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7 Year Warning brings FEAR to FBI

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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August 4th, 2004

On September 2nd 1997 an ominous WARNING about TERRORISM in NYC appeared on the Internet. The FBI now FEARS that the seven year anniversary of that warning will bring MAJOR TERRORISM to NYC. The 902 PROPHECY as it is called foretold of MAJOR TERRORISM in September at the World Trade Center. On 911 much of that Prophecy appeared to be fulfilled. Yet Newsday is reporting that a NEW KEY DATE is when a captured Al-Qaeda terrorist is warning TERRORISM will again reign down upon New York City.

Here's an article we did on the 902 Prophecy right after 911 occurred.

Here's a time-stamped copy of the 902 Prophecy from September 1997 SEVEN YEARS AGO (How many years have the FBI had the 902 warning?)

What the media hasn't reported is that September 2nd is THE KEY DATE of the infamous Sollog Prophecy about 902 and TERRORISM. This September 2nd is the 7th Anniversary of the Sollog Prophecy.

Sollog is one of the most investigated people in the history of the FBI. The Madrid Train Massacre struck exactly as his famous 113 Prophecy warned. The Great Bam Quake in Iran killed over 50,000 people on a date he gave for a KILLER QUAKE.

Here's our article on the Madrid Massacre Prophecy

Here's our article on the Great Bam Quake striking exact when Sollog warned

Here is what Sollog says about the Greek Olympics in 2004 STAY AWAY

Sollog writes and the future happens exactly as his prophecies foretell. The FBI has much to fear this September 2nd. After all, the 902 Prophecy foretells of the death of a US President. George W. Bush is scheduled to speak at the Republican Convention on 902 in New York City.

You would think the morons that run the US Government would have figured out that 902 and 916 are not good dates to be in New York City, especially for a US President. The fact that Bush is going to New York City on 902 and the FACT that now the FBI has confirmation that TERRORISTS want to hit New York City on 902 and the FACT that the Sollog 902 Prophecy has been floating around the net for SEVEN YEARS, are all reasons to keep Bush out of New York City on 902.

Sollog is infamous due to his warning about 911 that he posted to Usenet well in advance of 911.

Here is a link to the Sollog warning about 911 where Sollog put exact info about 911 in it. It is dated 9/11/1998 and Sollog says A MAJOR EMERGENCY WILL OCCUR IN DC. Three years to the exact date of the warning 911 struck.

Here is the link with a TIME STAMP ON IT


Terrorists seem to schedule their acts around the infamous Prophecies of Sollog. You would think the US government wouldn't tempt fate by putting Bush in New York City on 902 on the 7th Anniversary of the 902 Prophecy. If the olympics are as bloody as Sollog has warned, look for Bush to change his plans for 902. Maybe the US Government will just have a 'planned' act of terrorism strike before 902 so then Bush can just declare martial law.

DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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