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Jeff Rense accused of being ANTI-SEMITIC!
Paranormal Radio Host Spreading HATE MATERIAL against Jews!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
November 26th, 2003

Jeff Rense is a radio host who appeals to the same crowd that Art Bell appeals to. That being listeners that like to listen to shows about Conspiracies, UFO's, Aliens and New World Order type stuff.

While Art Bell won over a huge listener base, Jeff Rense never really won over much in the way of audience listeners on the radio.

He is however, one of the more listened to internet radio shows on the net and his web site does have a half way decent Alexa ranking.

In usenet there are not too many posts about Jeff Rense. There's a little under 8,000


Around 10% of those posts however, contain the words ANTI-SEMITE and or ANTI-SEMITIC



Many people obviously think Jeff Rense is ANTI-SEMITIC.

The reason is the articles at http://www.rense.com/Datapages/zionismdata.htm

While some interesting articles appear on Rense.com, the articles that the radio show host decides to put up on his Zionism page is attracting heat from some Jewish groups.

I was sent some emails today from one person who complained to people that support Jeff Rense. The remarkable replies he got from some of them included claims that the people who buy advertising on Rense.com LIKE HIS ANTI-SEMITIC material.

Anyone with an open mind can read some of the HATE MATERIAL on the Rense Zionism page and see it clearly for what it is, blatant attacks on Jews and Judaism.

Several emails were even sent by the company that hosts his radio show on the net ( soundwaves2000.com ) to a person that complained about the Rense hate material. That person was accused of being me by someone that appears to be in ownership or management at Rense's hosting company. His email address is todd@soundwaves2000.com . The same person was also accused of being Sollog by todd@soundwaves2000.com .

Such words remind me of the same morons that make stupid posts in Usenet that deny the obvious hits by the famous psychic Sollog. These morons all say the same lie, they accuse everyone posting positively about Sollog of being Sollog. These idiots also claim I am Sollog, they deny the fact that on this site is an interview done between Sollog and I, an interview that proves Sollog and I are two different people! These morons lie and write the same lies like todd@soundwaves2000.com that say I am Sollog. Well the liars deny simple facts, such as the audio file on this site that PROVES I am not Sollog. The audio file is a famous Interview I did with the reclusive Sollog. I could just as easily prove that the person complaining to sponsors and service providers of Rense.com is not me or Sollog as well. But why bother, bigots have little brains and simple facts confuse them.

Sollog stopped doing Radio shows as a guest many years ago. He has his own show now. When Sollog wants to say something to his many fans he does a show and archives it on his radio site.

I've emailed Rense several times over the years to let him know when I do an article that his listeners would enjoy, however, Rense never acknowledges the articles on his site, since they are usually about Sollog and his PROVEN psychic powers.

Sollog puts his warnings/prophecies into the public domain as soon as he writes one. They are all archived with time-stamps on them by Google. If Rense wasn't a bigoted disinfo agent (my opinion of him) he would let his listeners in on the amazing Sollog hits.

Way before 911 occurred, Sollog warned of it, here's a time-stamped article usenet post proving it is true.


One year before the US Grid failed, Sollog warned of it, here's a time-stamped usenet post proving it is true.


One year before Hurricane Isabel hit the USA, Sollog warned of it, here's another time-stamped post proving it.


One year before a SAM Attack hit a US Plane, Sollog warned of it, here's another time-stamped post proving it.


As you can see, I PUT FORTH FACTS, I say something like Sollog did this IN PUBLIC and then I produce TIME-STAMPED Usenet Posts to back it up.

Now why wouldn't a paranormal radio show like the one that Jeff Rense hosts cover the biggest paranormal story in the world (Sollog)?

Well Rense hates Sollog. He hates the fact that there are close to 80,000 posts in Usenet about Sollog. That's around ten times the amount of posts in Usenet that Jeff Rense has.

Rense hates the fact that major newspapers like Der Spiegel (the largest paper in Germany), the Washington Post and the New York Times have mentioned Sollog and stories connected to Sollog. None have mentioned poor little Jeff Rense.

I emailed Jeff Rense about this article, I asked him to respond to the allegations that almost 1000 posts accuse him of, that being an ANTI-SEMITIC.

He has failed to respond.

You see a putz like Rense doesn't understand how I work for AIS, a large company with over 200 content sites, such as this site and of course the world famous Sollog site as well as many other sites.

Some people at AIS work in the same building and use the same high speed connection to the Net. Some of us even use the same server for our general email.

A small bigoted mind like Rense thinks that if the same IP address is on multiple email addresses, it is the same person.

Well the truth is anyone can hear me interview Sollog. I'm not him and Sollog doesn't use email, although his staff does.

There's close to 1000 posts in Usenet accusing Jeff Rense of being what he is an ANTI-SEMITE.

They all for the most part use different IP Addresses. Face the facts Rense, you are a minor league radio show host and the fools that go to your web site are too stupid to see the bigoted ANTI-SEMITIC material on your site for what it is, HATE MATERIAL.

The clowns that visit your site Rense and the people that read your site are people that can't get enough of any UFO stuff. You attract people to your show with PARANORMAL info only to pollute their minds with your bigoted HATE MATERIAL.

Your articles speak for themselves.


The articles at your site PROVE IT.

No one can justify these articles at http://www.rense.com/Datapages/zionismdata.htm

If you listen to Rense you need to get a life. Rense is nothing but a disinfo agent with an ANTI-SEMITIC agenda to push.

All you have to do is ask yourself, why has Rense INTENTIONALLY IGNORED the obvious Sollog hits about major events like 911, the US Grid failure, Hurricane Isabel and the SAM Attack on a US plane? He's a bigot, an ANTI-SEMITE and he wants to keep his listeners from THE TRUTH!

If you want to COMPLAIN to the company that gives Jeff Rense his ability to spew his HATE, this is the email address of the person at Sound Waves 2000 .com todd@soundwaves2000.com

If you want to COMPLAIN to the company that is the ISP for the Rense site with all the ANTI-SEMITIC material on it the ISP is The Host Pros .com their email address is sales@thehostpros.com

If you want to tell off Jeff Rense his email address is jr@rense.com

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