New Planet found as Sollog Predicted!
Famous Psychic hits NEW PLANET DISCOVERY

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
October 8th, 2002

Three months ago the Net's most famous seer Sollog released a new model for our solar system. He said in his new formula NEW PLANETS BEYOND PLUTO would be found!

Yesterday NASA released a fact sheet on the largest object found in our solar system since Pluto was discovered!

This object may be considered a NEW PLANET and it's near perfect circular orbit lies exactly where the PDF (Planetary Distance Formula) formula of Sollog stated a planet should be!

Now, you have to realize in early July all over Usenet fans of Sollog were posting messages that Sollog says a new planet is about to be found.

Fans of Sollog say this new object found is another amazing hit for the famous seer!

Here's a link to a TIME STAMPED Usenet post stating a NEW PLANET would be found.

I spoke to Sollog late yesterday and again today. His take on this object is a little different from what his fans think. He said to me, "This object confirms my PDF (Planet Distance Formula) Theory, in that it proves Pluto is not where it belongs. Pluto and this new object are actually part of a planetary system that should of been located as my PDF Theory estimated near 3.8 Billion miles from the sun! As my PDF Theory stated in early July, Pluto is the only planet that is slightly misaligned to my PDF formula. This new object verifies my PDF Theory, since it is in a near perfect circular orbit close to where my PDF Formula theorized Pluto should be. Pluto and this object are unusual, in they do not obey normal rules for our concepts of planets. Pluto is often called the WANDERER or WANDERING PLANET. The reason is it has an unusual orbit from 2.7 Billion to 4.5 Billion miles to earth. Such an unusual orbit has never been properly explained by scientists. A planet usually has a pretty circular orbit, such as this object has. Now, the average orbit distance of Pluto is approximately 3.6 Billion miles, my PDF Theory theorized it should of been closer to 3.8 Billion miles. If we combine Pluto and this new object, we may be able to see how Pluto, it's moon and this new object were all in a much different orbit a long time ago. I believe there are only two explanations as to what happened a long time ago that can account for the orbit of Pluto and this new object. As my PDF Theory theorized, Pluto's average orbit is a little closer than my PDF Theory says it should be. This new planet is slightly farther than it should be. The average of the two is almost exactly what my PDF Theory theorized."

Sollog then added, "So if we consider the following two possibilities, then my PDF Theory is validated as the correct model for the formation of this solar system. Both possibilities to explain Pluto and this new planet place these bodies at one time near 3.8 Billion miles from the sun. The most likely possibility is that Pluto, it's moon and this new object were moons of a larger planet. A collision occurred that formed the Kuiper Belt and destroyed the real planet that should of been in an orbit of 3.8 Billion miles from the sun as my PDF Theory suggests. The original planet was destroyed forming the Kuiper Belt and the moons of this original planet scattered. Two Moons (Pluto and its moon) was most likely in the path of the collision so these bodies were greatly affected throwing them out of the 3.8 Billion mile circular orbit of the original planet and creating the wandering orbit we now see for Pluto. The new object recently found was another moon of the original planet. It's orbit was not in the direct path of the collision so it maintained it's 3.8 Billion mile distance to the sun in a nearly perfect planetary orbit we would expect to see for a planet. It may have been slightly bumped a little further from the sun from the blast of the collision. Whereas Pluto and it's moon was literally hurled much further away. This is the first theory that explains properly Pluto's erratic orbit and the Kuiper Belt as well as the location of this new object."

Sollog paused and added this, "On the other hand, Pluto, it's moon and this new object as well as other objects near the 3.8 Billion mile orbit range, were part of the formation of either a new planet or perhaps some type of unknown planetary cluster. Maybe it is not unusual for such bodies to cluster around each other like a trinary sphere planet formation. A collision occurred that blasted Pluto into an erratic orbit and the new object maintained an orbit pretty close to where it was originally."

Sollog then stated, "So, the discovery of this new object with a near perfect regular planetary orbit near where I said Pluto should of been absolutely validates my PDF Theory. Since we have to now theorize why is there an object where I said Pluto should be and why is Pluto's orbit so erratic and unplanetary like! Pluto and the location of this sphere show something was different many years ago near where I said a planet should be. Pluto and this new object are just remnants of what should of been near 3.8 Billions miles from the Sun. This being the case, there are now still THREE NEW PLANETS to be discovered well beyond this new object and Pluto. The planets that will be discovered are located around 6.2, 7.7 and 9.3 Billion miles from the sun, exactly as my PDF Formula theorized. My statements that a planet should of been at 3.84 Billion miles is exactly the mid point between Pluto and this new object. So it is obvious these bodies were either moons of a planet that was destroyed near 3.84 Billion miles from the sun, or they were part of an early planetary cluster that was somehow broken up!"

So there you have it. Sollog warned a few months ago HEY NEW PLANETS ARE ABOUT TO BE DISCOVERED, then we have the news today of the largest object in our solar system being found since the discovery of Pluto 72 years ago, exactly where Sollog said a planet should be. The only thing is, this new object like Pluto is not what we normally consider a planet. In fact most scientists today believe Pluto is not a planet. So are Pluto and this new object former moons of a real planet that was destroyed in the orbit that Sollog's PDF Theory explained? Or were Pluto and this new object part of a planetary cluster that was smashed apart before it formed into a normal planet?

Pluto's orbit is erratic, unlike a planet. This new objects orbit is very planet like. Pluto is small for a planet, it is more the size of a moon. This new object is half the size of Pluto. All I know is the world of science is all a buzz about this new world found about 4 billion miles from the sun. Almost exactly where Sollog said Pluto should be months ago. Does this new object change the way we look at Pluto. Has Sollog just theorized what in the future will be considered scientific fact? Were Pluto and this new object moons of a planet that no longer exists? Was Pluto and this new object part of some weird trinary planet formation unknown to us?

The interesting part is Sollog insists THREE NEW PLANETS WILL BE DISCOVERED beyond Pluto and this new object. This new object and the characteristics of Pluto do support a missing planet theory where the Sollog PDF Theory says a major planet should be!

All I know is that the greatest seer in the history of mankind warned a few months NEW PLANETS TO BE DISCOVERED, and now we have Quaoar. It's the type of thing that makes you just want to go HMMMMMMMMMM...

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