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Sollog hits 10th Super Bowl in a row!
Famous Psychic does it AGAIN!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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February 2nd, 2004

How does he do it?

For the 10th Straight year a simple riddle about the Super Bowl by the Nets most infamous seer has contained the exact score of the Super Bowl.

The Vegas line on the 38th Super Bowl was 38 Points. A few fans of Sollog GOT THE RIDDLE before the game was played.

The Sollog riddle clearly pointed to 60. The total of the game was 32 to 29 or 61 Points.

Sollog is known to put the OVER AND UNDER number in his riddles for the most famous sports game played each year.

60 was indeed what a gambler would call the true OVER/UNDER for the game.

No one would have dared predicted such a high scoring game by two great defensive teams, but sure enough the last line of the Sollog riddle stated THE SCORES OF THE BOWL ARE ABOVE.

Sollog gave two scores above, both had amazing hits as well on the AFC and NFC Championship games, but I'll get into that a little.

The first riddle about a score within the riddle was THREE EIGHTS if you know how to add.

Sollog's fans pointed out before the game was played in the various forums where Sollog is discussed that three eights could mean 8+8+8+8=24

14 to 10 was the half time score. That's 24 points or the total that Sollog gave in the first part of the riddle.

The second score that was clearly in the riddle was FOUR NINES. That's 9+9+9+9=36

The final line of the riddle was the SCORES ABOVE ARE IN THE BOWL


Once again Sollog hit the exact OVER/UNDER for the game.

This is a link to a time stamped post archived by Google the largest search engine in the world. It proves the Sollog Super Bowl 38 Riddle has been on-line for almost 2 weeks before the Super Bowl was played.


Besides hitting the exact score total of another Super Bowl game, the riddle also contained the winners and scores of the Championship games.

This is how a fan of the seer explained the way that both Championship games were in the riddle.

The Omega (Colts) Upside Down (gambler's slang for bad bet or losing bet) also The Omega means THE END so the Colts were at their END

3 8's = 24 the score of the winning team was 24

38 was the total of the game

Team with the wings of a fowl (fowl is phonetically the same as FOUL) the eagles to play FOUL

Eagles had THREE POINTS the first number in the second score verse

The second score verse had

Three Nines and Fourth = 3 + 9 = 4 for a total of 16

The game was 17, Sollog gave the UNDER for the Game

So the fact is both games just happened to point to the LOSERS (Colts = Omega = THE END) and Eagles = Fowl or FOUL (stinker)

Both games just happen to have the exact score of the games

38 was the first game exact total and 16 was the exact under for game two

So once again Sollog puts THE EXACT SCORES of MAJOR GAMES into a simple riddle and once again the riddle is proven to be correct

I couldn't have said it better myself. Credit to that explanation goes to TPN at The Parnormal Net Sollog Forum

Did Sollog really see the score before the game was played?

The beginning verse about Super Bowl 38 stated NINE WAS THE KEY to this years Super Bowl.

Look at a tape of the game, with only 9 seconds left the game winning field goal was attempted.

NINE SECONDS was the KEY TIME in the game, it decided the future.

And once again Sollog put the KEY TO THE GAME in his Super Bowl riddle...

The Prophecies of Sollog are world famous you can find the Prophecies of Sollog at http://www.1ebooks.com/propheciessollog

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