Governors Pataki and Davis WARNED LA and NYC about to be destroyed!
Governors told NYC and LA about to be destroyed!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 11th, 2002

On our site are articles about past warnings that the FBI has investigated all made by the same person about future acts of terrorism that then occurred!

We did an article with Rob Nigh the attorney for Timothy McVeigh, about how the FBI hid documents about his Oklahoma City bombing warning!

We reported how the FBI contacted our offices about the same person after 911, since we had written about how his Terrorism warning for New York City in September had come to pass!

We've done many articles about how his quakes warnings hit time and time again.

A few others in the media have reported on little bits and pieces about the WARNER who the FBI hates to even hear his name mentioned!

Well today, THE WARNER who seems to know more about tomorrow than even Nostradamus sent us a memo.

It said catastrophic events were about hit both New York City and Los Angeles.

The memo asked us to contact the offices of Governor Pataki and Governor Davis to make sure they had first hand knowledge New York City and Los Angeles are about to be struck!

Well, we just got off the phones from trying to alert a few leaders about the Sollog quake warning for Los Angeles and New York City.

Sollog sent us a memo today; it said GET THE WORD OUT to Governor Pataki and especially Governor Davis.

Sollog said the catastrophic level seismic events he had warned of for both NYC and LA are IMMINENT.

So we called the Governors and emergency management offices of both California and New York.

Amber in the Governor Gray Davis’ office gave us the general email address to the Governor; we got back the usual automated reply. We did get through to Deborah the assistant of the Lieutenant Governor of California Cruz Bustamonte, who gave us her personal email address and confirmed she got the warning and passed it on to the Lieutenant Governor of California.

We also got through to Dallas Jones’s office; he is in charge of the Office of Emergency Services of CA. His assistant Dawn once again gave us her personal email address and confirmed that she had gotten our warning and passed it on to Dallas Jones.

We got in touch with the office of George Pataki, the Governor of New York. The tape recording said they were closed, so we used the email the Governor form on the main New York State web site. Not even the automated reply came back yet.

We also emailed Edward Jacoby the director of the New York State Emergency Management Office the warning from Sollog saying New York City was in IMMINENT danger.

Now we’ve tried to figure out what Sollog meant by the word IMMINENT, which he used a couple of times in his memo to us asking us to contact the heads of CA and NY.

You know when Sollog says something a couple of times it means something.

The Dictionary says IMMINENT means, about to occur or a near occurrence.

The Gematria value or the hidden number of Imminent is 303. Some dates and numbers we think might connect to the Gematria value of Imminent are 30th day of 3rd month, that just passed. 303rd day Hallow’s Eve, not too close to now but maybe a near date. 303 is MOM when you turn the value on it’s side! Mother’s day? May 12th 2002? If the quake occurs this May many will say, “see Nostradamus warned of it.” Is this Mother’s Day the date of the historic LA and or NYC quake warned of by both Nostradamus and Sollog? Nostradamus gave the month; did Sollog just give the exact date?

Now we don’t usually try to decode Sollog’s warnings, but his LA and NYC quake warning is one of the only quake warnings that he issued recently with no date.

Now he alerted us today, THIS IS IMMINENT so get the word out. We’ve reprinted the Sollog LA and NYC quake warning below. It was issued last month.

If you look at the other articles on our site you will find this out about the Sollog quake warnings.

He issued around 10 warnings for 7.0+ range quakes from April 2000 to January 2002. They were all posted to sci geo earthquakes in Usenet, they were all TIME STAMPED by We did articles on every warning and how a quake then occurred as predicted.

The first 5 warnings gave an exact date when a 7.0+ range quake then struck. Two even had the exact hour. The next five gave an exact location where 7.0+ quakes then occurred within 30 days of the warnings.

Sollog also issued a KILLER QUAKE warning last year. He named several cities where he said KILLER QUAKES were to occur in the future. Last month two of the cities he named had KILLER QUAKES occur in the same week, they were Kabul and Taipei. Oh, both NYC and LA are on that same list of KILLER QUAKES as well!

And now we have Sollog saying the LA and NYC events are IMMINENT!

Will the leaders of NY and CA alert the public by saying a proven quake predictor has warned us that LA and NYC are about to shake.

I doubt it.

But hey I tried to get the warning out.

We told the governors of these states to check with the FBI, about if Sollog is accurate; the FBI did two major investigations on him due to his accurate 911 warning and his Oklahoma Bombing warning. They know Sollog is accurate!

Oh, we’ve been trying to get the USGS for several days to confirm the figures Sollog gave us in our recent GOD OF QUAKES article about Sollog’s newest book where he uses the USGS’ database to show where the average location for a 7.0+ range quake the past 29 years occurred according to the Zirbes 1973 to present USGS database. The Project Chief of the NEIC (National Earthquake Information Center) is Stuart Sipkin. Over the course of several days and many emails he refused time and time again to verify simple quake location averages for me that anyone could run from the USGS database.

If the Sollog figure about the average quake location is correct then the average 7.0+ quake in the best USGS database for the past 29 years occurred in eastern Ethiopia. That location when connected on a world map by a straight line to Jerusalem just happens to put Mecca in the exact middle!

This average quake alignment proves to many that I’ve spoken to, that believe in a divine power, that GOD controls quakes.

So if you want to verify from Stuart Sipkin the Project Chief for the NEIC that eastern Ethiopia, where Sollog said, is the average location according to the USGS database, his number is 303-273-8415. His email address is

Note how the Gematria Value of IMMINENT is also the area code of the NEIC!

Here is a map of the average quake location connecting to both Jerusalem and Mecca that Stuart Sipkin does not want to verify.

Just below is the memo we just got from Sollog warning the LA and NYC quakes he warned of are now IMMINENT!

Below the memo is the actual QUAKE WARNING Sollog issued for LA and NYC.

Sollog says it’s IMMINENT!

Sollog told us to WARN THE GOVERNORS of CA and NY.

We did.

Will anyone be saved from the Sollog warning?

That remains to be seen!

From Sollog

Greetings Staff of 24 7 News Net,

The catastrophic earthquakes that I recently warned of for both Los Angeles and New York City are imminent events.

Please try to pass the warnings on to the Emergency Management Services in both New York and California.

The Governors of both states need to be made aware of my warning if they aren’t already, and of my proven track record for making such quake warnings.

Many lives could be saved if the public is given warning of these near events.

As you both know, my quake warnings have had unequalled success in both time and location.

Again, these quakes are now imminent.

Godspeed and may the public learn of my warning.

Many could be saved from these horrific events that are about to occur.

As you both know the FBI is well aware of my accurate warnings about terrorism for both the 911 tragedies and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Try to alert the leaders of these two states, and supply them with access to my past warnings that then came to pass.



Here is the Sollog quake warning for NYC and LA


Behold THE FINAL SIGN has now been given.
Many shall soon die from nuclear and chemical weapons of war created by man.

Israel shall be struck with a nuclear explosion.
Rome shall be struck with a nuclear explosion.
Washington DC shall be struck with a nuclear explosion.

Two great cities in the United States of America shall soon be struck with major earthquakes!
Both earthquakes occur at almost the exact same moment.
The two cities struck by the two great quakes are Los Angeles in California and New York City!

he two earthquakes that strike the two great cities are THE FINAL SIGN that nuclear explosions will then occur in Israel, Rome and DC!
I have given many signs since 1995 to PROVE the age of Nuke Terrorism is Nigh!
Now many shall now soon die from nuclear explosions.

If you failed to heed my WARNINGS, and you still live within a major city, THEN LEAVE AT ONCE and do not look back!
To survive the coming horrors of NUKE TERRORISM and NUKE WAR you must not enter any major cities!
The SAFE ZONES are in the mountains of Canada, Asia and South America!


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