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June 28th, 2001


Great seers like Cheiro in the 1920's and Edgar Cayce in the 1930's WARNED the world in their writings, that GREAT QUAKES would increase at the end of the 20th century!

They were 100% correct!

The USGS (United States Geological Survey) has confirmed that a 1000% INCREASE IN GREAT QUAKES (8.0+) has occurred worldwide in the past year!

Yes 1000% (ONE THOUSAND PERCENT or ten fold)!

Since April of 2000, I have been writing about a modern SEER named Sollog, who has issued SEVEN QUAKE WARNINGS since April 2000. All over Usenet, thousands of people have been discussing these amazing QUAKE WARNINGS.

Sollog has given EXACT DATES and also EXACT LOCATIONS for MAJOR QUAKES that then occurred in his QUAKE WARNINGS, as viewers of this site can attest to! (All seven Sollog QUAKE WARNINGS are also stored with a time stamp at www.deja.com)

Yesterday Sollog gave me a document created from the USGS database of worldwide quakes from 1973 to present.

Sollog explained using USGS information that is available online, that from June 2000 to June 2001, there have been six (6) 8.0+ quakes worldwide.

This same USGS database that shows 6 GREAT QUAKES (quakes over 8.0+ are called GREAT QUAKES by the USGS) in the past 13 months, also shows that from 1973 to 2000, there was ONLY 18 of these GREAT QUAKES worldwide. That is an average of close to only 1 GREAT QUAKE every 24 months!

This DRAMATIC INCREASE shown by the USGS' own database means that GREAT QUAKES have increased over 1000% since June 2000!

The PUBLIC AFFAIRS Office of the USGS through Carolyn Bell, stated to me today "The database that is online is correct, and those are all the 8.0+ quakes worldwide since 1973!"

Carolyn Bell then stated, "If six 8.0+ GREAT QUAKES are recorded in the online database of the USGS for the past 13 months, and only 18 such events occurred from 1973 to 2000, then it would be valid to say a dramatic increase did occur worldwide for such GREAT QUAKES based upon that information!"

Carolyn Bell also stated, "Such trends should be viewed over longer periods of time, since it is possible such a spike could have occurred before."

When I asked Carolyn Bell to state when any such large amounts of GREAT QUAKES had occurred before in one year, she said "I am unaware of any such spike having actually occurred before."

I checked the database of the USGS that lists most major quakes back to about 1900. NO SUCH SPIKE IN GREAT QUAKES HAS EVER OCCURRED!

If a GREAT QUAKE in the 8.0+ range hit a major urban area in the United States like say Los Angeles, hundreds of thousands of lives would most likely be lost. It would be the greatest catastrophe ever seen in the US!

When I spoke to a USGS scientist that is the Chief of the Earthquake Information Center named Waverly Person today, as I was directed to do by Carolyn Bell, the reaction to my question about the 1000% increase in Great Quakes this past year was met with a loud "WHAT!" on the phone.

Waverly Person was literally flabbergasted by my statement that six GREAT QUAKES had occurred since June 2000.

Mr. Person stated, "That database must be WRONG! Those size quakes are not that common! I'll have to check the database and see if it is correct!"

I will be talking later today again with Mr. Person about if the USGA database is accurate. The USGS Public Affairs Office has already called the GREAT QUAKE FIGURES in this article ACCURATE!

For two days I have tried to reach John Filson, the Chief of Quakes at the USGS.

Mr. Filson refused to speak with me yesterday on the phone, he referred me back to Carolyn Bell the media contact at the USGS Public Affairs Office.

Mr. Filson is out of town today.

I tried to reach Mr. Groat the Chief of the entire USGS yesterday, his secretary Gina referred me to Mr. Filson, who then had his secretary refer me to the Public Affairs Office.

I have a press release from the Public Affairs Office, it states "the USGS scientists are available to the media to answer questions after GREAT QUAKES occur."

A GREAT QUAKE struck South America the other day.

Yet the USGS doesn't seem to want to answer my questions, which I have emailed to several major figures at the USGS!

Yesterday, I spoke to a Jill McCarthy for a short time about recent MAJOR Quakes and the fact that someone I have been writing about for some time, has been IN FACT predicting actual dates and locations when MAJOR QUAKES have then occurred. A MAJOR QUAKE is defined by the USGS as a quake in the 7.0+ range.

Jill McCarthy didn't want to comment too much on such things, but she insisted I mail her the information. She refused to give me an email address to expedite my request.

Jill McCarthy did admit, "If anyone predicted just the exact dates when four 6.8+ range quakes then occurred in a row, such a feat of quake prediction would be a major hit and the USGS would deem it worthy of study!"

Likewise Jill McCarthy stated, "If anyone was even 20 days off and within 750 Miles in a prediction for the GREAT QUAKE in South America that just struck, that would be a remarkable prediction and the USGS would be very interested in how that person was able to predict such a rare event with such accuracy!"

I told Jill McCarthy that I had TIME STAMPED DOCUMENTS from www.deja.com to PROVE those claims about the well known QUAKE PREDICTOR on the net named Sollog, who had released SEVEN QUAKE WARNINGS since April 2000, and his warnings all had major hits in regards to dates and locations.

The FACT IS, that the viewers of this site are well aware of the Sollog QUAKE WARNINGS, and in Usenet there are literally tens of thousands of posts discussing them.

The first four QUAKE WARNINGS issued by Sollog did give THE EXACT DATES when MAJOR QUAKES (7.0+ range) did occur. Two of them even gave the EXACT HOUR!

In the first four EXACT DATE WARNINGS Sollog gave, he hit the correct continent and line of latitude two times!

In the 5th and 6th QUAKE WARNINGS issued the past year by Sollog, he gave the EXACT LOCATION in the world where the ONLY 6.8+ quakes occurred in the months he issued the WARNINGS!

On June 8th Sollog issued his GREAT QUAKE WARNING for South America. He gave Quito as a near location for the GREAT QUAKE, with a warning that when the epicenter of the GREAT QUAKE occurred, if it was connected to the site of the January KILLER QUAKE in El Salvador on a world map, the reason he chose Quito in Ecuador would be most apparent.

The epicenter was about 750 miles from Quito, which is about how far Quito is from El Salvador. When you connect El Salvador to the 8.2+ quake epicenter in Peru, the middle of that line is indeed QUITO, the exact area Sollog gave!

One week after Sollog issued his QUITO WARNING, an earth slide destroyed 500 homes in Quito!

Jill McCarthy stated "That would be a remarkable event, if someone predicted an earth quake for Quito one week before the earth slide did occur!"

I also spoke to a David Russ yesterday of the USGS about the Sollog quake predictions.

Mr. Russ stated, "The USGS is only interested in such predictions, if the predictor is willing to reveal his scientific method to predict such future events."

When I told Mr. Russ, that the predictor everyone is talking about in Usenet claims DIVINE PROPHECY as his method, Mr.Russ stated "The USGS isn't interested in Prophets."

Now Carolyn Bell of the USGS Public Affairs Office stated today, "The USGS has never claimed that people like Sollog, Cheiro and Cayce could not predict quakes. But rather the USGS is only interested in scientific methods of Quake Prediction!"

So you have two great seers of recent history Cheiro and Cayce WARNING EARTH CHANGES ARE COMING and GREAT QUAKES would become common at the end of the 20th Century.

You now have a modern SEER named Sollog giving EXACT DATES AND LOCATIONS when such events occur, and the USGS says they know such people can predict and have predicted quakes, yet THE USGS IS NOT INTERESTED!

Books written by Cheiro and about Cayce are CLEAR! EARTH CHANGES ARE COMING TO THE EARTH and this dramatic INCREASE IN GREAT QUAKES is the first sign!

Sollog has given such precise information about future quakes, that the odds of probability is in the Millions if not Billions to 1 range, when you consider the totality of his predictions.

And the USGS isn't interested in what Cheiro, Cayce and Sollog have to say, EVEN THOUGH THE USGS SAYS THERE IS NO KNOWN SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO PREDICT LARGE QUAKES!

The USGS is aware that true SEERS, like Cheiro, Cayce and Sollog have accurately predicted major quakes.

The USGS admits a DRAMATIC INCREASE in GREAT QUAKES has occurred.

The top scientists at the USGS hide from people like me that say, HEY USGS THESE QUAKES WERE PREDICTED AND YOU SAY NO ONE CAN DO THAT!

If you want to ask Mr. Groat the head of the USGS what is going on his number is 703-648-6715.

If you want to ask the USGS Public Affairs Office why the USGS is not interested in an accurate seer like Sollog you can call Carolyn Bell at 703-648-4460.

If you want to tell Jill McCarthy Director of the USGS Quake Program THAT YOU SAW THE SOLLOG PREDICTIONS and YOU KNOW THEY HIT, her number is 703-648-6696.

Oh, by the way, Sollog says HIS QUAKE WARNINGS are the PROOF that NUKE TERRORISM is about to hit ISRAEL!

Sollog also told me that 8.0+ quakes are to now become COMMON EVENTS and that even Super Quakes in the 9.0+ range will be occurring in the near future on a common basis.

Sollog said, "In the near future my QUAKE WARNINGS will be zeroing on cities like Los Angeles and New York City!"

"GREAT QUAKES will destroy both Los Angeles and New York City", WARNED SOLLOG!

You can download FOR FREE the latest book on Sollog, The Prophecies of Sollog.

For a limited time you can get a personal reading by Sollog, if you dare to want to know your future.

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Waverly Person has stated, "The USGS 1973 database is very accurate, and at this time there are indeed six 8.0+ quakes since June 2000 in the database."

Mr. Person who has a Masters in Geo Physics and is working on his PHD, has been with the USGS for 25 years.

Mr. Person agreed, "The 1973 to present database does show A DRAMATIC INCREASE in GREAT QUAKES", which he also says "is the definition of any 8.0+ quake."

Mr. Person stated, "I want to see more data to see if this dramatic increase will continue."

Mr. Person admitted, "A while back in 1990 or so, the USGS had a full time person tracking all quake predictions from psychics or whatever."

He then added, "After about a year it became apparent the predictions were following random chance patterns, so it was discontinued."

When I explained to Mr. Person, the recent remarkable success in quake prediction by Sollog, he stated "Although these hits would indicate a remarkable success, I would need to see the person do it longer than seven times!"

So you have a man of science basically stating, that even if a person like Sollog hits seven major quake predictions more accurately than anyone on record ever has, HE WANTS MORE DATA!

Mr. Person agreed there is no known record of anyone hitting 4 exact dates in a row for 6.8+ quakes, nor even of any prediction where someone was within 20 days and 700 miles from the epicenter of a future GREAT QUAKE!

Yet my readers all KNOW THAT Sollog DID JUST THAT!

If you think Mr. Person should be studying Sollog's WARNINGS his number is 303-273-8500.


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