DC Sniper Song Hits the Net!
New Song Says DC SNIPER Is A Satanist!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
October 13th, 2002

A catchy new song about the recent sniper shootings just hit the net. It is nicknamed DC SNIPER. It's real title is THE VIRGIN MARY SACRIFICIES! That title is a play on the VIRGINia/MARYland (VIRGIN MARY) locations the sniper has chosen.

The song explains the DC Sniper shootings from the point of view of a satanist doing a blood sacrifice.

The song mentions several facts that we've been saying since day one about the shootings. That is that the shootings have the markings of a heavy duty occult blood sacrifice possibly by a satanic group within the military.

If you really want to understand all of the occult symbols in the DC Sniper story read our main article on the Sniper at http://www.247news.net/2002/sniper.shtml

The DC Sniper song mentions how the killings form the upside down satanic cross.

The Sniper song also mentions several locations of shootings and how they form satanic references.

The song is by Rex Luciferius, the leader of a Luciferian group. I'm sure the rumor will be he is the sniper. His web site is http://www.Luciferius.com

Is Rex Luciferius the sniper?


He's just a talented artist making a statement about the terrible shootings.

Unlike other controversial artists such as Eminem, Rex Luciferius did this song without one profanity. However, I'm sure many will want it banned since he says the Virgin Mary is the Whore of Babylon and a Slut. Didn't Martin Luther say that 500 years ago?

I'm sure anyone that likes death metal will love this song. I've had a few people I know listen to it and they said it gives them the chills.

The lyrics to DC SNIPER is at http://www.luciferius.com/music/virginmary.shtml

Here is the MP3 Download MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE

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