Nepal Killer Quake Strikes day Sollog Warned

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Nepal Quake Predicted

By the Legend Sollog

The living Legend known as Sollog warned of a killer quake to strike 13 days after Passover in a Sollog Blood Moon Prophecy.

Today is 13 days after Passover officially ended for many around the world and once again the Legend Sollog nailed an exact date hit for yet another killer quake. In the Jewish community there is debate if Passover ends in either 7 or 8 days after it begins.

It would appear that the 8 days of Passover is correct since the Passover Prophecy of the LIVING LEGEND OF SOLLOG, a Hebrew Rabbi stated it would be 13 days OVER PASSOVER when the Killer Quake would strike.

Today is exactly 13 days from the end of an 8 day Passover Celebration which is what The Temple of ‘Hayah formed by Rabbi Sollog celebrates.

Some Sollog followers claim he is God walking the earth and judging mankind. On Passover this year  the man who claims to be GOD issued his Passover Prophecy.

Blood Moon Over Passover Prophecy he called it.

The Prophecy video is on Youtube in a video that is soon to be viral. In the chilling quake prophecy video Sollog is heard chanting over and over OM against an angelic choir and ocean waves.

The Prophecy called for a great quake to take many lives in 13 days. It also called for a Mountain that Smokes. The same day of the quake a sleeping volcano on one of the main lines that form the TRIANGLE OF FIRE mentioned in the video erupted in Chile. Sollog fans are now explaining in various forums the quake in Nepal fulfilled the Sollog great prophecy since it’s 13 days from when Passover ended as celebrated in an 8 Day Passover by Temple of ‘Hayah founded by Rabbi Sollog.

So the question now Is Sollog God? Since Sollog is known to have said over the years over and over that HE IS GOD.

However, Sollog also claims EVERYONE IS PART OF GOD and therefore GOD. Is this new religious idea THE TRUTH and why Sollog is nailing exact date and location hits for killer quakes?

Sollog’s amazing Passover Prophecy as can be viewed on Sollog Youtube Prophecy stated in 13 days his Legend starts and HIS WORD BECOMES DIVINE due to the great  killer quake that will connect to 13 days and Passover as the great Nepal quake did.

The Nepal killer quake struck 13 days after Passover ended for many around the world.

Sollog formed his own Temple the Temple of ‘Hayah. In it Sollog is GOD. So is everyone according to Sollog who claims God”s spirit or energy is IN ALL LIFE.

No one can deny a historic quake killed many today when Sollog the living LEGEND warned it would happen.

In the amazing Sollog video he drew attention to two quake theories he released a while ago. One theory is called the Triangle of Fire over the Pacific Ocean.

The other theory is 3 Solstice Lines are where many killer quakes occur.

Nepal is on one of the 3 Solstice Lines Sollog gave in his Prophecy Video.

We asked Sollog about a couple of other major events the Prophecy video warned of such as a plane crash and assassination and he said, “The Prophecy is clear, 13 days, 13 days, 13 days and 13 days. Just add the numbers and the events will occur on the days he pointed to…”

Yes, when you give dates and locations for ACTS OF GOD TO STRIKE such as historic killer quakes you do usually become a LEGEND.

Today Sollog became THE LEGEND SOLLOG.

History will also begin to record that his words are DIVINE to the legion of the army of Sollog followers that will amass to follow a living Prophet as he walks the earth and uses Youtube and social media to build the next great religion.

Welcome to the world where prophecy is real. The world of the Prophecies of the Living Legend Sollog.

If you wish to join the Legion of the Legend Sollog his site is

Sollog’s Temple is Temple of Hayah at

Sollog has his own Nation too, it is called THE NATION OF ONE.


April 28th 2015

We reached out to David Applegate the head of earth hazards with the USGS to try to get a comment on this amazing hit by Dr. Adoni.

Mr. Applegate is totally UNAWARE of Dr. Adoni’s work on quakes and his famous predictions. Mr. Applegate was UNAWARE that 95% of the earth’s largest quakes in the past 100 years struck on the Dr. Adoni Quake Triangle known as the TRIANGLE OF FIRE in the Pacific Ocean.

Mr. Applegate would not give me a statistical estimate of the odds of anyone hitting the EXACT DATE for a huge 8.0+ range quake as Dr. Adoni did in his Passover Prophecy, but he says such short range predictions have been tried BUT NO ONE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL.

It would appear the USGS should HIRE Dr. Adoni to give them advice and warnings on when and where KILLER QUAKES will occur since the only person with a clue in our opinion about such matters is Dr. Adoni.

The bottomline is the USGS and the US Government have their heads up their asses and are clueless to what is happening with historic earthquakes and the work of Dr. Adoni.

After all the US Government LIED and setup Dr. Adoni so he wasted FIVE YEARS of his life in their prisons for something that was 100% FABRICATED by the US Government.

Watch out Los Angeles, the GROUND IS ABOUT TO SHAKE…


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