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Super Bowl 36!
World Famous Psychic Hits 8th Straight Super Bowl Prediction!
Written By Staff of 24 7 News Net
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24 7 News Net Wire
February 3rd, 2002

How does he do it?

Sollog is world famous for his PROPHECIES.

We've had the FBI contact us over articles we have done about his PROPHECIES that accurately warned of major events such as the WORLD TRADE CENTER attacks. (See articles on our site)

Sollog was the person the FBI hid all those MISSING DOCUMENTS about in the Oklahoma City Bombing. You remember the documents they found just before McVeigh was killed.

The FBI didn't want McVeigh's legal team to point out THE FACT that Sollog warned 60 major media executives about the Oklahoma Bombing by fax the day before it happened!

The European media has reported many times how Sollog put the exact details of the WTC attacks in a warning that thousands commented on in Usenet way before it occurred.

De Spiegel the largest newspaper in Germany did several articles on THE SOLLOG WARNING about the WTC attack.

Sollog has hit nine straight major earthquake warnings as well.

Since 1999 every earthquake warning released by Sollog has either had the exact date of a major 7.0+ range quake, or he gave the exact location where such an earthquake then occurred in the month he warned.

Several of the earthquake warnings even had the exact hour when the quake then struck!

Since 1995 Sollog has written every year a simple riddle about who will win the Super Bowl and within the riddle is the point spread and the over and under score.


In the most recent SUPER BOWL riddle Sollog put the over and under in the first line of riddle.

He put in roman numerals the number 36. There were 37 points in the game, so 36 was the key number for the over and under.

Sollog warned many would MOAN and SUFFER during the game, a clear reference to the game being a major upset. The Patriots won by three points in the final seconds of the game.

It was a bigger upset than the 69 Jets, since the Patriots were a 14 1/2 point underdog, a larger margin than even the 69 Jets were!

Sollog wrote the number THREE in his riddle four times, a major clue to the difference in the final score.

Sollog said 123 would be a key number for the game. 3 2 1 is how you countdown the final seconds of a game, so he explained how the upset would occur in the final seconds.

Sollog releases his Super Bowl riddles when the final four teams have been decided.

Some say the reason there was so much security at this game is that Sollog has warned that a future Super Bowl is the site of a major act of terrorism.

How many lives were saved this year because of the Sollog warning?

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and once again a Sollog riddle gave all the exact details of the game.

Before the game was played many fans that use the Sollog Forum were trying to decode his riddle.

One correctly stated 36 was the over and under.

Another predicted the upset since many would suffer and moan during the game.

Others got it all wrong.

One creative decoder said the Sollog reference to the Rams who do heel was actually the score, since the word hEEl upside down is 13 34.

If one analyzes the previous Sollog Super Bowl riddles, he has used all of these clues in previous Super Bowl riddles, such as the over and under on the first line and the difference in the score is often mentioned more than one time in the previous Sollog Super Bowl riddles.

The week before the Super Bowl, many fans of Sollog discussed the many headlines that connected to the most recent Sollog riddle.

Sollog warned a major explosion would kill many in the Plains, which connected according to his fans to the loss of over 1,000 lives in an explosion in Nigeria, in the Plains of Africa.

Sollog warned another plane crash was to occur, and sure enough a major plane crash occurred in Central America.

Other events also occurred that many fans believe connected to Sollog's riddle such as the large earthquake that stuck on Super Bowl Sunday in Turkey which took many lives.

The comments are posted to Sollog's very busy Forum.

Some can SEE.

Some are BLIND.


Skeptics mock and say coincidence.

EIGHT TIMES IN A ROW is all I have to say.


The Sollog Super Bowl Riddle is here.

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