Sollog accuses Eric Lyons and Namepros of altering SIGS with links to FBI

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Editorial Notes

This article originally stated Eric Lyons is the ‘owner’ of Namepros, that may not be accurate. In doing this article we requested at Namepros an ‘interview’ with Mr. Lyons and our account was immediately banned.

Namepros is using a PRIVACY WHOIS PROTECTION, so the ownership information is not available. Sollog recently informed us that Eric Lyons the presumed OWNER of Namepros is now saying he is a just an ‘admin’ and we have seen screen shots of the alleged CTO of Namepros a Paul Buonopane who operates another site with HIDDEN OWNERSHIP information, calling Sollog a TERRORIST and refusing to remove a plethora of LIBEL from Namepros about Sollog.

Sollog is now saying he plans on having Paul Buonopane served in a Libel action at

Paul Buonopane Jr.
99 Coachmans Ln
North Andover, MA 01845-2013

The original article stated the PAID sig file of Sollog was altered and we have a screen shot given to us by Sollog where Paul Buonopane admitted he put the link to a Caymans Island Bitcoin Casino back and removed the link to the FBI that created the whole situation at Namepros.

This is the LinkedIn account of Eric Lyons

This is the LinkedIn account of Paul Buonopane

These are other ‘execs’ at Namepros from LinkedIn the hidden whois company that condones SPAMMING companies via whois records.

Managing Director Namepros Edward Zeiden

Lead Editor Namepros David Walker

The bottomline on Namepros is that it touts itself as a major portal for Domain Names, it condones SPAMMING as the way to sell domains to end users and it allows libel to permeate through its site and the CTO of Namepros Paul Buonopane calls people terrorists and refuses to remove LIBEL.

We standby our opinion to say NAMEPROS SUCKS

This is the original article below

We just got a text from the almighty one. SOLLOG

Sollog has publicly threatened  Namepros with a Libel action claiming the admin Eric Lyons or mods of Namepros altered his PAID SIG with a link to the FBI.

Sollog has a huge problem with Namepros doing that. Since he has a major international judgment on the FBI and the US Government over how for FIVE years they held him in a DEATH ROW POD in Philadelphia and TORTURED HIM. Let’s just say the judgment for trillions of trillions of USD dollars means that Sollog owns the US GOVERNMENT now over that judgement given to him in the International Court of NOO (Nation of One).

In fact Sollog even has 6 cites in the US SUPREME COURT over the five years of torture he endured.

Sollog was pointing out today in the Namepros forum how the site condones SPAM by having so many threads over and over explain HOW TO SPAM WHOIS EMAIL ADDRESSES for end user info.

Sollog started a thread saying anyone doing that is a SPAMMER and the whole SPAMMER COMMUNITY that is basically NAME PROS attacked Sollog for saying anyone sending UNSOLICITED EMAILS to whois email addresses is a SPAMMER.

Now the sig file which is a PAID FILE at NAMEPROS was altered by either a MOD of the site or as Sollog posted BY ERIC LYONS the admin of NAMEPROS.

Sollog has called him out to MAN UP and ADMIT it was Eric Lyons that altered the sig file with links to the FBI.

Sollog has demanded an apology or as Sollog put it publicly, HE GUARANTEES anyone looking for information about Namepros will see this story of how Namepros and or Eric Lyons altered a SIG FILE.

So Eric Lyons we await your decision, we’re watching your site, you can give a public apology to Sollog and fire the mod that dared to link to the FBI from a clients PAID SIG file or you man up and admit you made a mistake.

Or you just cancel the Sollog account and see this article GO VIRAL.

Sollog’s threat to sue Namepros is below, he says FIRE the mod or man up, IT WAS WRONG to put a link to the FBI in the Sollog sig file.

Here is the Sollog threat to Eric Lyons calling him out.


Major problem here

I have a huge judgement on the USA Gov and the morons that ran the FBI years ago over TORTURING ME for almost 5 years.

Oh yeah, I got SIX CITES IN THE US SUPREME COURT over my torture under Bush.

So for a MOD to put a link to the FBI in my SIG, that means two things.

Eric you can apologize for your mods action and FIRE THE MOD

Or you can man up and admit you did it

If you did it Eric no problem REFUND MY MONEY and I assure you, when you look for your name all you will see is this story all over the net.


So if your mods can just put a LINK TO THE FBI apologize and fix it and fire the mod

If you did it, then refund my money and I’ll get to work making sure the whole world knows WHAT YOU DID

Your move Eric


In our opinion whoever did the alteration to the Sollog Sig file SUCKS.

So it was either a Namepros mod that sucks

Or Eric Lyons SUCKS

In our opinion NAMEPROS SUCKS

It is nothing but SPAMMERS in our opinion and Sollog pointed that out today from what we hear.

Why is Sollog playing around in a minor league Domain Name forum anyway?

We asked Sollog and he explained that his Foundation is finally liquidating some major domain name assets his Foundation got many years ago.

Some are mega billion dollar industry keywords, so he said there may be .1% of the users of Namepros who are ‘investor level’ domain name investors. They usually pay around 10% of a domain names end user value and that was why he and some of his reps were on Namepros recently trying to find the few domain name investors that may go to the low level site.

Sollog explained that you have three levels of sales in Domain Names, some are sold to end users normally at high levels but even the highest sales are a fraction of what Sollog says major industry keywords are worth. Sollog authored a couple of books of Domain Names years ago in the 1990’s and if a person followed his advice back then they would own lots of major keyword assets today and be worth millions.

In the 1990’s when no one was registering ‘i’ prefix domain names, there was Sollog registering some major industry keywords with the now very brandable ‘i’ prefix.

Sollog explained that the reason industry keywords are so valuable is that it allows any company to enter any industry and have instant credibility with the public by owning an industry keyword.

It’s why sales in the mid eight figures are now happening for some major business terms such as Insurance, Casino, Car Insurance, etc.

The other reason keywords are so valuable is that if properly developed the can drive free organic traffic to a site and they also allow a company to get breaks on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads by buying traffic for an EMD (Exact Match Domain Name).

While the Sollog Foundation is a major IP asset owner of premium industry keywords most domain name speculators and investors don’t own major industry keywords as Sollog’s foundation does.

For many years a group of domain name speculators that go by DOMAIN LORDS have praised Sollog for creating their mantra, that is never sell a keyword asset DEVELOP IT and fraction value lease it.

That has been the main business model of the Sollog Foundation for years.

Sollog says that after three decades in the Internet Game his foundation is now only developing in a narrow niche of industries so some of his early registrations now need to be liquidated and the most likely buyers are big corporate end users in the mega billion buck industry that the Sollog foundation owns major IP assets in.

Sollog says that after participating in he Namepros community for a short time he realized that almost the entire community was clueless as to what a valuable domain name is and also how to properly contact potential end users.

Sollog points to many threads at Namepros in which he raised a red flag about how the thread was PROMOTING ILLEGAL EMAIL SPAM.

That is the marketing strategy of most of the Namepros community says Sollog.

Sollog says he started a thread calling a SPAMMER A SPAMMER and he warned new domain name wanna be investors to realize the marketing techniques Namepros and their community was knowingly condoning was 100% SPAM and ILLEGAL and could get a person’s email accounts canceled and the owner even could face big fans over the SPAM techniques being openly discussed in Namepros.

The net result of the thread was a few vocal morons at Namepros attacked Sollog and began to post links to the usual BS Sollog articles that are pretty much LIBEL.

So Sollog didn’t respond to the attacks, he asked the mods to remove the Libel and then the CTO of Namepros who is Paul Buonopane Jr. PM’d Sollog and called Sollog a Terrorist.

That’s when Sollog demanded he be refunded his PAID MEMBERSHIP and demanded Paul Buonopane Jr. give him an address to have him served for LIBEL.

The bottom line is, Namepros is a busy Domain Name community, they have very little to offer any one since the only major domain name assets listed at the site recently were the assets owned by the Sollog foundation.

All the information about how to SPAM potential end users for worthless domains on the forum is bad information that can get a person banned from his ISP if followed, you just don’t contact businesses or anyone with UNSOLICITED EMAIL it is simply SPAM as Sollog pointed out and now the top Domain Name investor to probably ever venture onto Namepros is banned.

It’s Namepros loss and Sollog says if anyone is serious about still investing in Domain Names then the advice he offered years ago in his book on the subject is STILL VALID, what he said in the 1990’s is still sound investment strategy in domain name investing now almost 20 years later.

The Sollog book on how to invest in Domain Names is

Bible of Domain Names



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