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Terry Nichols Attorney to DEMAND 3000 HIDDEN FBI Documents about THE WARNING!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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March 18th, 2004

Brian Hermanson was just given what he needs to have the judge in the Terry Nichols case STOP THE CASE.

The judge asked for PROOF the US Government hid documents about the Oklahoma City bombing.

Well Brian Hermanson was just given the key to getting over 3000 HIDDEN FBI DOCUMENTS about a warning that several major media executives received days before the bombing occurred.

Case 96CV 1499 in the Eastern PA Federal Court District is the key.

The case was filed in early 1996 by Sollog who was DETAINED by the US government after the OK City bombing.

Sollog sued then President Bill Clinton and Tom Ridge the current head of HOMELAND SECURITY over his false arrest for warning many in the media about the bombing before it struck.

The current governor of Pennsylvania was also named in the suit, since he was the mayor of Philadelphia at the time.

To make a long story short, days before the bombing occurred Sollog sent faxes to the editors of papers like the LA Times and the NY Times about the BIG BANG of April 19th 1995.

He gave them the name of the building in the warning.

Days later 168 died in the ALPHA target or ALpha P murrAH building.

Sollog was detained and he says the US government tried to kill him, that is why he has been in hiding UNDER GROUND since 1996.

How did Sollog know about the bombing before it occurred?

Well Sollog now has one of the busiest sites in the world and he has almost 100,000 posts in usenet about him.

The reason is simple, he has been putting exact dates and such about other future acts of terrorism such as 911 and the recent Madrid Train Massacre into warnings that are then posted to Usenet by his many fans.

Here is a TIME STAMPED LINK archived by Google the largest search engine in the world. See how Sollog mentions March 11th OVER AND OVER.

See how he mentions a TRAIN TRAGEDY.

Here it is, it was posted to Usenet on March 7th 2002. TWO YEARS BEFORE the Madrid Massacre occurred.


Here is the same type of WARNING Sollog issued THREE YEARS TO THE EXACT DATE of 911

The FBI investigated Sollog over it. It states MAJOR TRAGEDY on 911 in DC


See the TIME STAMPED LINK below. Google archived it three years before 911 occurred.


Sollog has also hit exact information about rare quakes that have killed thousands of people.

Sollog says the age of NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR and the US government and media want to keep the truth of his OK City warning from the people.

I know first hand the FBI has investigated our offices for writing about Sollog.

It took NINE YEARS but finally the truth of the Sollog BIG BANG on 4/19 WARNING will be public information.

You can discuss Sollog and his PROPHECIES at the Sollog Forum


You can visit Sollog's web site at http://www.sollog.com

The Prophecies of Sollog are world famous you can find the Prophecies of Sollog at http://www.ProphecieofSollog.com

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