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Foreshocks ROCK JAPAN before March 1st Quake
Days before March 1st Major Quake Prediction of Sollog, Japan hit by massive foreshocks!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
February 27th 2001

Well, it's almost March 1st, and Japan is rocking every day from major quakes!

Many believe they are foreshocks of the March 1st Quake Sollog warned of for Japan.

Sollog is the most accurate quake predictor in the history of mankind.

His three recent quake predictions were so exact, since he hit exact dates, times, magnitudes, continents hit and even exact lines of latitude, that the odds of his quake warnings have been estimated at near 4 Billion to 1!

About a month ago, Sollog issued a quake warning for March 1st and he gave Japan as the area to be struck.

In the past few days, Japan has been hit daily by MAJOR QUAKES!

Some are now saying THESE ARE THE FORESHOCKS to the March 1st Japan event Sollog predicted.

Some fans of the EARTH SHAKER say the whole 31o N line of latitude is in risk March 1st.

Still others say the Sollog quake will be more than one major quake that day.

They are saying many cities could be struck that day around the world!

Will a major 6.7+ quake hit Japan March 1st?

These foreshocks make it look certain!

Will a major 6.7+ quake hit the March 1st window of Sollog anywhere in the world?

That looks certain, since Sollog has hit the exact dates in every quake prediction he has ever given!

These are the AP wire stories about these recent FORE SHOCKS





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No wonder the FANS of SOLLOG say


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