US Planes and Air Force One to be attacked with MISSILES!!!
New Warning issued by famous Seer!!!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
November 11th, 2002

Stay away from planes at JFK and Newark International Airport.

The famous seer that the FBI has investigated over and over due to his crystal clear warnings about future events such as 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing has just issued a chilling warning stating SAMS (Surface to Air Missiles) will be used to strike planes at Newark and JFK airports from vehicles on major roads near these airports.

You can read his MISSILE WARNING for US Planes and Air Force One at

Recently one of the largest quakes in US history (the Great Alaskan Quake of 2002) struck on an exact date he gave in his most recent quake warning. It also struck the exact quake line he named!

My publisher has had the FBI harass them over and over for books I have written about Sollog who is so accurate in his prophecies that his fans call him the modern Nostradamus.

In 1997 Sollog issued a terrorism warning stating MAJOR TERRORISM would occur in New York City in the World Trade Center in September. Four years later 911 occurred!

The FBI harassed the publisher of my book THE PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG since that warning was in my book since 1999!

Recently Sollog issued a profile of the DC Sniper, he said the sniper was working with a family member, he was in his 40's, he had been in the US Military, he was an expert marksman. He also said the sniper was very religious and anti-jesus!

Sollog hit ten straight public quake warnings from 2000 to 2002. He hit exact dates and even hours for rare large quakes in the 7.0+ range!

He even hit the exact location in his last five warnings!

Now Sollog says US PLANES will be struck from SAMS fired from vehicles on the New Jersey Turnpike near Newark Airport and on the Long Island Expressway near JFK Airport.

Sollog even says Air Force ONE will be a target of a SAM attack at a small airport.

If you've ever driven near either JFK or Newark Airport you know the planes at these airports are within very close distance to large volumes of moving traffic on major roads!

So when you hear in the near future of a plane crash at these airports on a date with 113 in them like 11/13 or 11/30, remember Sollog warned it would occur!

As I mentioned above, I've written a couple of books about Sollog they are below as well as links to his web site

Sollog was heavily investigated by the FBI for his accurate 911 warning. The book I wrote about the Sollog 911 Warning is at

The book I wrote about The Prophecies of Sollog is at

A book about The Prophecies of Sollog written by Sollog is at

Sollog's site is

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLES at Sollog's Book Site

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

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