Does GOD Control Earthquakes?
USGS Database shows direct connections to Mecca and Jerusalem in Major Quakes!
Written By D.E. Alexander Freelance Writer for the 24 7 News Net
24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire

24 7 News Net - The Alternative News Wire
April 6th, 2002

The Old Testament states clearly GOD ALMIGHTY controls earthquakes.

Jews believe Jerusalem is the center of earth.

Muslims believe Mecca is the center of the earth.

Is there now scientific evidence in the USGS database to PROVE this is all correct?

A new eBook was released early this morning on the Net, and I've been one of the few to know about it's claims for a short while, since I'm one of the only reporters in the media that the writer talks to.

In this new book GOD OF QUAKES (you can download free sample at ) the author claims that the USGS database proves GOD controls earthquakes.

In a very simple scientific proof the author shows every 7.0+ range quake listed by the USGS in a 29-year period from January 1st 1973 to January 1st 2002.

He then shows the summary of these figures and calls that summary the average 7.0+ earthquake.

He gives a month and day for such a quake.

More important he gives an exact location in Longitude and Latitude for your average 7.0+ quake according to the USGS database!

Look at the map below and see if you don't see THE HAND OF GOD in this figure.

The location is the easterly part of Ethiopia, a place where scientists believe the origns of man began.

When that location is connected by a straight line on a world map to Jerusalem it places Mecca in the exact middle of the line!

Some are starting to already say this is SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF GOD and that GOD CONTROLS QUAKES!

Here is the map, it is at

The average month and date for an average quake in the USGS database just happens to be the 7th month and 15th day.

The author explains that this is a HOLY DAY in the Hebrew calendar; it's called the Festival of Tents or Tabernacles.

In ancient times all Jews pilgrimaged to the TEMPLE in Jerusalem on the 15th day of the 7th month.

Just like today in Hajj Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca.

So to sum it all up, we have two holy cities that directly connect to the average 7.0+ range quake!

And the date connects to a holy day of pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Many Christians, Muslims and Jews who believe in a GOD that controls acts of GOD like quakes will smile and say LOOK PROOF GOD controls earthquakes.

Now SEVEN is a holy number in Hebrew, 7 Days, 7 this, 7 that, it's used all over the Old Testament.

These are the longitude and latitude figures from the book, and I've asked the USGS to verify them.

Analysis for 29 years from January 1st 1973 to January 1st 2002 from the USGS database shows this information in regards to 7.0+ range quakes:

427 7.0+ Range Quake occurred in this 29 year periods

Average Latitude was 6.428

Average Longitude was 45.542

Again, this location places the average location of a 7.0+ range quake in direct alignment with both Mecca and Jerusalem!

The author of GOD OF QUAKES - The Line of Ennosageus is a well-known quake predictor. There are thousands of posts in Usenet about his quake predictions that have an uncanny accuracy.

Since April 1999 he has made 11 quake warnings and all were posted to Usenet by his fans and time stamped by Google to prove he hit exact dates and locations in the 7.0+ range!

In fact the first five warnings he issued had exact dates when a 7.0+ quake struck, two of them had the exact hour to within a few minutes.

As you can see from above only 427 such quakes occurred in 29 years. That's an average of about 13 per year!

For anyone to hit an exact date is about 25 to 1 probable, to hit within minutes is astronomical!

To do it 5 times in a row is (25 to 1) ^5 a huge number.

The same person then gave exact locations where 7.0+ range struck within 30 days of his warnings.

Then he issued a quake list of future urban areas where KILLER QUAKES would soon occur.

Last month two cities he named had KILLER QUAKES within 1 week of each other!

His most recent quake warning is for both Los Angeles and New York City; he says both cities are soon hit by huge devastating earthquakes, at almost the exact same time!

You can see that warning at

Here are some of the words of his dire prophecy

Two great cities in the United States of America shall soon be struck with major earthquakes!
Both earthquakes occur at almost the exact same moment.
The two cities struck by the two great quakes are Los Angeles in California and New York City!

The two earthquakes that strike the two great cities are THE FINAL SIGN that nuclear explosions will then occur in Israel, Rome and DC!
I have given many signs since 1995 to PROVE the age of Nuke Terrorism is Nigh!
Now many shall now soon die from nuclear explosions.

The author and famous quake predictor is SOLLOG his site is

In 1995 SOLLOG released another book titled THE CREATOR FORMULA - The Proof of GOD! (Free Sample download at )

In that work SOLLOG shows mathematically how the earth is the mathematical center of the Universe, he proves this by showing how key measurements of the earth (it's circumference and orbital rotations in 100 years) are the base measurements of every planet and it's orbit in our solar system!

For instance, exactly 1% of the earth's circumference just happens to be the perfect orbit of Pluto.

40% of the earth's circumference is the perfect circumference of Mercury.

400% of the earth's circumference is the perfect circumference of Uranus!

Academic groups have formed over the years and are seriously discussing the mathematical statistics from SOLLOG's CREATOR FORMULA!

Other academic groups have formed to analyze the remarkable quake warnings of SOLLOG.

Recently SOLLOG turned down an offer to discuss his work on the Art Bell show. Art does 3-hour interviews. SOLLOG said he would do only 1 hour and taped with no call-ins.

Art doesn't like to be told what to do, so his staff which bothered SOLLOG for days to be on the show had to reject the planned interview!

SOLLOG did several major radio talk shows in 1997, but he now doesn't do them. He said when he appeared on the Alan Colmes show, "The host was nothing but a clown! Talk radio and the media in general is nothing but a vast disinformation service to sell corporate products!"

I recently asked SOLLOG some questions about his newest PROOF OF GOD!

Here they are.

DE Alexander - "Sollog, once again you take numbers everyone has access to and yet YOU FIND the connections to God. How do you do this?"

Sollog - "I take no credit for my work, like Socrates said, I know the absolute nothing (GOD) so I AM the smartest man to walk the planet! My knowledge is direct from the GOD HEAD, the ONE that designed these things, they are no random chance occurrences, anyone with a degree in mathematics can tell you the probability against all these things lining up so perfectly is beyond chance!"

DE Alexander - "Exactly what Einstein said, GOD doesn't play craps with his creation!"

Sollog - "Yes, GOD designed everything as my Creator Formula and now my Quake Code reveals. We are all in GOOD HANDS, GODS!"

DE Alexander - "Why do you think the mass media refuses to discuss your work and your proven quake hits?"

Sollog - "The generation running modern media grew up in an academic community where GOD was excluded from the cirriculum. As soon as you mention GOD to 99.9% of reporters they label you kook. The truth is the truth; TIME will validate what I have stated as scientific fact. Already a few enlightened souls in academia are starting to study my Creator Formula and my quake warnings. Over time when these academics validate my work, the mass media will be forced to acknowledge the TRUTH!"

DE Alexander - "That will be something, I hope I live long enough to see it!"

Sollog - "Near events will soon occur that will list the veil of illusion off of many, I will soon get major notice in the mainstream media. You can't keep THE TRUTH from the public forever!"

DE Alexander - "Are you planning on giving a date for your most recent quake warning, the one about LA and New York City?"

Sollog - "I don't interpret my prophecies or warnings. They are exactly what GOD wanted me to reveal. I don't see the events, I don't predict the events, I'm just the quill that the HAND OF GOD uses to reveal his mysteries and knowledge!"

DE Alexander - "The QUILL of GOD! Has a nice ring to it. SOLLOG the QUILL of GOD!"

Sollog - "I see I can barely get anything over your head anymore David!"

So there you have it, another remarkable work by Sollog to PROVE GOD controls world events.

Now why don't those Arabs and Jews killing each other in the Middle East just read SOLLOG's words and finally say okay let's be brothers, God created all of us!

Afterall, GOD proved he controls earthquakes, he proved the earth is the mathematical center of the Universe and he proved a modern prophet walks the earth who has accurately given exact details about ACTS OF GOD before they occur.

That prophet is SOLLOG, the QUILL of GOD!

When the USGS replies to my email, I'll post it here.

If you are a seismologist and want to refute any of the quake figures above, send me an email.

eMail DE Alexander

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