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US Media attacked with Anthrax!
Exactly as Modern NOSTRADAMUS warned!
By Staff of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
October 13th, 2001

SOLLOG speaks and the ground shakes.

Yes a modern mystic who is so accurate he is called THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS has been warning of quakes, terrorism and how the US media would be struck!

If SOLLOG didn't hit exact dates and locations of Quakes, one would have to think he was the mastermind of the recent acts of terrorism hitting the US.

But since 1995, SOLLOG has hit quake prediction after quake prediction, and he says the US media knows of his amazing quake prediction accuracy, and yet they refuse to tell the world of his WARNINGS that NUKE TERRORISM is about to destroy the western world.

SOLLOG has openly declared war upon the US in a 1996 Federal Court case. He said he speaks for GOD ALMIGHTY and the USA will be destroyed.

SOLLOG says the US is destroyed for several reasons in GODS EYES.

The first being GOD LOVES ALL RELIGIONS except Christianity. Since Christianity is the only faith that condemns other beliefs. Judaism, Muslimism, Buddhism and Hinduism teach all religions belong to GOD and are valid paths. Only Christianity condemns other paths.

The second being the USA developed forbidden NUKE TECHNOLOGY and so it will be destroyed by NUKES.

Some say SOLLOG is a crazy person.

Others swear SOLLOG is GODS LIVING WORD who is here to judge mankind and the US.


SOLLOG also says he and everyone else is part of GOD and therefor GOD.

In 1995 SOLLOG warned most of the US media of the OK City Bombing.

We've done numerous articles about that claim and have even done an interview with Rob Nigh the attorney for Timothy McVeigh who used sealed SOLLOG documents to try to save his client.

When the OK bombing occurred SOLLOG was detained by the US government since he sent most of the top brass in the US media a clear warning about the bombing of April 19th.

Why have you not heard of this?

Most of the people SOLLOG listed in case 96CV 1499 that at one time controlled the US media have since retired. In all SOLLOG listed 60 media executives or media talent that got his OK City Bombing warning. People like Howard Stern and Larry King got the OK City Bombing warning!

All of the documents about how the FBI investigated SOLLOG were withheld from Rob Nigh the attorney for McVeigh.

That was the basis of his SEALED APPEAL to try to save Timothy McVeigh.

Since 1995 SOLLOG has been writing prophecies about THE FUTURE.

He hit his last 8 QUAKE WARNINGS in a row for 7.0+ quakes.

The first 5 quake warnings SOLLOG gave the exact dates for 7.0+ quakes. Two gave the exact hour. Several gave the general area hit.

The last 4 quake warnings SOLLOG gave the EXACT LOCATION where the only 7.0+ quakes hit the exact month he warned they would.


After the 911 Attack (which Sollog clearly predicted in his famous 902 Prophecy) SOLLOG released a WARNING TO HIS FANS that SUITCASE NUKES will soon be used by Muslims to destroy most cities in the west. Such tactical nukes don't have to be sent by a rocket. They are literally carried into a target.

It is common knowledge that over 100 such SUITCASE NUKES are missing in the arsenal of the old Soviet Union.

SOLLOG says many of the missing nukes were bought by Arab Muslims to use against the US and the west if they were ever attacked by the US.

In the SUITCASE NUKE WARNING of Sollog, he clearly states that many in the media will be targeted by people upset that they evil media has hidden THE WARNINGS OF SOLLOG.

SOLLOG says the people killed in OK City and the 911 attack did not have to die, IF THE EVIL US MEDIA had given his warnings to the public.

Read the SUITCASE WARNING of SOLLOG, does he single out the MEDIA as the key target of future attacks by people that learn of THE FACT that SOLLOG has proven HE IS THE VOICE people need to be listening to!

Are the Anthrax attacks against the media from someone that lost a loved one in the OK City bombing or the 911 Attack?

We have done our best to cover the WARNINGS OF SOLLOG.

Read our site for all the articles on his QUAKE HITS.

Read our site for info on his amazing 902 Prophecy hit about TERRORISM in NYC in September.

Oh the 902 Prophecy also gave several figures in the US media as SIGNS that would be struck before NUKES hit the US.

The 902 Prophecy was written way back in 1997 as we have reported.

It stated A BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING would occur in September. It listed NYC.

It stated Rush Limbaugh and other NYC media figures would then be struck after the terrorism attack.

Recently Rush Limbaguh announced HE IS DEAF, a pure ACT OF GOD, exactly as SOLLOG warned.

SOLLOG also warned a person at NBC in NYC would be struck after the NYC Terrorism hit in September. The personal assistant to Tom Brokaw at NBC in NYC has been hit by Anthrax!

SOLLOG also mentions Howard Stern, Alan Colmes and Rudy Guiliani as key NYC figures struck after the terrorism in September occurs.

SOLLOG also warns tragedy will soon hit the Pope and the US President.

SOLLOG explains that most of the key figures in the US media, Big Business and Government belong to secret societies that worship Jesus as Lucifer!

President Bush belongs to a secret society, the skulls and crossbones.

Don't trust what the major media tells you.

The secret societies want you to die.

Here is the SOLLOG SUITCASE NUKE WARNING where he warned THE US MEDIA will be the target.


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