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Exclusive! Interview with Rob Nigh attorney for Tim McVeigh
FBI hid Oklahoma Bombing WARNING FAX from McVeigh defense!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire
UPDATE! May 31st 2001
Sealed Motion Filed By McVeigh Lawyers Mentions SOLLOG WARNING FAX

24 7 News Net Wire
May 25th, 2001

Recently the Associated Press reported certain documents about a PSYCHIC and the Oklahoma City bombing were released to Timothy McVeigh's counsel Rob Nigh in Tulsa Oklahoma.

So, I decided to call Rob Nigh to see if the MISSING DOCUMENTS about a psychic were the Sollog Oklahoma City Bombing WARNING FAX documents we have been reporting about on this site!

I explained to McVeigh's attorney, that I was in possession of a complaint and other documents from case 96CV 1499.

I asked if he had ever heard of the case before.

Mr. Nigh stated he had never heard of the case nor of the person who filed the complaint.

When I explained to him the case was all about a psychic like the one mentioned in the AP article, and a warning fax about the bombing sent to many major media executives the day before the bombing occurred, he got very interested in learning more about the infamous case 96CV 1499.

I then explained, the whole complaint (96CV 1499 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania U.S. Federal Court System) was centered around the harassment a world famous psychic, or MYSTIC as he likes to be called, received in 1995 right after the Oklahoma City bombing occurred.

The case states that a clear warning of a BOMBING on April 19th 1995 was faxed to the personal fax numbers of many of the top executives in the U.S. media the day before the bombing occurred.

Many of these executives have now retired!

I also explained that the WARNING FAX that is mentioned in case 96CV 1499 along with the names of 60 executives that control the U.S. media are all on file in the case.

Even the name of the building struck in the explosion on April 19th was given in the WARNING FAX that most of the U.S. media received the day before the tragedy occurred.

I asked Mr. Nigh, that if such a WARNING FAX was sent in 1995 and then such a case about it was filed in early 1996 by the person who was harassed by the U.S. government for WARNING about the bombing was true, would the FACT that the U.S. government failed to turn over one document about it be a major issue in the McVeigh case.

He stated such information would be relative to the defense of McVeigh.

I told him that he should immediately ask the prosecution for all documents the U.S. Government has about Sollog.

I also told him to ask for all the 302's the government has from interviews with people who got the WARNING FAX, people like the publishers of the New York Times and LA Times.

Celebrities in the media like Larry King and Howard Stern are also said to have received THE WARNING FAX the day before the bombing occurred, according to the list of media executives and celebrities named in case 96CV 1499.

Attempts to verify Larry King received the warning fax were blocked by his staff.

Imagine being in the media in April 1995, and the day before the Oklahoma City bombing occurred you got a fax stating


The fax also sated "LOOK TO THE MIDDLE EAST" and named the building!

Immediately after the bombing occurred, THE MIDDLE EAST was the key suspect according to vast media coverage naming government sources immediately after the bombing occurred!

The sender of the fax is said to have been a key suspect initially as well.

Who sent the BOMBING WARNING FAX that the U.S. media has covered up by request of the U.S. government over issues of NATIONAL SECURITY?


SOLLOG did indeed sue the US Government in February 1996 in the Eastern District of the Pennsylvania Federal Court System over what he says was false imprisonment due to his WARNING FAX.

The case is 96CV 1499 and it is located in the clerks office of Philadelphia.

If you try to see the case, the U.S. Secret Service detains you since the case is considered NATIONAL SECURITY!

When Mr. Nigh asks the U.S. government about THE WARNING FAX, what will the government do?

Will they admit a major coverup has been in place for over 6 years about THE WARNING FAX.

Will they admit that in the same case is exact information about the future, and that events like TWA 800, Diana's death and all the locations of the first nine U.S. school shootings are also on file in the case since early 1996?

Will the government admit, that what Sollog says about the future and NUKE TERRORISM is so clear, that events like the destruction of Israel, Rome and even Washington D.C. all given by Sollog in the case, is so sensitive that the whole case is now NATIONAL SECURITY!

Don't you think the jury in the Nichols and McVeigh cases should of heard that someone sent THE TOP EXECUTIVES in the U.S. media the details of the bombing the day before it occurred?

Don't you think that when the U.S. population learns THE MEDIA acted with the U.S. government to COVERUP the fact that a clear WARNING was given, will mean no one can ever trust the U.S. media or the U.S. government again!

Is McVeigh really nothing but a pawn in a MASSIVE COVERUP of the bombing?

You heard it here first, THE FBI IS GOING TO BE TOLD TO HAND OVER ALL DOCUMENTS ABOUT SOLLOG AND HIS WARNING FAX, when McVeigh's counsel asks for a court order to be issued about THE SOLLOG WARNING FAX!

I also hear the SOLLOG WARNING FAX documents are classified NATIONAL SECURITY!

The bottom line is, the FBI failed to reveal THE WARNING FAX to Timothy McVeigh's defense team!

Can you say COVER UP!

You can download a FREE EBOOK that contains a copy of the complaint and the WARNING FAX the U.S. government does not want you to see.

Sollog is about to become a household name.

It's about time...

Editor Update 5/31/2001

Lawyers for Timothy McVeigh filed a SEALED MOTION with close to 300 pages as exhibits today.

A redacted copy of the motion was later filed by the court where over 20 pages were REMOVED since they are SEALED!

The case mentioned above 96CV 1499 is about 300 pages in size. THAT IS THE SAME SIZE AS THE AMOUNT OF PAGES IN THE SEALED EXHIBIT!

The part of the motion that has been SEALED by court order, starts where the attorney's for McVeigh describe NEW MATERIAL DISCOVERED, which sources say is THE SOLLOG WARNING FAX INFORMATION recently given to Robert Nigh about case 96CV 1499.

Mr. Chambers another lawyer today stated on CNN news coverage of his press statement, THEY KNOW THE FBI IS STILL HOLDING BACK DOCUMENTS!

He also stated that they know of an individual WELL INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI in regards to the bombing, and that the FBI has failed to release even one document about that person!

You heard it hear days ago, A SMOKING GUN has been given to McVeigh's lawyer THAT PROVES A MASSIVE COVER UP by the government did occur in regards to a WARNING FAX sent to the media the day before the bombing occurred!

IT IS NATIONAL SECURITY, and that is why most of the motion is SEALED, and why the 300 pages of Sollog's case is SEALED that is used as an exhibit TO PROVE THE GOVERNMENT IS HIDING INFO ABOUT THE WARNING FAX.


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