Maryland Shootings a SATANIC SACRIFICE!
Map of Shootings shows CROSS OF SATAN

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
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October 4th, 2002
Update October 9th, 2002 (Psychic Sollog names next locations of Sniper!
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Update October 11th, 2002 (Sniper Strikes where famous Psychic WARNED!)
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Update October 15th, 2002 - Psychic Names DC Sniper

I was doing an interview today with the world famous mystic known as Sollog who I have written a couple of books about. Sollog is an expert on occult matters and symbols. The reason I was interviewing Sollog once again, was that he put the details of yesterday's devastating hurricane into a public court statement SEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY! His statement of October 4th 1995 warned that LOUISIANA would be hit by a major hurricane near New Orleans. Yesterday Lili fulfilled his warning LITERALLY! Close to 2 Billion in damages occurred within 100 miles of New Orleans in Louisiana.

Now my interview with Sollog about Hurricane Lili is featured in another story on this site. However, this story about the Maryland Shootings is needed since my interview today took an unexpected direction when I asked him about the 5 DEADLY SHOOTINGS in Maryland.

Sollog said matter-of-factly, "The shootings were a SATANIC SACRIFICE performed by a special ops soldier of the US Government who works for a demonic part of the US Government that wishes to take away guns from US Citizens. This same part of the US Government is controlled by a SECRET SATANIC SOCIETY similar to SKULL AND BONES, the SATANIC SOCIETY that George W. Bush and his father belongs to! These SECRET SATANIC SOCIETIES are out to create their NEW WORLD ORDER that is based upon worship of SATAN and THE RAMS HEAD! Taking guns from US Citizens is a necessary part of their SATANIC PLAN to control the world! If you map out the locations of the FIVE SHOOTINGS the locations form THE CROSS OF ST. PETER or the UPSIDE DOWN CROSS that Satanic cults use in their rituals! The number five represents the points of a PENTAGRAM, the sign of a SATANIC SACRIFICE! Two of the victims were CHOSEN since they have RAMS in their names. RAMOS and MARTIN are two of the victims. These names fit the same pattern of the rash of US Kidnappings that all had RAMS or MARS in their names! (See our articles on how the recent US Kidnappings are connected) RAMS are the sacrificial sign of SATAN and MARS is the planetary sign these SATANIC CULTS use in these sacrifices!"

Sollog later sent me a map of the Shootings to verify his claims. Sure enough the map of the area near Washington DC shows an UPSIDE DOWN CROSS in the locations of the shootings!

So there you have it, a RASH OF SATANIC SHOOTINGS by an expert marksman who used only one bullet in each SACRIFICE. Didn't Ari Fleischer just mention ONE BULLET the other day? How brazen the SATANISTS like Bush are to have warned of this event to the press the other day! You can interpret the Ari Fleischer comment now as, ONE BULLET SACRIFICES ARE COMING right near DC. I wonder how many congressmen and senators are now SO SCARED that they will vote to take away GUNS from the citizens of the USA and leave them only in the hands of the Satanists running DC?

As I mentioned above, I've written a couple of books about Sollog they are below as well as links to his web site

Sollog was heavily investigated by the FBI for his accurate 911 warning. The book I wrote about the Sollog 911 Warning is at

The book I wrote about The Prophecies of Sollog is at

A book about The Prophecies of Sollog written by Sollog is at

Sollog's site is

Sollog has authored over 30 books. You can download FREE SAMPLES at Sollog's Book Site

Get a personal reading by Sollog by going to this site Sollog's Readings.

You can discuss Sollog and this article at Sollog's Forum

Sollog's radio show is

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UPDATE October 9th 2002

News Stations today revealed that the latest shooting in Bowie Maryland had a Tarot Card left behind stating "I AM GOD".

We told you on the first day these shootings had a heavy religious symbolism to them.

The 6th murder took place in DC. That shooting when connected to the first five murders forms a Christian Cross over Maryland. MARY was the mother of Jesus. The Tarot Card left behind was the number 13 or Death Card. 13 were at the last supper. Special Op Snipers are trained to leave behind such a "Calling Card". In Vietnam it was the Ace of Spades.

The two most recent shootings did not kill the victims. These occurred in VA and Bowie MD. When these two shootings are connected to each other they form a straight line under the Maryland Cross.

We've had the smiley face bomber, the Zodiac killer and now the Christian Cross Sniper. Also, the rash of school shootings in the USA forms three straight lines that intersect each other as a large triangle over the heart of the USA.

It has been noted that the vast majority of these shootings are minorities. Or people that look like minorities. The one exception was a blonde woman named Lewis-Rivera, who has a mixed marriage. Is the sniper a racist? Did he know Lewis-Rivera was married to a minority person? There have been six murders and eight victims in total. An unusual percentage of minorities have been struck in these shootings.

Religious connections so far to the shootings.

Most took place in MARYland the name of Jesus' mother was Mary.

No shootings took place on Sunday, a day of rest for God in Christian beliefs.

The six murders form a perfect cross in MARYland.

The first five murders formed a satanic upside down cross.

The Tarot card left at the Bowie shooting scene was the 13 or card of Death. 13 were at the last supper.

The sniper claimed, "I AM GOD" on his Tarot calling card.

The two recent shootings form a base for the cross to stand on.

Other noteworthy aspects of these shootings.

Most of the victims were minorities.

The leaving behind of a playing card is a well known message of special ops soldiers.

News Reports are coming in about another death by a possible sniper that has occurred in Manassas Virginia at a Sunoco Gas Station.

VIRGINia has now been struck twice. VIRGIN as in VIRGIN Mary, another religious key like MARYland.

Is the sniper trying to tell us his opinion of MAN? MAN ASS' is MANASSas.

It looks like another cross is forming says Sollog. The most likely new locations where the sniper will strike according to Sollog are locations that will form crosses with previous locations.

Sollog says these are the most likely new locations the shooter will choose.

St. Charles area in Maryland, it forms a cross with Manassas, Bowie and Rockville.

See Map

The toll booth area of Rt. 301 at the state border of Virginia and Maryland. This road is significant since it has 13 in it. It forms a cross with Fredericksburg, Manassas and Bowie. Look for a rest area near the toll both as the target.

See Map

Leonardtown and St. Marys City in Maryland are also possibilities for future shootings since these areas form a cross with Manassas, Fredericksburg and Bowie.

See Map

Less likely but possible areas to be hit by the sniper are Richmond Virginia and Frederick Maryland if the sniper is working on a new cross formation with Manassas as the key intersection point.

See Map

Frederick Maryland when connected to Manassas and Bowie forms an equilateral triangle with the original cross in the center of it. Consider it a Holy Frame in the mind of the sniper. Father, Sun and Spirit. The trinity.

See Map

Frederick Maryland when connected to Manassas, Bowie and Sandy Point Virginia forms an double cross with the original Rockville cross.

See Map

The Rockville Cross when connected to Sandy Point Virginia, Manassas and Bowie forms another double cross with the Rockville cross at the head.

See Map

To any law enforcement agencies that read this. Sollog is UNDER GROUND due to death threats the US Government has made on his life. He is one of the most investigated people in the history of the FBI due to his public warnings of events like 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing before they occurred. If you wish to have Sollog help you then have a copy of a FULL PARDON issued to Sollog by President George W. Bush (email a copy of it to this site or his site). Sollog has been harassed with FALSE ARRESTS in the past and unless the President issues him a FULL PARDON he will remain UNDER GROUND. It is time for the US Government to acknowledge Sollog is here to help them and stop harassing him!

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Update October 13th, 2002 - DC SNIPER SONG HITS NET Article Here
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Update October 15th, 2002 - Psychic Names DC Sniper

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