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Katharine Graham DEAD from SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA!
Exactly where, when and how Sollog warned!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
July 17th, 2001

How the heck does Sollog put so much detail about FUTURE EVENTS in his warnings?

On June 22nd Sollog the most written about psychic in the world on the net, warned that July 17th would connect to a famous Washington DC death involving a blonde woman and SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA!

Katharine Graham, perhaps the most powerful woman in US Business, died from SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA today July 17th!

Katharine Graham was indeed a famous blonde woman (wearing her hair died blonde into her 80's)

Katharine Graham controlled the Washington Post, one of the most powerful papers in the world.

Katharine Graham was a key player in taking down Nixon in Watergate!

The Sollog DEATH WARNING about a FAMOUS WASHINGTON DEATH CONNECTED TO JULY 17th AND HEAD TRAUMA was issued by him June 22nd, it was posted all over usenet by his fans.

Of course there is no mention of Katharine Graham directly in the DEATH READING that Sollog issued.

It just contained the following exact details about the death of Katharine Graham, Sollog WARNED on July 17th, SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA would connect to a famous WASHINGTON DC death, and a blonde woman.

Once again Sollog gave EXACT DETAILS ABOUT A FAMOUS DEATH, just like he did in a US court record about the death of Prince Diana who died as Sollog warned IN FRANCE on 8/31.

And the Washington Post was the ONLY MAJOR PAPER to even mention the Sollog DIANA DEATH WARNING!

Only thing is, the Washington Post did a slanderous article about the Sollog DIANA PROPHECY.

So Donald Graham, (the son of Katharine Graham that controls the Washington Post) did a FAMOUS BLONDE WOMAN, DIE OF SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA ON JULY 17th AND WAS SHE CONNECTED TO WASHINGTON DC?

Donald Graham, you need to ask your LEGAL DEPARTMENT about Sollog.

They've been quoted in other papers about how Sollog is going to sue your paper over the false things your paper printed about his Diana Prophecy!

Yes Donald Graham, you poor bastard, all of those EXACT DETAILS are in the June 22nd WARNING about your mothers death WRITTEN OF BY SOLLOG, the very person your paper slandered!

Can you say PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH! An enemy of Sollog just got TERMINATED!

And to the many Sollog fans out there, Katharine Graham died in Boise Idaho. Connect SEATTLE to MIAMI, that's right BOISE is on THE SOLLOG LINE OF DEATH!

To sum it all up, Katharine Graham another famous woman who died where, when and how Sollog warned!

Here is the SOLLOG DEATH WARNING that had the details of the death of Katharine Graham in it!

Here is a TIME STAMPED RECORD of the Death Warning from the archives of www.google.com .

Now maybe the Washington Post will apologize to Sollog for slandering him over the Diana Death Prophecy...

The Washington Post has refused to comment on how Sollog put the details of the death of Katharine Graham in his June 22nd DEATH READING!

Virginia Rodriquez of the P.R. Department for the Washington Post refused comment.

Donald Graham's secretary Pam refused comment.

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