Terrorists to cripple US Power Grid!
Warns Sollog the Mystic who predicted 911!

Written By Senior Editor 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
August 4th 2002

You better stock up on batteries and food supplies.

The famous psychic named Sollog, who gave exact details of 911 before it occurred has just released a very detailed warning about how terrorists will soon take down the POWER GRID of the USA!

Forget about your Phone and Internet access as well.

Forget about traveling across the USA on an Interstate soon.

All of these things are about to be hit by several different terrorist groups warns the greatest seer since Nostradamus.

You should see THE SIMPLE DETAILS he just released that explain how a few terrorists hitting the right targets could bring the United States to a standstill!

Far fetched you say?

How many people did it take to stop everything in the USA for a few days last year?

19 terrorists disrupted everything in the United States on 911.

All air flights were stopped. All sporting events. The stock market.

All stopped by a small amount of men that knew of a weakness in the air transport system.

Did you know one diver with a small amount of explosives could take out the intake water system of a nuclear power plant?

Such a shut down of a major plant could do great harm to the Power Grid.

How about if it happens at multiple locations at the same time?

Bye-bye electricity for months possibly!

That is just one of the many ways Sollog has explained terrorists will attack the USA!

You can read Sollog's TERRORIST WARNING at http://www.sollog.com/asksollog/2002/0801.shtml

Why should we listen to Sollog's warning?

The FBI has investigated Sollog several times due to his accurate public warnings about 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing!

I know this is true since the FBI came to our own offices after 911 occurred looking for information about Sollog since we published his WARNING about September Terrorism in NYC at the WTC before 911 occurred!

His warning was posted all Usenet before 911 occurred. A few in the media have done articles about it, such as Der Spiegel (the largest paper in Germany).

There's even a book out about the Sollog 911 Warning!

Sollog released 10 public quake warnings from 2000 to 2002. All ten hit either the exact date when a 7.0+ quake hit or the location!

Sollog warned Diana would die in France on 831 in a US Federal court case before it happened!

Sollog has warned of exact dates and flight numbers for plane crashes that then occurred.

Sollog warned earlier this year a major near miss hitting the earth would occur from an asteroid. Months later the largest asteroid to come real close to hitting the earth ever tracked by NASA occurred!

So be a fool and don't take the Sollog terrorist warning seriously.

When your dumb ass is sitting in the dark real soon, REMEMBER SOLLOG WARNED YOU!

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