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Hurricane Ivan hits LINE OF SOLLOG
Fourth Hurricane hits where Sollog warned!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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September 16th, 2004

Let's see it's September 16th a KEY DATE in the infamous 902 Prophecy. August 13th was also a KEY DATE in the 902 Prophecy of Sollog. Charley struck August 13th and Ivan struck September 16th, both dates were in the infamous 902 Prophecy, the same prophecy that got Sollog investigated by the FBI since it warned of major terrorism in New York City at the World Trade Center in September. Now the key dates in the 902 Prophecy are amazingly hitting when historic hurricanes are striking.

Better yet, in 2002 Sollog released a Hurricane and Earthquake Prophecy. Since then every major hurricane has struck exact areas he named. The most recent hurricane to OBEY Sollog was Ivan. It struck this morning in Mobile Bay where Mobile Alabama is. Mobile was directly named as a future strike area for hurricanes by Sollog in 2002, look at the link below to the famous Sollog 2002 Hurricane Prophecy. Hurricane Isabel, Charley and Frances also struck exact areas Sollog named. In fact Ivan struck at the intersection of two "hurricane lines" in an area he named, that being Mobile Alabama.

The best Sollog skeptics can do is mock the Prophecy and ignore the AMAZING FACT that every major hurricane since 2002 has indeed struck areas Sollog named! Skeptics say Ivan and Frances weren't directly named by Sollog even though the areas they struck were. I spoke to Sollog this morning and he said, "The reason hurricanes like Frances and Ivan are not on the 'Great Hurricane List' I released in 2002 is that they did not strike the USA as Category 4 or above hurricanes. Frances struck as a category 2 and Ivan struck as a strong category 3. Neither are considered "great hurricanes" by the scales used by meteorologists. But the fact remains every significant hurricane did strike exactly where the 'hurricane lines' I pointed to in 2002 dictated. Also, in the future due to global warming of ocean waters, it will be common for Category 4 and 5 hurricanes to make landfalls in the USA at the locations I named. These are the 'great hurricanes' I wrote about. This hurricane period will last until the coming ice age begins when oceans will cool due to mass melting of polar caps. Fresh water from the polar caps will cause the warm jet streams of the oceans to cool. Great hurricanes will now be common all over the Gulf Coast and the eastern seaboard of the USA. Great Hurricanes will strike from Miami to Boston as my prophecy fore told!"

If you're a brain dead moron and don't see the connection to the current rash of hurricanes and the Sollog hurricane prophecy, wake up and look at the map below. Skeptics lie and say things like the lines cover too much area. The fact is only a small amount of land in the gulf coast and east coast of the USA is touching the Sollog "hurricane lines". The fact is the last four hurricanes to hit the USA hit the Sollog lines.

The map below shows the four Sollog hurricane lines. You can get out any map of the USA and create them yourself. These are the cities you connect to form the lines.

1. Connect Oklahoma City to Miami that is the key Sollog line that attracts hurricanes as well as crazed humans that like to kill. Besides hurricanes Andrew, Opal and Charley this line has attracted these tragedies. The Oklahoma City bombing, the deaths of Jon Benet Ramsey and Johnny Versace as well as the Columbine School Massacre.

2. Connect Boston to Miami, the line goes through Cape Fear North Carolina where Isabel struck last year as well as the Palm Beach area where Frances struck this year.

3. Connect Corpus Christi to Savannah Georgia. The line goes through New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile Alabama and Pensacola.

4. Connect Corpus Christi to Boston. The line goes through a couple of major areas for hurricanes in Texas.

Now that you have created the Sollog "Hurricane Lines" you can see for yourself that over 95% of the coastal areas in the Gulf Coast and Eastern seaboard of the United States are not on the lines. Yet some skeptics say the lines cover all the coastal areas in the USA. That is a lie. The Sollog "hurricane lines" touch only a small amount of coastal areas in the USA.

Look at the Sollog Hurricane map yourself, see how only a small amount of the coastal areas are on his lines. So much for the lies of skeptics.

Now look at the locations struck by the last four large hurricanes to hit the USA. The locations where Isabel, Charley, Frances and Ivan struck the USA are on this map.

The next map is the famous LINE OF SOLLOG, it runs from south of Miami through Oklahom City through south of Seattle Washington. Note how the Columbine Massacre is aligned to the Oklahoma City bombing and the hurricane landing areas for Ivan, Opal, Charley and Andrew. All that destruction on a perfectly straight line. In 1995 Sollog wrote about how THE LINE OF SOLLOG would appear to show people the future will soon have NUKE TERRORISM. Other events on the LINE OF SOLLOG are the murders of Jon Benet Ramsey and Lori Hacking. The Kobe Rape Trial, school shootings in Jackson MS and Springfield WA as well as the murder of Johnny Versace.

Here is a time-stamped warning posted to usenet that proves the "hurricane lines" of Sollog were warned of in 2002.


Sollog told me yesterday, "The recent rash of hurricanes hitting these four lines are proof that "ancient ley lines" control most hurricane activity. The same is true of the super quake ley lines I mentioned in the warning as well. Super Quakes will soon hit the quake lines I gave in 2002 as well."

Watch out Los Angeles, you're one of the key cities named by Sollog in his Super Quake and Great Hurricane Prophecy.

Sollog's Ley Lines are the new Bermuda Triangle. Something scientists can't explain and yet it is clear as your nose on a map.

Sollog is well known for his gift of prophecy. He's even been investigated by the FBI for publicly predicting events like 911 and recent Madrid Train Massacre. We've done many articles about him, such as:

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No matter how you look at it, the FACT IS rare ACTS OF GOD are striking exactly where Sollog warned. That makes him a true prophet according to the bible. Now a few morons that think they know the bible say prophets have to be 100% correct. That's not true, it says nothing can come to pass that is attributed to God that is not from God. So anyone saying God will do this or that is indeed a prophet if any of it comes to pass. You can't say God will hit this area with a hurricane and it occurs unless you are a prophet of God. God also states in the bible that he uses allegory so any fool saying a prophet has to be literally correct all the time is a moron, since the bible states clearly GOD USES ALLEGORY at times. So what if Frances and Ivan are not NAMED in the Sollog hurricane prophecies. They were clearly not "great hurricanes" as Sollog pointed out. Yet they struck where Sollog warned proving he is a real life modern day prophet. He spoke about ACTS OF GOD that then struck. Face it, it happened. Now deal with it. Sollog is a living and breathing prophet of God and his hurricane prophecy will only get more and more hits and soon earthquakes will occur as he warned. If you don't believe then live in the areas he wrote about. See how long you last.

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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