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Hurricane Jeanne hits EXACT SAME AREA as Frances
Another HIT for Hurricane Predictor Sollog

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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September 26th, 2004

Lightning has just struck twice in the exact location. Hurricane Jeanne killed over one-thousand in Haiti, and now it has hit 3 weeks to almost the exact hour the exact same location that hurricane Frances leveled on the east coast of Florida just north of Palm Beach.

Better yet that area was predicted by the infamous psychic/seer/prophet Sollog in his famous Hurricane Prophecy called 31 Disasters. Sollog wrote less than two years ago that a few hurricane lines would control where 17 hurricanes would strike the USA in the near future. These lines cover a small area of coastal area in the USA. The last year has seen five major hurricanes hit these 'hurricane lines of Sollog'.

Here is a time-stamped warning posted to usenet that proves the "hurricane lines" of Sollog were warned of in 2002.


Hurricane Jeanne hit the famous 'Line of Sollog' in Haiti, the very same line where Hurricanes Ivan and Charley struck as well as where Andrew and Opal struck. When Jeanne came ashore in the USA it struck another hurricane line named by Sollog in 2002. That line runs from the Miami area through the Palm Beach area through Boston.

This map shows the 'hurricane lines of Sollog look at how all the recent hurricanes hit the areas Sollog warned of. AMAZING

Here is another map showing the Sollog Quake Lines from the same Prophecy that his Hurricane Lines were given in. Sollog told me this month that he expects quakes to start hitting his Quake Lines in the USA real soon.

What is so special about the area north or Palm Beach where both Jeanne and Frances struck? As I mentioned in my article on Hurricane Frances, that area is where Route 714 goes to the Atlantic Ocean. 714 is Sollog's birthday. Exit 60 is on I 95 in that area. 60 is the birth year of Sollog. So Sollog's birth date is on the map where hurricanes have just hit back to back.

This is the first time in over 100 years that four hurricanes have caused major damage in one state. It is the first time that hurricanes have struck in almost identical locations. Sollog warned historic hurricanes were coming a short time ago and Mother Nature fulfilled his edict.

Sollog is well known for his gift of prophecy. He's even been investigated by the FBI for publicly predicting events like 911 and recent Madrid Train Massacre. We've done many articles about him, such as:

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Time-stamped copy of the Sollog 911 Warning

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No matter how you look at it, the FACT IS rare ACTS OF GOD are striking exactly where Sollog warned. Close to 1000 have died so far this year ON THE Sollog HURRICANE LINE.

If you live on the Sollog Hurricane or Quake lines you better watch out, GODS WRATH is heading your way!

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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