know 330 is the bithdate of Sollog's first born son.

The legend of Arafat has died, and the legend of Sollog grows some more.

Sollog says, "Watch out for MABBAS. He is one of the people whom many think will take over for Arafat. He is Mahud Abbas or M ABBAS. Mabbas is the phonetic spelling of MABUS the infamous third anti-christ warned of by Nostradamus. MABBAS or MABUS will be the first one to use NUKE TERROR on Israel. MABUS will come to the world as a "Peace Maker" and he will build the third Temple in Jerusalem. He will also be the one that turns a NUKE on Israel. Seven years of peace begins today 11/11/04 with the selection of M ABBAS as leader of the PLO. It ends on 11/11/11."

Sollog is well known for his gift of prophecy. He's even been investigated by the FBI for publicly predicting events like 911 and recent Madrid Train Massacre. We've done many articles about him, such as:

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Time-stamped copy of the Sollog 911 Warning

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No matter how you look at it, the FACT IS rare ACTS OF GOD are striking exactly where Sollog warned. Close to 1000 have died so far this year ON THE Sollog HURRICANE LINE.

If you live on the Sollog Hurricane or Quake lines you better watch out, GODS WRATH is heading your way!

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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