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Two predictors making AMAZING HITS in QUAKE PREDICTION!
By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
The 24 7 News Wire

24 7 News Net Wire
January 28th 2001

Recently two famed Quake Predictors made predictions for the increase of seismic activity around the world.

Both gave exact dates when 7.0+ events shook the world.

Within 13 days we have had two killer quakes, one in El Salvador and the other in India.

Tens of 1000's have died.

But, we might be very close to a time when such deaths don't have to occur, since two people appear to have solved the mysteries of when Quakes Will Occur.

If their specific date predictions for killer quakes in the 7.0+ range keep getting results, areas prone to quakes may have to start having QUAKE READINESS DATES, whole populations might be temporarily moved during these dates to avoid loss of life.

The recent predictions of these QUAKE PREDICTORS is so accurate, a break through in Quake Prediction most likely has been made.

One predictor is Geologist Jim Berkland, who was actually suspended from a California Government Geology Job when he made a prediction that a major quake would occur during the 1989 World Series in the Oakland Bay Area.

It hit and the government told him to not make any more predictions. Now that he is retired, he has started to publicly state again quake windows.

Mr. Berkland uses tidal flooding tables based upon Lunar Perigee (time when the moon is closest to earth to effect more gravitational pull on the earth), using that method he stated publicly it was 80% certain that a quake 7.0+ would occur in the so called quake prone Ring Of Fire, the fact is three 7.0+ quakes struck the ring of fire in his 6 day window.

I spoke personally to Mr. Berkland and explained to him that another person has even been giving exact times and locations where he has hit exact lines of latitude in the continent named.

Mr. Berkland was amazed and stated, no known scientific method could be that precise, so it must be psychic related like a Clarisa Bernhardt, who once gave a near time for a major event.

Mr. Berkland then realized one of the recent hits of the person that hit 3 major quakes even more exact than his own predictions, was posted by a fan of the predictor on his very own message boards that are used to track quake prediction phenomena.

Mr. Berkland remembered in our conversation on the phone, about how he commented on his own message board, on how EXACT the prediction was, by stating THE QUAKE WILL OCCUR, such bold statements don't appear in predictions normally.

When the facts that a 6.8+ recorded event was in FACT a few hours from the exact time of the prediction posted on his own message board, and the exact continental area was named and the exact latitude was given, he realized someone is even more accurate than himself.

When I explained that was the third consecutive hit for 7.0+ range quakes, he just sort of gasped.

Since he realizes the odds are way against anyone showing such prediction abilities. Mr. Berkland also agreed that such a remote quake in Western Indonesia can't be 100% measured due to inaccuracies in modern methods, such as the fact that seismographs aren't located in many of these remote areas and if they are, upkeep is often poor and the seismographs are usually 2 or 3 generations old.

So seismographs far from the quakes are used, and often this method understates the real power of remote quakes. So he agreed the 6.8+ remote event could easily have been 7.0+ exactly as it was stated on his message board for Indonesia on that line of latitude and for a time within hours of when the actual event occurred!

Mr. Berkland also agreed that the ability to even be within .2 in magnitude and hit all the other factors such as time, date and even the continent with exact latitude struck, is most likely the most accurate prediction he has ever seen.

In fact the prediction by the same person that hit for New Years day was within 63 minutes of the time given, and when Mr. Berkland was told that fact, is when he stated such accuracy is only available through paranormal abilities.

I also explained that the predictor making those most accurate hits has also revealed a 13^ (13 exponent) algorithm that explains frequency of all quakes related to lunar effects.

He was quite happy the predictor making such exact hits, agreed lunar effect is the major source of earth quakes!

Without the moon, the earth would be very still and barren, since the moon wouldn't be stirring up the oceans and influencing magna movements under the crust that creates literally new lands and quakes on the earth.

Mr. Berkland also agreed the USGS database from 1973 to 2000 shows only 14 such events (7.0+) have occurred on average during almost a 30 year period, when the most accurate equipment has been used worldwide.

He agreed the USGS is overstating probabilities for these killer quakes by saying 19 is the average, even though the most accurate material using the most modern equipment shows the average is around 14.

When asked if he thought the USGS (a government agency) was using the 19 per year figure to HIDE THE TRUTH that these killer quakes are now increasing in occurrence, he agreed it could be a possibility, since he says the USGS has misinformed people in regards to his own predictions. Mr. Berkland also did work for the USGS.

Now who is this person that has given 3 date specific predictions since April 2000 and has hit all three dates exactly, along with two exact lines of latitude within the continent named?

He goes by the name Sollog.

Sollog is known the world over for his claims of PROPHECY

He has appeared on many of the top radio talk shows in the world.

US and Foreign Press have done many articles on his PROPHECIES

Below are articles about how all three dates he named did have major seismic events.

Some say just hitting the exact dates for such quakes is way beyond coincidence, since the average for 7.0 or larger quakes from 1973 to present in the USGS database is only 14 per year or about 25 to 1 for anyone to name even just the exact date as Sollog does! If you hit three 25 to 1 probable predictions in a row that is expressed mathematically as

25^3=15,625 to 1 (25x25x25=15,625)

Below is an interview with Sollog given to one of the few people in the media he talks to, he gave the interviewer copies of world maps, showing the locations where he predicted future quake and the exact locations where the events later did occur on dates he specifically gave.

When you see the simple geometrical patterns on these maps YOU WILL AGREE, Sollog was more accurate than anyone could have known!

His predictions not only hit exact dates, they created RARE GEOMETRIC SHAPES that prove THE QUAKES ALL CONNECTED PERFECTLY TO HIS WARNINGS!

Currently there is no known scientific method to even name 3 future dates in a row when quakes 6.8 plus will occur, other than large windows of 6 dates or more like Mr. Berkland uses, which greatly reduces the probability of his predictions. Sollog gave two specific times in his predictions. And was within 1 hour in one, and a few off in another, even further increasing the date and time probability to something in the 100 Million plus range, if you include the odds of being within 60 minutes in a prediction!

Look at the maps from the Sollog interview and honestly ask.


Or is the SOLLOG MESSAGE about THE FUTURE and NUCLEAR TERRORISM (the reason Sollog says he is accurate is due to the fact Nuke Terrorism is about to hit Israel!) to be taken more serious now.

Below is the recent Interview with Sollog done by JP Essene and reprinted here with permission.

The Previous Sollog articles relative to his recent quake prediction hits are:

New Years Quake - Easter Quake - El Salvador Quake - Solomon Quake - India Quake


JP: Sollog nice to talk to you again. You sure have been very busy recently with quake prediction after quake prediction coming from your pen within what seems like days from each other.

Sollog: Well JP, it is THE NEW MILLENNIUM, it began officially 01/01/2001. And now is the time my message about NUKE TERRORISM needs to be put out for the world to hear.

JP: I'm looking at these maps you sent, it is amazing to see how the capitals of Solomon Island and Israel when connected by a straight line go directly through El Salvador where the 7.6 quake on 1/13 killed many.

Sollog: First to those affected in Central America. My heart felt blessings go out to you. But, the line from the two locations I named for future quakes does sadly connect only too clearly to Central America where many have been killed. In fact it is literally the exact middle of the line where the quake struck on 113 or 1/13.

JP:Yes the infamous 113 struck that day again. Another tragedy connected to 113. Why didn't you just say El Salvador in your prediction for 1/16/01?

Sollog: The Solomon quake warning for 1/16/01 did have many pointers to that tragedy. I did put 1 1 3 in the last line of the warning. Solomon Islands was what you would call half of the prediction. Jerusalem the city named specifically in my New Years Prediction when connected to the capital of the Solomon Islands shows the exact middle of that line is El Salvador where the quake struck. Another quake did also strike on the specific date I gave on the exact line of latitude for the most northerly part of Solomon Islands as well. It is very clear to those that seek to see. But it is slightly off for the veiled to mock. The obvious hits are 1 1 3 was in the warning. The location appears if you connect my New Years quake warning and the Solomon Quake warning. If I were any clearer your ILLUSION OF FREE WILL would have been shattered.

JP: As to your New Years day warning, granted a quake over 7.0 struck that date. But you made specific references to the Middle East region and named Jerusalem.

Sollog: Again, Jerusalem was part of the prediction. During the New Years holidays, Jerusalem was the center of news. Two major political assassinations and a major bombing. Political Middle East connected very well to New Years day. When you connect Jerusalem to the capital of the Solomon Islands, you then see the obvious connection to El Salvador. And MIDDLE EAST REGION was a clear enough clue to the correct geographical location where the quake in the Philippines then struck. The Philippines is near the Equator or Middle Earth region, the Philippines is considered part of the Far East or EAST. The fact is a major seismic event occurred that day, in the MIDDLE of THE EAST. And the city named Jerusalem was a clear pointer along with Solomon Islands to El Salvador as the maps show you JP.

JP: Yes Sollog, these maps are jaw dropping to say the least. It is unbelievable how two of the three quakes did strike on the exact latitudes of the locations you gave in regions of the earth you named! Then when you connect these locations to another major event you predicted, isosceles triangles magically appear. Way beyond a so called RANDOM coincidence. It is a perfect geometric puzzle. Intelligently designed. But don't you think dumb old mortals need EXACT LITERAL HITS if you are to be taken seriously.

Sollog: Well JP, again it is due for now to THE ILLUSION OF FREEWILL, mankind is being shown WONDERS in my predictions. Clear if you choose to question the probability of the events. Yet hidden enough so veiled individuals can say, he missed. Well the clear fact is no known scientific method or individual other than me is known to have accurately named three consecutive dates when future seismic events 6.8 or larger occurred.

JP: Yes everyone seems to agree on that. No one but you has hit three dates in a row for events 6.8 or larger.

Sollog: Now JP, when you look at these maps, Jerusalem and the capital of Solomon Islands aligns perfectly with El Salvador, that just can't be coincidence.

JP: I would have to agree, it is well EERIE to say the least!

Sollog: Things of a spiritual unknown nature appear unusual to many in these times. But the LINE from the Middle East to Solomon Islands and the location of El Salvador show THE PREDICTIONS are all tied together!

In fact, when you map out my Easter prediction, for Easter Island, and see where it hit on the same line of latitude as the quake in El ESTERo on the very day I gave. I mean, how connected to EASTER does ESTERo have to be for the veiled to see? It is even the same exact line of Latitude. And when connected to El Salvador, it forms a perfect isosceles triangle again. Almost an equilateral triangle in fact. These shapes just don't appear randomly JP, they are special geometrical shapes, analyzed and worshipped over the Millenniums by groups like the Pythagoreans. The beauty of Geometry is lost on modern people. They are so lost in mundane daily chores, they can't see the mathematical harmony of the world around them!

JP: Okay, to run down the facts. Easter Quake, New Years Quake and January 16th Solomon Islands quake were the predictions.

Rare seismic events of 6.8 or larger hit all three days. AN AMAZING FACT that the scientific community seems to be ignoring.

No known person or scientific method, except for you, has ever hit three dates in a row for events 6.8 and larger!

Easter Island is an anagram of El ESTERo where the quake hit. It is on the same line of latitude as the prediction. A little known fact, is that Easter Island is part of Chile or South America. And the quake did strike within the mileage you gave from Chile where Easter Island is located. When these two locations are connected to the El Salvador quake on 1/13/2001, the three locations form a near perfect equilateral triangle or at least an isosceles triangle.

Your New Years day prediction did state MIDDLE EAST REGION OF EARTH. Which is indeed a way to say THE MIDDLE FAR EAST. A bit allegorical, but yet a literal definition considering political MIDDLE EAST is a modern name that came about in say the past 50 or so years.

The quake on New Years hit in the Philippines which you say then is connected to your Solomon Quake warning for 1/16/01.

A quake 6.8 or larger did strike on 1/16/01 again ON THE EXACT LINE of latitude as the most northern area of the Solomon Islands that you predicted. Exactly the same way you did the Easter Quake prediction. And it is even around the same distance that you were off from Easter Island to El Estero.

And amazingly, when connected to the New Years quake in the Philippines, another isosceles triangle appears!

Well Sollog all this is utterly phenomenal. I only hope more start to consider your NUKE WARNING.

Sollog: Yes JP, my real message is that NUKE TERRORISM is near. Many will die in that slaughter. Some will survive. Those that heed THESE WARNINGS...

End of Interview


After that interview with JP was given, another killer quake struck in India, and again it hit THE LINE you make on a world map with Asia Centered by connecting the two locations Sollog gave. Yes, connect Jerusalem to the capital of Solomon Islands. Guess what is on that exact line? INDIA and the exact area hit in INDIA is on the line, whereas 99% of India isn't on the line!



Look for yourself at the map

No wonder the FANS of SOLLOG say


For a very limited time Sollog is doing PERSONAL READINGS, if you are into that sort of thing, you better hurry since there are only a limited amount of spots open!


That NINE US SCHOOL SHOOTINGS have now occurred and they all fall on two straight lines on a map of the US! Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing also fall on these two lines of tragedy!

The locations of the US School Shootings were given in a US court case by the Nets top Mystic!

The details of the TWA 800 Disaster were put into a US court case 1 year before it occurred! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

Diana's Death in France on 8/31/97 was predicted in a US court record in 1996! View the court document here! $100,000.00 Reward if you can prove it isn't authentic!

The Nets top Mystic wrote that JFK Jr would die in a Plane Crash over 1 year before he did! The warning was posted all over usenet before it happened! See the warning here!

Over 100 people in the US media were faxed details of the Oklahoma City bombing the day before it occurred! See the warning fax here!

Rabin's Assassination date was given to a US judge in open court one month before it occurred! View the court transcript here!

Mike Kennedy's death on New Years Eve was given in a usenet prophecy by the Nets top psychic which was distributed all over usenet before it happened! See the prophecy here!

Both the date and flight number of SwissAir 111 were given in a famous warning distributed all over the Net one year before it occurred! See the warning here!

The US Embassy Bombings occurred on dates given in a warning on the Net posted all over usenet well in advance! See the warning here!

Most of these bizarre stories involve SOLLOG, a person who is considered by many to be the greatest mystic to ever live! He is indeed one of the most written about people on the Net! There are over 100,000 references to Sollog in the archives of www.Dejanews.com. Many in the media call him the New Nostradamus!

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