Neal Koblitz ECC Crypto Creator says NO NSA FUNDING

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Well, I’m almost surprised that Neal Koblitz answered our 2nd set of questions. He insists that he has never had any funding of his ECC work from the NSA.

I could press him on it, but what’s the point, he seems to be in denial on exactly what has occurred to ECC since wikileaks destroyed any real trust in ECC PRNG’s. His answers are almost humorous as to how badly ECC has suffered at the hands of WikiLeaks.

So below are clear denials by Mr. Koblitz that the NSA has never funded him. Perhaps his work was 1 or 2 steps removed from direct NSA funding but his own university has information in regards to his autobiograph about how the NSA funded crypto projects in the 1980’s after they couldn’t censor academic papers about crypto. Koblitz is a professor of math at WU (Washington University) and here is their own reveiw of his book.

See WU article on Koblitz and NSA

Quote from article, “After the NSA’s unsuccessful attempt to ban academic publishing, the agency began to fund cryptographic research, but Koblitz argues the money was a double-edged sword. Mathematicians began to cater to the government funding agencies. He recounts reviewing a grant application that stated the proposed research would give the U.S. a competitive advantage in a certain area of mathematics, which Koblitz viewed as contrary to mathematics’ spirit of international collaboration.”

Many have noticed that a paper about the future of digital currency from the 1990’s written by the NSA looks like a blue print for bitcoin. The paper almost entirely cites published works of Springer-Verlag, guess who publishes the work of Koblitz, THE SAME PUBLISHER.

So to see Koblitz, IN MY OPINION, speaking out of both sides of his mouth about NSA funding, he reminds me of Bill Clinton, “I did not have SEX with that woman” (which he later explained didn’t include oral sex as sex.)  Well to me if no direct funding occurred from the NSA, it was done 1 or 2 steps removed, and remember his work on crypto and  almost all of the work cited by the NSA work in the 1990’s on a future crypto currency and even his own biography all emanate from SPRINGER-VERLAG, a German Publishing company.

I wonder if anyone has connected Springer-Verlag to the NWO, Bilderberg and Skull and Bones and all the stuff connected to the Illuminati that has a German origin. What the heck is a German Publisher doing in the middle of this CRYPTO NSA story?

Lot’s of big money deals have involved Spinger-Verlag over the years and here is a 2 Billion deal involving many companies. The latest deal was just after Project Bitcoin was launched in 2009 or so. Try to follow this paper trail of what Springer-Verlag owns and who owns them. I’ve never seen anything like this mess.

Here is a cryto paper right on the NSA servers and again it heavily cites Springer-Verlag in the 100% NSA Article.

It may well be Koblitz is a real life NSA Spook, just read his autobiography, it details him early in his life traveling to Russia, remember Oswald, how does a Harvard kid get impossible visa’s to Russia in the 1960’s at the height of the cold war. NSA spook in training, that’s how!

The fact is Mr. Koblitz, everyone knows via WikiLeaks that the Nist ECC keys being pushed by the NSA were all back doored. You may not agree with that statment but EVERYONE ELSE DOES.

So here is the denials of possible NSA Spook Neal Koblitz.


247 Q Have the NSA ever funded any of your work such as your ECC work?

No, never.

247 Q While the 8 Prime Spirals has been proven by PyPrimes to generate primes faster than the Greek sieve and wheel fraction methods, I agree its not important in say a brute force attack upon RSA etc, however, it has been suggested that the understanding of only 8 prime master spirals creating the infinite field of primes greater than 5, may be how relations between various seed keys are created so the seed keys could be cooked or back doored. So if such a special relationship in numbers is understood now by analysis of the 8 master prime spirals or another algorithm , would you agree then, that it is now clearly understood that some ECC seed jeys suggested by the NSA to NIST were cooked seed keys as the Snowden documents confirm was done?

No. That’s not what the Snowden documents say. The Snowden documents, as far as I’m aware, have nothing to say about the basic ECC standards.

247 Q Do you agree that the Snowden documents show ECC seed keys issued by Nist were cooked or back doored by tge NSA?


247 Q Are you aware of any vulnerabilities in your Koblitz curves used by bitcoin?


247 Q Do you think the use of your curves in bitcoin suggest inside intelligence knowledge that the other ECC crypto was cooked?


247 Q Do you think its just coincidence that the name Satoshi Nakamoto meaning CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE was a fluke and not an intentional finger print of an intelligence agency or lone wolf on bitcoin?

No opinion

247 Q If you could please give your opinion on bitcoin? Such as if you think it is a viable new currency or is it not a good idea as many think it is the future of a global digital currency.

No opinion

247 Q Do you own any bitcoin?


247 Q Thank you Mr Koblitz for answering our questions. Due to how bitcoin has become a mega-billion dollar industry/currency many people have questions as to exactly who or whom created it.

I have no involvement in bitcoin and didn’t even know of its existence until fairly recently.

247 Q Due to your long impressive career in crypto and your clear ties to the PRNG chosen in its core, many interested in bitcoin will appreciate you responding to my questions to settle the possible intelligence community being the source of bitcoin.

I had nothing to do with any specifications for random number generators.


So there you have it, Neal Koblitz saying NOT NSA, yet all the signs point to him being an NSA spook, IMO.

His own university review of his book discuss NSA Funding of his projects.

His publisher is always the source of cites for NSA crypto documents.

He had access to Cold War Russia only a spook could have easily.

He admits to traveling extensively in his life to many NSA Hot Spots where a spook should be going.

Koblitz is in denial as to how badly WikiLeaks have destroyed the faith in almost every ECC crypto there is, since all of them are tied to seed keys being pushed by the NSA via NIST.

If anyone reads all this and puts serious money into Bitcoin, you are a fool IN MY OPINION.

Yes this is not a neurtal ‘news article’, it’s a very well researched investigation of Bitcoin and NSA connections.

As the author of many books on CONSPIRACY I can smell a misinformation campaign a mile away.

BITCOIN is either NSA or CIA and Koblitz is connected to NSA funding.


D.E. Alexander

Chief Editor

247 News

Award Winning Investigative Journalist






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