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The CURSE of 113 Hits Bush!
US President almost chokes to Death!
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
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January 13th 2002

SOLLOG is a world renown mystic that we have written several articles on.

In 1995 he was arrested for writing a Prophecy about the US President (then Bill Clinton) by the US Secret Service.

It was known as "The Cheeseburger Threat".

SOLLOG warned in a public letter that Bill Clinton could literally choke on a Cheese Burger!

The Secret Service considered that a threat, especially since in the same letter SOLLOG warned the President to stay off a LINE OF TRAGEDY that went from South of Seattle through Oklahoma City through the Miami area.

SOLLOG pointed out that Jackson Hole Wyoming was ON THAT LINE and SOLLOG stated if the US President went back to Jackson Hole his plane would crash.

SOLLOG appeared on October 3rd 1995 before a US Magistrate in Philadelphia on a charge of threatening the US President. SOLLOG stated his writings were religious prophecies and protected "Free Speech"!

SOLLOG made a public statement to the court that he was a modern prophet of GOD and he made no personal threats upon the office of the President.

However, SOLLOG stated publicly that any future date with 113 in it such as November 3rd or January 13 was a bad day for the office of the President.

The case was dismissed by the US government after Rabin died on 114 or November 4th. Many believed SOLLOG had given a veiled warning to the court about Rabin's death on a date ONE DAY off from an exact date given by SOLLOG one month before the assassination of Rabin occurred.

Clinton ignored the warnings and went back to Jackson Hole Wyoming the next year.

His support plane crashed and NINE died in Jackson Hole because Clinton did not heed the warning!

SOLLOG also explained how the President would trip and fall.

Clinton later injured his knee when he tripped and fell near Miami ON THE LINE the mystic SOLLOG had warned him of!

Clinton also suffered a choking incident on a Cheeseburger in 1996 on Airforce One!

And now we have George W. Bush.

He sits in the office of THE PRESIDENT of the United States.

He sits in an office in which the world's most famous mystic has said 113 is a bad date for US Presidents.

George Bush is said to have a nasty bruise on his face from a fall.

George Bush is said to have lost consciousness when he CHOKED while eating a Pretzel all alone in the private section of the White House.

George Bush almost died today, as many choking victims do when they choke while eating alone.

The date was exactly as SOLLOG warned.


Already fans of SOLLOG are saying LOOK ANOTHER HIT by SOLLOG!

All I know is that it is well known that SOLLOG has stated 113 is a tragic date for US Presidents.

George W. Bush now bears the injuries from 113, a date that Sollog said was CURSED for US Presidents!

I asked SOLLOG about this event and he said, "George W. Bush is a good man for the office of the US Presidency, unlike the adulterer Bill Clinton. Unfortunately the date of 113 has been connected to a tragedy to the office of the President. Each 113 in the future is a potential deadly date for any US President, since it has been connected by my writings to tragedy for that office."

SOLLOG went on to add, "This is no threat against anyone occupying that office, it is just something that hangs over that office. Tragedy will connect on 113 to a US President, and it can also connect to other figures in similar political offices in other countries. 113 is a powerful number as it relates to tragic news, as I have shown this number and 103 connects to every major airline crash in recent years."

We have done previous articles on how these two tragic numbers (103 and 113) appear in the dates and flight numbers and even death counts of major plane crashes.

Pan Am 103 is an example, and another flight crashed a few years ago with 301 the reverse of the number in it.

Major crashes occurred on dates bearing these numbers.

Death counts when added to the flight numbers create numbers with these numbers in them.

We asked SOLLOG if he has any particular warning for President Bush.

SOLLOG said, "As I have already stated publicly, NUKE TERRORISM is a major concern for this President and any future US President if there are any more. George W. Bush is well aware of my warnings about NUKE TERRORISM and the future of Washington DC. Terrorists will target Washington DC with a nuclear device in the future. It could happen in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or even 10 years. But it will occur. Before I warned of NUKE TERRORISM hitting Washington DC in late October within 60 days, the media never mentioned the possibility of a terrorist having Nuclear Capability. Since that time Washington DC and George W. Bush have become acutely aware terrorists like Osama and Sadaam have NUKES!"

Sollog then added, "George Bush must realize the old ways are history, if Americans refuse to guard against the reality of NUKE TERRORISM and continue to live in large cities, then the terrible truth is eventually many will die from NUKE TERRORISM! Terrorists will one day soon use not only suitcase nukes, but also dirty bombs and bio-chemical weapons to kill many in highly populated areas. George Bush has an opportunity to be a great President by declaring the citizens of the United States should move from large urban areas that are easy targets for terrorists."

He also said, "If the citizens of the United States realize you can't protect major cities against major acts of terrorism like nukes and bio-weapons, then many can be saved by relocating urban dwellers to areas outside large cities. Failure to do this will result in many citizens in US cities dying from WMD (weapons of mass destruction). By relocating people from large cities to less densely populated areas, many can even be saved from future ACTS OF GOD such as quakes and hurricanes that also threaten many major urban areas in the United States."

So there you have it, the worlds most gifted seer, psychic, mystic, prophet or whatever you want to call him stating 113 is a cursed day for any major head of state the world over.

You have another warning MOVE OUT OF LARGE CITIES before nukes, bio-weapons and AOG (Acts of God) destroy them!

Sollog has hit ten straight quake warnings since April 2000. He has either hit the exact date of a major quake (7.0+ range) or the exact area where such a major quake occurred within days of when he warned.

His most recent QUAKE WARNING resulted in a 7.2+ range quake occurring within 12 hours of the exact time he gave!

That quake struck on January 2nd in Vanuatu Islands on a famous QUAKE LINE Sollog often writes about.

For anyone to even be a few days incorrect in a warning for a 7.0+ quake is a statistical hit way beyond chance. Modern science cannot predict when such quakes will occur within a few days accuarcy.

Modern science cannot name an area that then will then have a 7.0+ range quake within 30 days as SOLLOG has done on many occassions.

SOLLOG continues to hit exact dates, near dates and exact locations with every quake warning he issues and people still refuse to listen!

SOLLOG says the date in his latest quake warning is January 19th. He says it is a GREAT QUAKE!

Will Bush realize SOLLOG warned of tragedy connected to 113 and see how his near death experience was but a SIGN?

Terrible times lay ahead George Bush. You can save many by admitting to the US Public you cannot defend large cities against WMD terrorism and the US must now rebuild itself to make such threats obsolete.

Terrorists don't have the capacity to destroy the whole United States, however, they could create terrible havoc against the United States now due to the way the US continues to live and work in major cities.

Relocate the population to suburban and rural areas.

Only then will terrorists not be able to do great harm to the United States.

If the US continues to have large cities then one day targets like DC, New York and Los Angeles will be struck by nukes, AOG or bio-weapons.

The end result will be chaos.

So George Bush look in the mirror, see the scars of your 113 experience and realize SOLLOG warned a US Magistrate in 1995 THE DATE OF 113 WAS CURSED for US Presidents!

Time will tell if George Bush realizes he could change the fate of the United States.

Oh, one last thing from SOLLOG to George Bush.

SOLLOG stated, "If the United States attacks Iraq or Iran the result will be an almost immediate Nuclear Attack upon the west by the Muslim World. Many Muslim leaders now have suitcase Nukes and they will be used if the United States decides to attack either Iran or Iraq!"

So Mr. Bush, according to SOLLOG you should restrain yourself in aggressions with Muslim Nations. THEY HAVE NUKES!

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