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Daytona 500 Air Crash!
HOF Coach Joe Gibbs almost killed!
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February 3rd, 2002

How does he do it?

Sollog a world famous mystic just scored another major hit.

Sollog issued a warning last week for the Daytona 500, it had what some called a typo in it, since Sollog made a reference to DAYTON as well as DAYTONA. Sollog warned the airports around Daytona Beach had to be closed during the 500 race to prevent a future plane crash.

When Sollog was asked by his webmasters if DAYTON was correct, he said it was and it had to be in the warning.

Several morons made fun of this apparent typo in Usenet, the actual warning was posted almost a week ago to Usenet with the so called typo that Sollog said was not a typo.

Today during RACE WEEK (the whole week is literally several races at the famous Daytona Beach track which culminate into the actual 500 on Sunday) a deadly air crash occurred, the helicopter was enroute to Daytona Beach to pick up Joe Gibbs the famous excoach of the Washington Redskins, who is enshrined in CANTON OHIO.

Joe Gibbs has a NASCAR racing company that regularly races at the DAYTON 500 and the DAYTONA 500, the Dayton 500 is in Ohio.

Dayton and Canton are almost identical words.

Both are in Ohio.

Now you know why Sollog put DAYTON in the WARNING!

Luckily Joe Gibbs is not dead, but at least two are. If the airports in Daytona Beach had been closed this week as Sollog warned NO ONE WOULD BE DEAD!

During the actual Sunday race in Daytona airspace is restricted, an unprecedented event in the history of the Daytona 500.

Fans are strictly prohibited as to what they can now bring into the race.

Are these security measures enough to prevent a terrorist attack at the Daytona 500 as Sollog warned of also?

Right now fans of Sollog are saying "SEE SOLLOG WARNED OF AN AIR CRASH AND IT OCCURRED!"

Anyway, hopefully the rest of Sollog's WARNING won't come to pass, but if it does remember who warned you!

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