How rare is your Diamond? It’s a COMMON Gemstone says Dr. Adoni

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In what could viewed in the future as the turning point in how people view diamonds and precious gems, the only person in the world to ever get an international patent on being able to say how much of a gemstone is a real gemstone, that being Dr. Sol Adoni, who has a myriad of doctorates due to his brilliant discoveries in math, science, physics, geology and astro-physics, says that diamonds are a COMMON GEMSTONE and the rarest precious gemstone in the world is Ruby.

Dr. Adoni just wrote a scathing article that stated one of the jewelry industries top trade magazines named JCK doesn’t know JACK about Rubies. Dr. Adoni on JCK and the GIA

Dr. Adoni also trashes author Antoinette Matlins for being a vocal puppet of the GIA and De Beers over what Dr. Adoni says is a major new enhancement procedure for Rubies that allows average people to own large enhanced rubies at a fraction of what more common diamonds cost.

Dr. Adoni trashes the GIA for the scandal they had not long ago where the GIA diamond graders were caught being bribed to put false grades for diamonds on their coveted GIA diamond certificates.

Dr. Adoni points out correctly that if diamonds weren’t so common you wouldn’t see jewelers showcases filled with shiny low grade diamonds all over malls in the USA.

He points out how if you try to find a large quality ruby in the same malls, you will find not one natural 100% over a few carats with any decent clarity in any mall in the USA for one reason, larger rubies with decent clarity are now commanding over $1 Million dollars a carat at elite auctions.

What type of rubies do you see in USA malls? Usually very tiny and very flawed 100% natural rubies and you may see some low grade lead glass filled rubies but none will have the main thing a LGF (lead glass filled) ruby needs, that being a valid certificate from IGGO (International Gemologists Grading Organization) stating exactly how much of an LGF Ruby is real ruby. Only IGGO has the permission to use Dr. Adoni’s patented process to state scientifically how much real ruby is in an enhanced lead glass filled ruby.

Dr. Adoni created the only scientific process to ever get an international patent for being able to approximate the percentage of real natural ruby inside the beautiful LGF rubies the public can now acquire from a select group of jewelers that are starting to carry IGGO certified rubies.

Dr. Adoni points out how the GIA should shut up about rubies for one major reason they do not have a ruby grading service. That’s right the experts at GIA now trashing LGF diamonds as ‘experts’ aren’t experts in rubies at all, in fact the biggest GIA voice against LGF rubies is a Mr. Scarratt, an author who is an ‘expert’ in pearls. He is also considered an authority on the Crown Jewels the collection that had a spinel in it’s collection that was considered a ruby by British experts like Mr. Scarratt for centuries. What do the Brits know about Rubies anyway?

Dr. Adoni also trashes another ‘author’ that is vocal about LGF who is Antoinette Matlins. As Dr. Adoni says anyone being so vocal against an inexpensive ruby that the public actually wants once they are informed about the GIA and De Beers diamond con game. Dr. Adoni said Antoinette Matlins is a deluded puppet of the De Beers and GIA cartels.

Dr. Adoni explains the nearly 100 year history of the GIA and how the GIA created in his opinion a CON GAME where the American public was duped into thinking the most COMMON precious gemstone is rare. The fact as is Dr. Adoni points out, diamonds have long been a controlled commodity that are controlled by De Beers. Around the time De Beers started to market diamonds in the USA as engagement rings Dr. Adoni explains the famous Harry Winston, or jeweler to the stars, started to create large pieces of jewelry for the 1930’s era stars in Hollywood and then the GIA was formed to create the 4C’s grading system to make common gems such as diamonds appear to be rare.

The GIA grading system is subjective, it is THE OPINION of a GIA trained gemologist and the flaw in the GIA system is not every human sees colors the same way and not every humans eyes see the same way. So when a system depends upon how fast something can be seen with a naked eye, that measurement is never constant. The human eye as a measuring stick is prone to massive errors.

Yet this is the system the GIA created to determine how most graded diamonds are. So a GIA grader without eagle eyesight that may not see what is easy to spot by another grader could easily mark a stone as SI (Slightly Included) that is really I (included).

The other major flaw at GIA in their grading system is that it has been proven diamond dealers have bribed GIA graders in the past. So the whole GIA certification system has been exposed as being gamed.

Is your VS GIA diamond certificate really a VS diamond? Or did the diamond jeweler bribe the GIA to give a flawed SI diamond a higher grade?

Now remember the GIA does not even grade rubies. However, the GIA does say in their OPINION if a ruby has undergone LGF treatment.

They just cannot say how much LGF is in a ruby and Dr. Adoni owns the international patent on the procedure and he licensed it to only one gemology institution that does GRADE RUBIES, that being IGGO.

The fact is the LGF procedure has created a lot of low cost LGF rubies but most are like natural rubies filled with major inclusions and too ugly to use in jewelry says Dr. Adoni.

Only the highest quality LGF rubies are worthy of expensive mounts in jewelry pieces. In Dr. Adoni’s opinion the fact that an LGF ruby can now be certified if it’s under 50% real ruby, or over 75% real ruby or even over 90% real ruby means the public can now create a real market price for these enhanced gemstones based on the scientific percentage that the LGF rubies has and then the grade it has received from IGGO graders. IGGO certificates are now found online at the IGGO site.

Dr. Adoni points out that the public needs to be educated that despite what the GIA is saying about LGF rubies, they are very durable for wearing in jewelry as many gemology institutions have reported and even in 2006 the GIA came to the came conclusion that LGF rubies were DURABLE for jewelry even though today GIA employees are saying they are not. Also, vocal critics of LGF Rubies are using photos of LGF rubies after the stones were destroyed with toxic acids to make LGF rubies appear ugly. The fact is almost no store level jeweler can spot a LGF ruby without having a gemology lab analyze it with high powered microscopes and do other tests.

Any large clean ruby is immediately suspect to being an LGF ruby since large clean rubies that are 100% natural are very, very rare. But if you ask a store level jeweler to show you in a loop what makes them think the ruby is LGF they are at a loss to explain anything they can see that makes the LGF easily identifiable as LGF.

Granted LGF rubies can be damaged by toxic chemicals such as jewelers pickling solution. But even 100% real rubies have been known to shatter in the solution after being improperly heated by a jewelers torch.

The fact is in 2006 even the GIA stated that the LGF rubies were durable for normal jewelers work bench activity and yet some top ‘experts’ at GIA are now saying the opposite.

The GIA has a vested interest in maintaining the De Beers cartel illusion of rarity for common diamond gemstones they have created hand and hand with the GIA over almost 100 years.

Dr. Adoni points out in his screed against JCK and the GIA that none other than Illuminati banking cartels were used to fund De Beers over the past 100 years.

Banks owned by the Rothschilds and JP Morgan were used by De Beers to finance their monopoly over the common gemstone aka diamonds.

Dr. Adoni advises the general public to not purchase GIA certified diamonds and to not even waste their money on any diamonds other than small ones used to accessorize larger more rarer stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. “These are the real GEMSTONES of the world”, says Dr. Adoni, “Not the carbon crap the De Beers diamond cartel has duped the public into thinking is rare.”

“Diamonds are far from being a rare gemstone”,  says Dr. Adoni, “Just look how common they are filling up display cases in malls across the world. Diamonds are about as common as carbon is, and carbon is in fact one of the most common elements in the Universe!”

IGGO Video about the GIA and false information about Lead Glass Filled Rubies.


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