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By D.E. Alexander Chief Editor of 247 News

If you hold Bitcoin SELL IT NOW.

The complete collapse of Bitcoin is nigh…

Bitcoin or BTC is a new phenomena, and as fast as its value went from five cents to over $1,000 USD, its value is about to go to ZERO.

The reason is WE NOW HAVE 100% PROOF that Bitcoin is another CIA PROJECT.

Expect major news from WikiLeaks on it soon IN MY OPINION.

Bitcoin has fooled a lot of pretty smart tech guys including Michael Dell and Pat Byrne the CEO of Overstock, expect them to be dumping their we sell stuff for Bitcoin promos very soon.

Unless the world wants to be dealing in a ‘currency’ created on 100% LIES and by the CIA. Bitcoin will soon be known as CIACOIN.

Bitcoin appeared in 2008 as a theoretical paper on a new digital currency backed by what spooks love to use cryptography, and a few book smart but life smart dummies embraced it.  Now some book smart tech guys but real world dummies have put Bitcoin on the map. But the tide has turned, Bitcoin has been 100% REVEALED to be a CIA/NSA project.

First, just look at the name of the creator, a PERSON NO ONE HAS EVER MET, a person the people now in charge of the Bitcoin Core say they have never even spoken to on the phone.

The name is SATOSHI NAKAMOTO and since morons in the dummy media like the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek have ‘investigated’ Bitcoin to find out who the heck Satoshi Nakamoto is, we can now see how the major media cannot INVESTIGATE their own unrine streams.

Satoshi Nakamoto is a simple Japanese name and the user of the name explained IT IS FAKE and that truth will destroy Bitcoin as to having any real value in world trade and especially in technology trade, BITCOIN was started by a name that says CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE in Japanese.

Haven’t any Japanese people heard of Satoshi Nakomoto and his CIA PROJECT called BITCOIN?

In Japanese a surname (last name) is used first, so Satoshi Nakomoto is in Japanese NAKOMOTO SATOSHI.

Nakomoto means CENTRAL or CENTER POINT

Satoshi is Intelligence



Right now Bitcoin is run through BITCOIN CENTRAL by Gavin Bell now known as Gavin Andrsen. Gavin holds the keys to Bitcoin and is in charge of its CORE DEVELOPMENT. Gavins resume is impressive a major failed internet company is his claim to fame, before he become the reigning lord of Bitcoin.

Gavin admits he has never spoken to Satoshi, not even on the phone, never met him in person, and in a couple of years of emails and public discourse on Bitcoin Sites like Bitcoin Talk Org, the mystery man Satoshi aka CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE never once even revealed one piece of personal identifying information about whom Satoshi really is.

Recently, WIKI LEAKS revealed a major encryption algorithm used by most companies the past decade had an NSA/CIA backdoor in it,  meaning the powerful encryption algorithm was useless for real privacy.

Guess what people, the Satoshi Bitcoin code name knew somehow to NOT USE THAT CIA CRACKED ENCRYPTION in the core of Bitcoin.

Only INSIDE CIA KNOWLEDGE could have made Satoshi use a very uncommon encryption algorithm that most of the world did not use.

INSIDE CIA INFORMATION is clearly in the core of Bitcoin.

Gavin and Satoshi had a ‘public spat’ a couple of years ago over the ALERT KEYS of Bitcoin Core and as such, when Gavin treatened Satoshi by going to the CIA over the ALERT KEYS, Satoshi gave the keys to the Bitcoin Kingdom to Gavin and then DISAPPEARED never to be heard from again (well almost never) in the Koolaid Drinking land that is known as the Bitcoin Community a community that can be clinically diagnosed as having COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, which in layman’s terms means you have a STRONG BELIEF in something and when confronted with PROOF your beliefs are based on falsehoods you refuse to believe FACTS contrary to your beliefs.

So right now some fools with wallets full of FOOLS GOLD from Bitcoin Mining over the past few years are in disbelief their GOLD IS WORTHLESS.

Bitcoin miners that refuse to believe the PROOF given above that Bitcoin is 100% a CIA Project, LOOK IN THE MIRROR your disbelief is known as COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

As an author of over 20 years of investigative reporting and research usually digging through court records and FOIA requests documents I’m used to looking at DISINFORMATION Jobs exactly what Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakomoto is.

I have authored over a dozen books on CONSPIRACY now and I don’t speak upon something until I SEE PROOF usually in government records released via FOIA or in public court records.

Now most of the people involved in Bitcoin are not bad people, and sure the sales pitch of Bitcoin is a pretty compelling pitch. But my friends that traverse this world of ILLUSION for 7 or 8 decades trying to find TRUTH, the TRUTH ABOUT BITCOIN is simple, the creators name of Bitcoin is CENTRAL INTELLGENCE and Bitcoin was a simple CIA PROJECT as in the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY.

Most think the NSA and CIA are two different branches of the US Government, well they’re not since decades ago a man named Bobby Ray Inman was at a time the lord of both agencies. At different times but non the less Inman ruled both spy agencies, so since then NSA/CIA it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s the USA’s spook division.

NSA usually has the brighter guys and the CIA has the muscle, the guys that kill people and kidnap them and oh yeah, the guys that run drugs to get dough for covert black budget government operations.

Need we say here no more than CONTRAS.

Some smart money is now looking pretty stupid and as the smart tech guys FOOLED by the CIA Project known as Bitcoin WAKE UP and SAY NO TO BITCOIN and drop it like a hot potato (Dell, Overstock, Expedia, Newegg, etc.) the world will see bitcoin fall like a proverbial balloon for one reason, any currency needs what is known as a TRUST FACTOR and the Satoshi Gold the Bitcoin miners have been mining for a few years is FOOLS GOLD.

We have found yet another trace to Bobby Ray Inman and Satoshi, recently a book appeared published by E53 Publishing. The Publishing House has ONE BOOK titled BOOK OF SATOSHI and the author has written ONE BOOK that is the book the Book Publisher has on Amazon.

WHOIS records for the publishers website and also for the book both show HIDDEN WHOIS INFO, just like the identity of Satoshi Nakomoto is hidden.

The author who had unusual access to major Bitcoin figures that opened up allegedly private emails to them by Satoshi (why would anyone do that for a FIRST TIME AUTHOR) goes by the name PHIL CHAMPAGNE a famous name from the 1980’s about a guy WHO FAKED HIS OWN DEATH and pretty much got away with it collecting over a MILLION DOLLARS.

Why would a publishing company hide their identity on their website registration?

Why would a new author hide the identity on their website registration?

Why did Satoshi hide his identity?

Why has no one ever met Satoshi or spoken to him on the phone?

Well some RESEARCH shows a LLC was formed for E53 Publishing and that entity shows a mostly likely FAKE PERSON as well, the name on the LLC is Jean Phillipe Champagne.

Now what is a French Name doing on the LLC, well the LLC of course was formed in the heart of spookville USA in Austin Texas where many CIA/NSA projects lead to the HOME OF BOBBY RAY INMAN.


Bobby Ray Inman former head of both the NSA and CIA. Bobby Ray was also on the CIA corporation known as SAIC a real world corporation RUN BY EX CIA/NSA spooks in California.

SAIC was the company that of course won the contract to be the first company in charge of the commercial internet that formed NETWORK SOLUTIONS the original domain name registration company in the world that controlled all .com registrations of the early net that went public and raised BILLIONS for the bank account of SAIC and its executives.

The last time we reported Bobby Ray Inman’s connection to a big CIA Project in the 1990’s Network Solutions mysteriously lost the DNS information for the news site we ran at that time that publicly outed BOBBY RAY INMAN as the person PAYING FOR THE HEAVENS GATE WEBSITE when that CIA mind control project result in the group committing suicide.

Oh that cult/group/CIA-Project also had connections to ENCRYPTION and the Net.



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