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Yale Shootings tied to Satanic Cult!
Yale Shootings form Satanic Cross under Yale!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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July 14th, 2004

Five shootings have just occurred in four locations in New Haven Connecticut, home to Yale and home to the Satanic Cult known as Skull and Bones.

Both John Kerry and George W Bush are members of the satanic cult known as The Skull and Bones. It has operated out of Yale for over 100 years. George W Bush is actually a third generation member of Skull and Bones.

The FBI are investigating these shootings that have all been connected to the same gun.

Below is a map showing the four locations where the shootings struck. The four locations form an upside down satanic cross under the Ivy Halls of Yale and the Dungeon where Skull and Bones hold their satanic cult meetings.

The first shooting struck on Huntington or the foot of the upside down satanic cross. The second shooting struck at Truman and King. The third shooting struck at Sylvan and Elliott. The fourth shooting struck at Congress and Downes.

The locations form a perfect upside down cross of Peter, it is also a satanic upside down cross. Can it be the satanic cult Skull and Bones are performing SATANIC BLACK MAGIC by making a satanic cross under Yale on a map of New Haven? Or is someone pointing to the Satanic group that is in control of the White House.

No matter who you vote for in the 2004 Elections you are voting for a satanic member of Skull and Bones, a New World Order cult dedicated to Black Magic and Satanic rituals.

The person that tipped me off to this is the famous occult author and modern day Nostradamus Sollog. Sollog is infamous due to his warning about 911 that he posted to Usenet well in advance of 911.

Here is a link to the Sollog warning about 911 where Sollog put exact info about 911 in it. It is dated 9/11/1998 and Sollog says A MAJOR EMERGENCY WILL OCCUR IN DC. Three years to the exact date of the warning 911 struck.

Here is the link with a TIME STAMP ON IT


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DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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