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Two Russian Planes Crash
Did EMP's Strike Two Russian Planes

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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August 26th, 2004

EMP's are Electro Magnetic Pulse's.

Science Fiction writers say they're weapons in the future. They can create quakes, they can turn off power grids, they can knock a plane out of the sky.

Flights 1047 and 1303 were knocked out of the sky by EMP's within minutes of each other after they took off from the same airport in Russia. That is what fans of Sollog are saying. He's a famous mystic who was born on 14/7 or the number in flight 1047 one of the planes knocked out the sky by EMP's.

Sollog's first born son was born on 30/3, that is the flight number of the second plane knocked out of the sky, it was flight number 1303.

The two planes were struck within 1 hour and 1 day of 26/8. That number 26/8 is the birth date of Sollog's second son.

Sollog is world famous for giving exact dates and locations for rare 7.0+ quakes. EMP's are said by fans of Sollog to have caused the quakes Sollog hit with exact precision.

One year before electrical grids started failing around the world, Sollog warned that grids would start to fail. EMP's took out these grids according to fans of Sollog.

Some fans of Sollog say UFO's are obeying Sollog's Prophecies by using EMP's to cause quakes, plane crashes and power grid failures that connect to well known prophecies of Sollog. Other's say terrorists are doing the deeds to crash planes and grids that connect to Prophecies of Sollog.

Sollog was investigated by the FBI after 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing for putting exact details of both events into the public domain before they occurred. He also hit exact details of the Madrid Train Massacre and the Great Bam Quake.

Here's an article we did about Sollog after 911 occurred.

Here's a time-stamped copy of the Sollog 911 Warning

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So is it UFO's that obey Sollog? Is Osama planning his Jihad using key dates in Sollog Prophecies? Or is Sollog really who he says he is? That being the WORD OF LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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