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Ronald Reagan DEAD!
US President dies on exact date psychic warned of!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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June 5th, 2004

Ronald Reagan is DEAD!

Many consider Ronald Reagan one of the Greatest US Presidents.

In the future he will be known as THE US PRESIDENT that DIED when Sollog GUARANTEED!

Sollog is considered by many to be the modern Nostradamus. He is due to his accurate 'prophecies' one of the most investigated people in the history of the FBI!

There are over 3000 pages in the Sollog FBI File! Sollog's site is http://www.Sollog.com

Nostradamus gained great fame when a French King died how he described in his now infamous prophecies.

The FBI investigated Sollog for writing his prophecies. One of the most famous Sollog prophecies is titled 'The 902 Prophecy'. It was written on 9/02/1997

In The 902 Prophecy Sollog describes a major future act of terrorism in New York City in SEPTEMBER, four years later 911 occurred.

In the 902 Prophecy Sollog says Rush Limbaugh would be struck in October. In October 2001 Rush Limbaugh went DEAF. In October 2003 the Rush Limbaugh DRUG SCANDAL struck.

The 902 Prophecy explains that 902 or September 2nd is a HOLY DAY due to how the date is one of the few dates in the year when the numbers equal 1111 when you add the date backwards and forward. Example 902 + 209 (its reverse) = 1111

Ronald Reagan died on June 5th, that's 605 or 6/05 as the US keeps dates.

605 + 506 (its reverse) = 1111

In other words, RONALD REAGAN DIED on one of the few dates in the calendar that connect to 1111.

Some other 'hits' in the 902 Prophecy. The death of Reagan occurred on the 157th day of the year. One number off from the birthday of Sollog which is 14/7 or July 14th. The date of 605 or June 5th turned upside down is 902, the six is a nine upside down and the 5 is a 2 upside down. Reagan was born on 206 or February 6th, 206 upside down is 902. There was 209 days left in the year when Reagan died. The number 209 was in the Sollog 902 Prophecy, since 209 is the reverse of 902.

Where all these 'hits' a 'coincidence' as skeptics of Sollog claim?

Well if they are, then Sollog hitting so many other events in the same prophecy prove that skeptics are WRONG. A US PRESIDENT DIED on a key date Sollog gave in The 902 Prophecy. In the future this will FACT will be considered PROOF to many that Sollog is indeed THE SEER of this generation as Nostradamus was in his day.

When you consider all the HITS that the Sollog 902 Prophecy has had, it is indeed a remarkable prophetic masterpiece.

As soon as Sollog wrote the infamous prophecy a major hit occurred when ANTON LAVEY the founder of the Church of Satan aka as THE POPE OF SATAN died in October 1997. Fans of Sollog pointed out years ago the reference to THE POPE OF SATAN dying in October 1997 was a clear hit about ANTON LAVEY. Fans of Sollog also claim the 902 Prophecy contains the EXACT DATE when the current Pope John Paul II will die. One of the dates for the Pope according to Sollog fans is coming up real soon. They say 07/01/04 is a date that one could find if you understand how Sollog does his 'prophecies'.

Will the Pope die on 07/01/04? Remove the zeros and you have 714, the birth date of Sollog. This July 1st is also the 183rd day of the year, Sollog fans say 1 8 3 is a key number in the death of Pope John Paul II. July 1st 2004 is also the 13th day of the new moon. This date was given in the 902 Prophecy.

Every year Sollog fans point to a few dates on the calendar that are clearly given by Sollog about the death of the Pope. The 13th and 15th of August as well as the 13th and 15th of October are favorite dates for fans of Sollog to warn of in regards to when the Pope dies. These days also connect to the moon dates of those months.

So if the current Pope dies on one of those dates, skeptics will just say 'coincidence' and deny the obvious hits and the legion of Sollog fans will say ANOTHER HIT.

Here is a link to a warning about 911 where Sollog put exact info about 911 in it. It is dated 9/11/1998 and Sollog says A MAJOR EMERGENCY WILL OCCUR IN DC. Three years to the exact date of the warning 911 struck.

Here is the link with a TIME STAMP ON IT


Here is a link to the actual 902 Prophecy where 1111 and the DEATH OF A US PRESIDENT is given.


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DE Alexander
Author and Investigative Journalist.

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