Fans of Sollog HIT MAJOR WORLD EVENT on September 20th to 21st!
Israel ATTACK on Arafat occurs in EXACT WINDOW Sollog Fans gave!

Written By D.E. Alexander 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
September 22nd 2002

Last month I WARNED that fans of the famous DOOMSDAY PROPHET Sollog were warning that September 20th to 21st would be when a major WORLD EVENT OCCURRED!


Lo and Behold THEY HIT THE ISRAEL ATTACK upon Palestine DEAD ON!

Is this event a TRIGGER to the start of WW III?

Is it the start of an event that will forever change the face of the Middle East?

What we do know TODAY is that on September 20th ISRAEL ATTACKED Palestine! This EXACT DATE was discussed by me last month as a KEY DATE to a future major WORLD EVENT!

On the 20th the Leadership of Palestine was surrounded, put under barb wire and had THEIR WHOLE GOVERNMENT COMPLEX LEVELED over the next 24 hours. The world WATCHED from the 20th to 21st as once again BUILDINGS WERE DESTROYED in an act of TERRORISM!

ISRAEL has tanks and the strongest military in the Middle East.

Palestine a country OCCUPIED by Israel, it has sticks and stones to defend itself.

Is this a major historical event?

Time will tell!


Yep, sure was.

Now, some MORONS who can't READ are saying I said Sollog said the Pope would die on these dates.

WRONG I said some Sollog fans were saying they thought the 20th to 21st would see a MAJOR WORLD EVENT such as the death of the Pope. I ALSO SAID other fans of Sollog were saying the actual date could be in Mid October this year.

Yet you see scumbag liars that hate Sollog saying look Sollog missed.

BULLSHIT, Sollog didn't say anything on this event, HE DOESN'T USE HIS PROPHECIES to warn of events they may or may not occur. HE WRITES THE PROPHECIES AND THEN WORLD EVENTS UNFOLD THAT ALWAYS CONNECT TO HIS WRITINGS. He doesn't try to interpret his prophecies BEFORE events occur. He just writes what GOD WILLS HIM TO WRITE he say!

Now if you're one of the MORONS that can't F--KING READ, reread my column.

IT SAYS FANS OF Sollog WERE WARNING OF A KEY DATE and that key date just had a MAJOR HIT.

So those fans of Sollog took his famous prophecy and said WE BETTER WATCH WORLD EVENTS on the 20th to 21st of September 2002. AND THEY WERE RIGHT!

Arafat and many people are now HELD HOSTAGE by the BULLDOZIER aka Sharon.

That fat ass is a BUTCHER, he is a WAR MONGER.

The BRUTAL RULE over Palestine by ISRAEL is the heart of the terrorism problem in the Middle East!

Sollog blasted Israel the other day on his show THEE END. HE EXPLAINED THE PROBLEM IN THE MIDDLE EAST better than anyone ever has!

The problem according to Sollog is ISRAEL. It has NO BLOOD CLAIM to the area.

Sollog explained on his show that the real JEWS that Israel was PROMISED TO don't even exist. What you have in Israel now are nothing by THEIVES like Sharon and Netanyahu. These Jews HAVE NO RIGHT TO ISRAEL says Sollog.


Sollog explains that ISRAEL was given by GOD to HEBREWS not Jews. Jews were not mentioned once in the Torah or five books of Moses Sollog explained. I've checked with a concordance, THE WORD JEWS DOESN'T EXIST IN THE 5 BOOKS OF MOSES!

What is a Jew?

Well according to Sollog the modern Jew is nothing but a land grabbing thief that should be kicked out of Israel!

The reason is simple these JEWS are claiming a false right to ISRAEL. The modern Jew as Sollog explained is a Caucasoid Jew who is from a bloodline that is NOT HEBREW. Caucasoid Jews belong in Russia, Poland and Germany. They are people whose ancestors CONVERTED to Judaism mostly in the past 500 or 600 years. GOD NEVER PROMISED MODERN JEWS ANYTHING. That promise was made 3000 years ago to HEBREWS!

Are there Hebrews in Israel now?

No. These original settlers of Israel were all dispersed. They left Israel thousands of years ago. The remnants are the dark skinned people of the Middle East who now practice Islam.

Anyway, Sollog explained all of this in his amazing show that explained how the butchers Sharon and company are trespassers in the Holy Land.

How ironic it was today to see the fat ass Sharon in his broken English telling a group of moronic Christians from the USA that the Pope says Israel was promised to the JEWS.

Sharon and the Pope are both MORONS and they are both LIARS.

ISRAEL was promised to HEBREWS, and there are no HEBREWS running around Israel today saying we are HEBREWS.

What you have are a bunch of land grabbing scum who say they are JEWS.

GET OUT OF ISRAEL JEW, go back to Russia, Germany and Poland where your fair skin and fat asses belong.

Jerusalem belongs to dark skinned Middle Easterners.


Hebrews and Muslims do!

Oh, the most recent Sollog PROPHECY titled IDES OF AUGUSTUS scored two major hits last week. But that's another story. The first HURRICANE of the 2002 season to hit land anywhere struck WHERE AND WHEN Sollog WARNED.

It struck on the 20th and it leveled THE LAND OF THE HISPANIC.

The city it leveled El Pinar Rio in Cuba.

Oh, the MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME that had to be stopped due to a whole team CRYING on the sideline from pepper spray or tear gas, that was a DIRECT HIT FOR Sollog he warned of that date and of TEARS FOR THOSE THAT PLAY WITH BALLS...

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