Maryland Sniper Shooting ETHNICS ONLY?
Is Police and Media hiding RACIST Connection to shootings?

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
October 7th, 2002

I just saw an interesting thread in one of our Forums.

It pointed out how no photos of any of the victims in the recent rash of Maryland Shootings have been released.

It pointed out the names of the two recent victims who have not died are being held back by police and media.

It pointed out that of the six known names of victims at least 4 of the 6 are clearly ETHNIC NAMES.

In the USA most of the population is white.

So why are most if not all of the victims minorities?

Can it be the sniper is only picking out people of color or other minorities?

Can it be we have a racist sniper on our hands?

Here are four of the six dead victim names that are clearly non-wasp or non-white.





The other two known names of victims can easily be names of ethnic persons or people of color as well.

Those names are Martin and Buchanan.

I'd like to see some obit photos of these victims. You know the type of photo from a family they usually put in a paper of the victim.

Why has no one in the media mentioned race in this story.

When a sniper shoots a Ramos and Rivera he clearly picking out people of color.

You know no lily white wasps have those names.

Anyway, I looked all over Usenet via the Google search engine and there is not one post in all of usenet putting together Maryland, sniper, racist.

So you heard it here first.

There appears to be an obvious ETHNIC CONNECTION to the sniper shootings.

Something that makes it not terrorism, as some think, at all.

Oh, look at my first article on this story about how the first 6 locations forms a CROSS!

Can it be the KKK is making a comeback?

The first 5 shootings formed an upside down cross. The 6th shooting in DC extended the cross into a longer cross.

The two recent shootings by the DEADLY MARKSMAN seem to be starting a new symbol.

These two recent shootings (VA and BOWIE) both run along the I 95 corridor. My bet is he will be going north and south along the I-95 corridor. Killing more people north and south along I 95.

How did someone that killed 6 straight victims with ONE SHOT all of sudden start missing?

Did he miss on purpose?

Were these victims white?

I would love to see the photos of the dead victims to see if this sniper is targeting minorities.

If he is SHAME ON THE MEDIA and government for not discussing it!

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