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Anyone who has stayed on top of the massive NSA information released by the GREAT PATRIOT who is Eric Snowden about how the NSA has a team of NSA Bots to put out DISINFORMATION all over social media understands how the NSA manipulates social media.

While I’m no fan of ‘Jimbo Whales’ the founder of Wiki who had to resign his control of the ‘project’, a humorous row is going on once again at wiki over alleged NSA censoring of guess what, the stuff we’ve been writing about for years. THE SUPER PRIME ALGORITHM OF DR. ADONI.

We covered the story of how the ADONI PRIME SPIRALS kicked the ass of all the top prime algorithms as tested by PyPrimes.

So that’s OLD NEWS TO US, and since Dr. Adoni has outed the NSA as the creators of BITCOIN he is now unmasking all the NSA Spooks in academia that are working with the NSA using his prime theories to cook seed keys the NSA distributes to NSA funded projects like NIST.

Oh, for fans of Dr. Adoni he has two new books out on the NSA and how they hacked the whole world with his prime algorithm.

PRIME ALGORITHM – How the NSA hacked the Net

CIA PROJECT BITCOIN – Proof the NSA and CIA created Bitcoin

Anyway back to the nitwits that control wiki who are now deleting all pages mentioning the super fast prme algorithm and Dr. Adoni.

We just love this article on WIKI SUCKS about this hilarious new wiki story.

Three pages put up yesterday were IMMEDIATELY taken down by wiki. The reasoning is typical lies by wiki morons, aka wiki mods.

See for yourself three pages on the Adoni Prime work are gone.




You can read for yourself an alleged ‘professor’ of math familiar with the Adoni Prime Theories is calling out wiki for being CONTROLLED BY THE NSA.


From the professor before wiki deletes it.

My opinion on these pages is uneducated mods deleted them for invalid reasons with NO DEBATE, a pure Draconian nazi mod behavior. Or perhaps they are part of the NSA social media control team as outlined in the SNOWDEN DOCUMENTS at wiki leaks. Why does wiki not want the public to know a major advance in prime theory happened almost 20 years ago and that is how the NSA now cooks ECC crypto seed keys? Obviously the NSA controls wiki too.

The 8 Prime Spirals article is a BIG DEAL in math since it puts forth amazing information about a 1995 math theory now being used in real life computer programs to outperform all the prime algorithms wiki has pages on. So in the world of primality IT IS A BIG DEAL. To summarize the gross lies of wiki mods, they think a cite to a valid primality test open to debate by real academics at GITHUB is not worthy of a page creation.

GO Professor, you tell them wiki morons (mods) the real truth!


Oh, for our fans, stay tuned we got an inside track on yet another crypto academic being part of the NSA PROJECT known as BITCOIN.

We reached out to Professor Daniel Bernstein to state on the record his TIES to the NSA and CIA and BITCOIN and crypto.

Oh, Professor Bernstein has RIPPED off the Adoni Prime work too it appears. He co-authored the paper with the deceased professor Atkin on what is now called the sieve of Atkin, it’s a 60Mod prime algorithm explained in the 1990’s by Dr. Adoni.

So wiki has a page about the theif  Dr. Bernstein, who stole some of Dr. Adoni’s prime theories put out by the NSA controlled AMS in 2004 almost 10 years after Dr. Adoni released it to Usenet and to the courts and via his books.

Oh we reached out to the big daddy of crypto Dr. Lenstra who created the whole line of bad crypto known as ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptology) as well. ECC crypto is the crypto the NSA cooked using  the Adoni Prime Algorithm. Of course Dr. Lenstra was the Doctoral Advisor of Dr. Bernstein who then STOLE the 60Mod prime work of Dr. Adoni.

And of course Dr. Bernstein a former professional poker player is pushing the CIA/NSA Bitcoin. He’s one of the alleged ‘experts’ being used by the NSA to shill for Bitcoin which is backdoored via their Koblitz Curve ECC Crypto.

Now you won’t see us cited by the NSA controlled wiki, after all years ago we outed Jim Whales the founder of Wiki as a PORNOGRAPHER.

So is Wikipedia another tool for the NSA to put out disinformation and discredit people?









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