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Jeff Rense Features BOGUS MARS PHOTOS on his site!
Is the JPL and NASA putting out FAKE PHOTOS?

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 14th, 2004

Jeff Rense runs a pretty busy little Paranormal News Site (Rense.com) that also features tons of ANTI SEMITIC material. Many have publicly accused Jeff Rense of being a GOVERNMENT DISINFO AGENT. A featured HEAD LINE ARTICLE at Rense.com today states "Researcher Claims PROOF OF LIFE on Mars". See http://www.rense.com/general51/reserc.htm

The article features an image that we have below. IT IS 100% FAKE and a HOAX! The image allegedly came from JPL the NASA group in charge of the Mars Missions.

Does the article link to anywhere on the NASA site to prove that this "image" appears at JPL? NO

The reason they don't link to the JPL or NASA is simple, THE PHOTO IS A HOAX.

How can I say that? Well it's easy, we got the image sent to us early today, and we knew it would be appearing on the Rense.com site since Rense is a Gov DISINFO Agent and the image is FAKE!

Since Rense has "reported" the story now on his site, we will REVEAL what we found out about this image in less than 30 minutes of real "INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH".

We sent the image to one of our "EXPERTS" on digital images. He said in a few seconds THE IMAGE IS FAKE.

Why did he say that? The image has a HUMAN HEAD in it wearing sun glasses, a bunch of other heads including many that look like your typical "Alien".

It also has the letters T T V clearly in the fore ground.

The image has O A O on a rock that looks like a animal carcass of some kind. But it also has a ton of other images that were inserted into the image, these extra images PROVE 100% that this photo is a FAKE.

Now Rense is well known for promoting DISINFO like alleged "hits" by quack quake predictors. We also report on quake predictions, but we BACK UP THE ARTICLES with links to TIME STAMPED Quake Warnings archived by major companies like Google.

I feel sorry for the brain dead morons that read Rense.com who believe the bullshit that Jeff Rense puts up.

But this MARS ROCK PHOTO WITH OAO takes the cake. How could anyone let it appear on a "news" site as a "real" photo.

I guess Rense can't afford to pay any digital "expert" to look at such crap BEFORE HE STARTS TELLING people it is "real" and "PROOF" of life on Mars. Or is this "PROOF" that Rense really is a GOV DISINFO AGENT who knowingly distributes FAKE INFO!

If you read Rense.com don't you feel like a SMACKED ASS for believing the shit that Rense throws at you?

Anyway, here is the the photo UNTOUCHED, here is a link to it at Rense.com LINK

Here is the photo with RED CIRCLES where anyone can see FAKE IMAGES inserted into the photo when you blow the image up using a simple imaging program.

Look at these enlarged images taken from the "PROOF" that Jeff Rense put forth on his site.

Head of man with sun glasses and an Alien head

Another alien head

Still another alien head

Look a Dolphin head

WOW T T V appears in the dirt, I'm surprised it didn't say M T V

Anyway, don't believe one thing you read at Rense.com, he's a KNOWN DISINFO AGENT

You want the best UFO images and videos? Here it is http://www.RealUFOS.com

Here's the BEST BOOK on UFOS http://www.ufostheproof.com

Here's info about a REAL QUAKE PREDICTOR

All this photo "PROVES", is that Jeff Rense is a DISINFO agent or maybe he's a moron and too stupid to look at the shit he puts on his site.

The article at Rense.com with the FAKE PHOTOS should be titled "PROOF RENSE.com IS BULLSHIT".

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OAO Corporation is a company that did computer work and possibly still does for the JPL and Air Force.

Here is a link to a JOB OFFER from 10 years ago archived in Usenet from OAO Corporation that mentions how they do work for Nasa's JPL division.


OAO Corporation is now a division of LOCKHEED the company that does tons of TOP SECRET stuff for the Military.

See http://www.oao.com

TTV is the stock symbol for CabelTel a distressed stock

See http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ttv

The person who originally put this FAKE PHOTO into circulation on the Net is George Filer. He is ex US MILITARY. He runs a UFO Weekly and has MUFON connections. He is an ex Military AF Pilot and ex INTELLIGENCE OFFICER! He is an obvious DISINFO AGENT for the US Government!

You can now see how THE GOVERNMENT PUTS FAKE INFO into the media. They use people like George Flier ex US MILITARY INTELLIGENCE with connections to UFO fronts like MUFON, who are connected to US GOV DISINFO media agents like Rense.

Now why are GOVERNMENT DISINFO AGENTS like Rense and Filer wanting you to think there are letters on rocks on Mars?

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