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Andrea Yates sacrifices 5 children in Houston!
The religious sacrifice of Andrea Yates!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
June 21st, 2001

Once again many are dying around the world where a famous mystic has warned!

I recently interviewed a very famous mystic named Sollog.

He explained to me, that many recent headline tragic events were occurring to form NEW LINES OF TRAGEDY on our world maps, so his NUKE WARNING can get the media's attention.

Sollog told me, that he would be releasing a new set of PROPHECIES to coincide with the Summer Solstice which starts this week.

Sollog stated to me, that he would be warning of future tragedies on these new lines of tragedy in his Summer Solstice Prophecies.

One of the new lines of tragedy that Sollog and I discussed, runs right through HOUSTON Texas. That is where 31 had recently died connected to the floods of Allison.

Sollog pointed out to me, that 31 was the NUMBER OF GOD in Hebrew Kabbalah.

He said many more would soon be SACRIFICED to GOD on the line through HOUSTON. Sollog showed me a map that connected the Floods of Allison this month, to the slaughter of Nine members of the Royal family in Nepal and the death of Dale Earnhardt in Daytona.

The connection Sollog clearly showed me on a world map between Kathmandu, Houston and Dayton, was that besides being the sites where MAJOR TRAGIC NEWS struck recently, these three locations lie on the same line of latitude on a world map (see below, all are located just south of the 30o line of latitude).

Sollog also pointed out, that the school stabbings near Osaka Japan, the multiple school shootings in San Diego and the bombing at a disco in Tel Aviv this year, all occurred on a parallel line to the Houston line, since Osaka, San Diego and Tel Aviv are also located on the same line of latitude on a world map (see below, all are located just south of the 35o line of latitude)!

Now today, I hear from CNN, 5 children were killed (sacrificed) in HOUSTON, on the line where Sollog warned me the other day.

As he warned, Houston was on THE LINE OF SACRIFICE which he was to mention in his soon to be released SUMMER SOLSTICE PROPHECIES!

A quick summary, 31 water deaths connected to FLOODS occurred in Houston which is the NUMBER OF GOD in Hebrew Kabbalah.

And now Andrea Yates commits a WATER SACRIFICE involving five children ages 6 months to seven years.

Abraham was commanded by GOD ALMIGHTY in the Old Testament, to sacrifice a seven year old boy.

One of the young boys drowned by Andrea Yates was seven years old.

That boys name was NOAH, like the NOAH of the Great Flood or the water genocide said to have been done upon mankind by GOD ALMIGHTY.

Some say GOD does not do such evil as what Andrea Yates did.

Yet, GODS signature is all over HOUSTON, the 31 deaths from a flood.

Noah the 7 year old being drowned.

The lone girl drowned by Andrea Yates was named MARY, the name of the mother of Jesus was MARY.

The other three boys were JOHN, PAUL and LUKE.

All major names in the Bible.

John the Baptist, John a Gospel writer and John of Revelations!

Luke a Gospel writer.

Paul a major Apostle.

As I mentioned, I spoke with Sollog a short time ago and he WARNS that HOUSTON is one of the key cities on THE NEW LINES OF SACRIFICE he will be writing about in his SUMMER SOLSTICE PROPHECIES.

He warned me that the line through HOUSTION will be soon be connected to more headline tragedies in his soon to be released SUMMER SOLSTICE PROPHECIES!

And now, we have 5 little children SACRIFICED as Sollog calls these events, ON THE LINE that he told me connects the tragedies of Dale Earnhardt in Daytona to the Royal Family MASSACRE in Nepal to the many deaths from the floods of Allison in Houston!

Coincidence as blind skeptics say?


Sollog warned in 1995, that many headline murders and tragedies would soon connect to a LINE OF TRAGEDY from just south of Seattle that runs through Miami.

After Sollog warned of that LINE in 1995, often called THE LINE OF SOLLOG by his fans in articles posted all over the internet, the following events then hit the SOLLOG LINE that runs from south of Seattle through Miami.

The Oklahoma City Bombing, the sacrifices of Jon Benet Ramsey and Johnnie Versace. The crash of Valujet 592. Six school shootings also hit THE LINE OF SOLLOG.

Brazzill a 13 year old killed his teacher near Miami. The first school shooting in the rash of school shootings to hit the US, occurred on THE LINE OF SOLLOG, near Jackson Mississippi in Perl. Another shooting occurred near Oklahoma City at Fort Gibson. The largest massacre connected to school shootings occurred in Littleton Colorado at Columbine High, which is ON THE SOLLOG LINE. Kip Kingel shoot up many in Springfield Oregon near Eugene Oregon, and yet another school shooting occurred south of Seattle also!

So, I've seen Sollog mention LINES OF TRAGEDY before (as have thousands of people all over the world on his site), and many lives were then taken in bizarre headline tragedies where he warned.

Now Sollog says TWO PARALLEL LINES OF DEATH have been formed and many more will soon DIE ON THESE LINES!

Andrea Yates is the only the most recent example of what occurs on LINES OF DEATH where Sollog warns.

Sollog says all this blood and death is flowing so he can WARN MANKIND that NUKE TERRORISM IS NEAR.

He says so many humans will soon be slaughtered, that these headline murders are literally drops of blood, in a soon to be filled OCEAN OF BLOOD, that will result from the era of NUKE TERRORISM.

Sollog says he came to WARN MANKIND of the future and NUKE TERRORISM.

So far most of the sheep (as Sollog calls humans) that were set up for the slaughter of Nuke Terrorism, just ignore THE SIGNS of these bizarre tragedies all connecting to straight lines EXACTLY WHERE SOLLOG WARNED!

You can't say Sollog didn't try to warn the masses.

Sollog is one of the most written about people on the internet. Thousands of pages have been written about him as any search engine shows. There are more Usenet posts about Sollog, than almost any living person on earth. Only a few people have been mentioned more times in Usenet than Sollog.

Yet, when I discuss Sollog with major media from the National Enquirer to the Wall Street Journal and others, the people that control what you hear in the major media choose to ignore the Sollog story.

They profess interest, yet they fail to write even one word about the bizarre connections between all these headline deaths, and the FACT SOLLOG WARNED where they would occur!


Then get ready to die in NUKE TERRORISM if you stay near a major city.

If you want to read more on the PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG

You can also download a FREE COPY of THE PROPHECIES OF SOLLOG

Sollog is doing personal readings for a limited time. So if you DARE to know your fate, contact him.

On the map below, the top line has circles where the following occurred.

Tel Aviv Israel, 20 teens died from a disco bombing, Osaka Japan school stabbing massacre, San Diego California, multiple school shootings.

The second parallel line has circles where the Following occurred.

Houston Texas, Andrea Yates sacrificed five of her children and 31 died from the floods of Allison, Daytona Florida, racing legend Dale Earnhardt died in a crash, Kathmandu Nepal, most of the Royal family were massacred by a member of the family.

Coincidence or SIGNS...


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