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DC ready to be NUKED!
Shadow Government created for inevitable NUKE ATTACK on DC!
Written By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
March 1st, 2002

Since 1995 a world renowned psychic has been saying DC will be nuked and a military dictatorship takes over the USA!

That psychic has been investigated by the FBI on at least two occasions due to his public warnings about both the Oklahoma City bombing and most recently the 911 attacks. The lost FBI Interview files in the McVeigh appeal were all about his WARNING!

The same psychic says NUKE TERRORISM will soon destroy DC, which is one of the first targets of NUKE TERRORISTS along with Israel and Rome!

In the past two years the seer that many say is more accurate than Nostradamus, has hit exact dates and even locations for major 7.0+ range quakes.

No wonder George Bush refuses to stand down on project COG (Continuation Of Government).

Up to 150 senior government officials are in secure NUKE BUNKERS around the east coast creating a shadow government waiting for the inevitable. A NUKE ATTACK ON DC!

How can 150 people run the USA when DC is nuked and every elected and appointed branch of the US government is destroyed with one small portable suitcase nuke?

"They can't", says SOLLOG ( http://www.sollog.com ) the seer so accurate that the US government monitors his every word.

Sources say since 1995 a special taskforce was created to analyze the warnings of SOLLOG .

It is called TaskForce 10.

The US Government knows SOLLOG KNOWS TOO MUCH!

Act of GOD after Act of GOD keep occurring where and when SOLLOG warns.

People he names in his writings die how he says.

Dates he gives then have major tragedies.

All over Usenet archives, like those maintained by www.Google.com, are TIME STAMPED POSTS that prove SOLLOG stated major terrorism would hit NYC in September and then the NYC media would be struck, the posts appeared in Usenet way before 911 occurred.

TIME STAMPED USENET DOCUMENTS prove SOLLOG gave exact dates and locations where large 7.0+ range quakes then occurred!

The people summoned to hide in NUKE BUNKERS have to tell their families "THEY ARE AWAY ON BUSINESS" says one source.

These shadow government employees then disappear for up to 120 days.

Where's Dick Cheney the VP?

Hiding in a NUKE BUNKER as the leader of COG!

Beware of COG!

It rhymes with GOG AND MAGOG!

DC knows it's end is NIGH!

Yet, the sheep still sit in major cities waiting to be hit with suitcase nukes.


His flock was given that order as soon as 911 occurred!

GOG and MAGOG are coming, only they call themselves COG!

TaskForce 10 closed down 500 Muslim web sites THE DAY before 911 occurred!

Yes a terrorism taskforce CLOSED DOWN 500 Muslim web sites the day before 911 occurred!

The US Government clearly knew 911 was about to occur!

Here's an article to prove TaskForce 10 took out 500 Muslim web sites THE DAY BEFORE 911 occurred!


TaskForce 10 knew SOLLOG WARNED major terrorism on the scale of the Oklahoma City bombing was to hit NYC! TaskForce 10 knew SOLLOG also warned that the NYC media would then be struck (remember the Anthrax attacks) after the September Terrorism occurred.


If you live in the USA and are still sitting in a target like a large city, WHY ARE YOU THERE?

Better leave now, before COG says you can't!

There is a new eMovie about SOLLOG you can view the trailer at http://www.1emovies.com

SOLLOG has authored over 30 books you can download them at http://www.1ebooks.com/sollog

SOLLOG is doing personal readings for limited time at http://www.Sollog.com

The folks that maintain the NUKE WATCH CLOCK recently moved the hands forward 'til about 7 Minutes before Midnight, as a way to show how close the future NUKE EVENT is that leads the world to NUCLEAR WAR!

SOLLOG says the hands should be at 1 minute before, since COG is ready for NUKES and the future is set!


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