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Did you hear MISSILES were used on 911!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
June 30th, 2004

Pssst. You want to see PROOF that missiles where used on the planes that destroyed the Twin Towers on 911?

That's one of the latest phrases driving traffic around the net. PROOF OF missiles used on the Twin Towers.

Quite a few people have been running to various sites that claim to have THE PROOF that the 'official story on 911' is all made up.

We all saw with our own eyes video of planes hitting the Twin Towers. Now a few people are creating stampedes to sites that preach such 'truths' as 'missiles were used on the planes that hit the twin towers'.

The sites put out low quality photos and videos that 'PROVE' their case. The second plane we all saw hit the Twin Towers was not a real plane they claim. It was a 'drone' and had missile pods, they state "look at this photo from the video, SEE THE FLASH, it occurred BEFORE the plane hit the tower! It's PROOF a missile was used".

Well I've seen the flash or should I say I'VE SEEN THE LIGHT. I have the proof these sites are all wrong. There was no missile on the second plane. I have a video that was shot looking up at the exact time the second plane hit the World Trade Center. See the stills below, the first one has the nose of the plane at IMPACT, no flash. Then the nose is well into the building and guess what I SEE THE LIGHT, the flash is there for all to see. Only with this angle we can all see that the nose of the plane is well into the building when the 'FLASH' appears. These images destroy all the fuzzy photos and logic that has been making the rounds on the Net lately. Here is THE PROOF there were no missiles on the planes that hit the twin towers.

Note how the nose of the plane has already hit the building.

Note how the nose of the plane is well into the building when the flash first appears!

Here is the video the screen shots were taken from.


Now the videos at the sites saying missiles WERE USED don't use the video above. The reason is they have to use videos and photos shot at a far distance that can be used to show whatever you want. The video above is the one you need to view to determine when impact occurred relative to the flash in the various videos that are floating around.

So much for the 'Missile Theory'.

Anyway, the TRUTH IS missiles were used on 911. Planes laden with explosive jet fuel were used as missiles by the CIA Trained and financed Osama Bin Laden. The hijackers were mostly Saudi's like Bin Laden. What did the US government due after 911? It flew the family of Bin Laden OUT OF THE USA while real citizens of the USA couldn't fly anywhere.

Now I can tell you stuff about 911 that most have never heard. The reason is I WROTE "The 911 Warning". The best story about 911 that hasn't been in the mainstream media is that someone gave EXACT DETAILS of the event before it occurred. The person has a long history on the Net of predicting such events using 'prophecies' that are very similar to Nostradamus. His name is Sollog. On the Net he is a legend, his site is one of the busiest in the world. But outside of the Net most have never heard of him.

Here's a gratuitous plug for my book on Sollog and 911. The book is available at http://www.The911Warning.com

Here is a link to a warning about 911 where Sollog put exact info about 911 in it. It is dated 9/11/1998 and Sollog says A MAJOR EMERGENCY WILL OCCUR IN DC. Three years to the exact date of the warning 911 struck.

Here is the link with a TIME STAMP ON IT


We've done tons of articles about Sollog Prophecies. He has hit exact dates for major quakes and other famous acts of terrorism. Just check out our site to see all of our Sollog articles.

Here's our article on how 50K people died in the BAM IRAN QUAKE on an exact date Sollog gave


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Here's our article about the Madrid Train Massacre and how it struck on an exact date Sollog gave


DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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