eBay Censoring Books!
Publisher accuses eBay of censorship!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
May 5th, 2002

EBay is trying to ban a new book.

More and more it seems like eBay has decided to become the Net Nazi of censorship!

The new book eBay is BANNING is titled “BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!"

Auctions for this book have been canceled recently by eBay.

The publisher of “BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!" has dozens of books listed on eBay, all using the same template which includes COPYRIGHT INFORMATION about the book, images in the auction and design of the code and description for the book.

This info is in all the auctions run by Adoni Publishing 1Adoni.com on eBay.

However, whenever Adoni Publishing runs an auction for “BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!", they get the same cancellation notice. “This auction has links and links are not permitted on eBay.” Forget that they have dozens of other titles all with the SAME COPYRIGHT LINKS. eBay doesn’t cancel those auctions, ONLY THE BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY auction gets canceled over and over again!

Only auctions for “BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!" which is a scathing expose on the rampant FRAUD PROBLEMS eBay is facing gets canceled over and over by eBay.

eBay even admits in its filings with the SEC, which are in this book, that FRAUD is the number threat to the future of eBay.

The author of the book has over 30 titles to his credit. Several involve FRAUD in the collectibles industry. He was the founder of both Authenticards™ and Authentigraphs ™, companies that deal specifically with FRAUD in the collectibles industry.

eBay had no comment on the cancellation of this title by them.

I was given copies of dozens of listing confirmations by Adoni Publishing and also notice of the cancellation notices about “BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!".

I was also given copies of emails between Adoni Publishing and eBay executives stating that Adoni Publishing will sue eBay over any future cancellations of “BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!" and also if they try to disallow their copyright links in their auctions which anyone distributing their books are REQUIRED by contract to put in all advertisements and or auctions for their items.

Adoni Publishing has over 10,000 listings in their 2002 Catalog.

Adoni Productions, a division of Adoni Publishing, has 24 eMovies scheduled for release in the next two years!

Adoni Publishing says it was planning on using eBay in a major campaign to sell not only books but also eMovies.

Adoni Publishing produces 1eBooks.com which has over 125,000 subscribers for its services.

Adoni Publishing produces 1eMovies.com which is the first major eMovie portal to market eMovies for instant download. It is a new concept. Releasing a film on the Net via download instead of in theatres!

Adoni Publishing produces over 100 web sites. Many are in the top 100,000 as tracked by Alexa.

Normally it is a big deal to have even one site in the top 100,000.

Adoni has several and many more in the top 500,000 range.

There are about 20 Million web sites tracked by Alexa which is a division of Amazon.

The only other title eBay has ever canceled according to Adoni Publishing was Hitler’s "Mein Kampf". I was shown an email from an eBay executive dated last week where eBay admitted the cancellation of Mein Kampf was an ERROR!

eBay’s listing policy is clear, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LINK TO INFORMATIONAL SOURCES about an item. Adoni Publishing claims the links which state “FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND COPYRIGHT INFORMATION” are allowed and eBay is only arbitrarily harassing them for publishing the eBay expose!

Adoni Publishing says they plan on suing eBay over this matter in US Federal court possibly as early as next week, unless eBay resolves the matter.

Adoni Publishing showed me an email from eBay dated August of last year. eBay canceled the same book last summer when it was first released. They also canceled the selling account of Adoni Publishing over the listing of this title.

“BEWARE OF FRAUD ON EBAY!" is sold at 1eBooks.com from this page http://www.1ebooks.com/ebay

If you buy or sell on eBay I highly recommend you read it. You may never deal with eBay again if you do!

If you think eBay shouldn't be censoring any books, then check out the site below.


Adoni Publishing produces this alternative news site and many others.

UPDATE! - May 8th 2002

eBay has cancel the selling account of Adoni Publishing

Adoni Publishing now plans to sue eBay over this censorship issue

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