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WWF Star Owen Hart the Blue Blazer dies LIVE in front of Pay To View Audience
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WWF - World Wrestling Federation wrestling star Owen Hart aka "Blue Blazer" DIED LIVE in front of an audience of millions during a Pay To View event. He fell 50 feet into the ring during his ENTRANCE. He was suppose to be lowered from the roof of the arena into the ring to start the OVER THE EDGE portion of the PAY TO VIEW EVENT. 

Owen Hart was given CPR in the ring in front of the soldout event at Kemper Arena before being taken to a nearby hospital. He was a 34-year-old wrestler and is survived by his wife Martha and two small children according to Vince McMahon, the founder of WWF, who was visibly shaken during his press conference after the tragedy. 

The wrestling crowd initially thought the fall was a stunt. Once the medics performed emergency CPR in the ring, the audience realized they were witness to a terrible accident.

Owen Hart was supposed to be lowered down into the ring, but the safety hook wasn't attached. Owen Hart is said to have thought he was attached to the safety hook. Reports state the incident occurred while the crowd and PAY TO VIEW audience was watching a montage of Owen Hart Clips. It was not seen directly by the PTV audience. Reports also indicate the wrestler landed on his feet and his neck snapped severely back from the impact of the fall.

The first part of the PTV event, was called Sunday Night Heat, and it was televised live on the USA network. 

Owens brother is Bret THE HIT MAN Hart, who recently left the McMahon owned WWF to join the WCW, which is owned by media mogul Ted Turner. Numerous tragedies have recently struck the famous Hart wrestling family, in which almost all of the twelve siblings are either wrestlers or married to wrestlers. Brother Bret underwent major surgery for a groin injury. The Brother In Law of Owen Hart is David THE BRITISH BULLDOG Smith, he was diagnosed with Spinal Cancer a short time ago.

Ironically, days before the PAY TO VIEW event, there was much speculation on Wrestling websites as to whether Owen Hart would actually make the entrance as the formerly retired persona of THE BLUE BLAZER.

Comments made by other WWF stars on USA network, during the Hour Long event before the OVER THE EDGE with Owen Hart was scheduled to begin, have lead to wild speculation in usenet that the fall might have been an infamous PRANK by other WWF stars gone bad. The WWF stars are known for very dangerous ribbing of each other.

Such comments said by WWF stars just prior to the tragedy were "IT'S SUICIDE.. IT'S SUICIDE" by WWF's Michael Cole and "Tomorrow may never come" by WWF's The Rock and "Tonight you are being PUSHED OVER THE EDGE" by WWF's Shane

Rumours are flying that the death of Owen Hart may have been a SUICIDE or a WWF Prank gone astray. Check Back for breaking news on the death of Owen Hart The BLUE Blazer

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