Neal Koblitz Answers NSA Question WRONG

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First Neal Koblitz said Yes to having 247 News Interview him.

30 Minutes later he emailed 247 News NO (We guess he read all the NSA/CIA/BITCOIN Articles we have on the site).

See our first Koblitz Article Here

So we sent Neal Koblitz a few light questions, softballs, really.

He responded recently, so then we sent him some HARDBALL QUESTIONS, thus far he has not responded.

Now keep in mind this guy Neal Koblitz created the whole ECC form of Crypto out of a NSA funded project 30 years ago. Since then he has written articles saying YOU CAN ONLY TRUST THE NSA and ECC Crypto.

Recently WikiLeaks released a ton of documents showing how the NSA has backdoored almost all ECC Crypto, the stuff being pushed by Neal Koblitz and created by him 30 years ago.

That being said, we present the 4 answers of Neal Koblitz on the Bitcoin topic. And he answered the NSA Question WRONG. How can he say he does not work for the NSA when he admits in his own biography his work on ECC was funded by the NSA.





247 Q : Do you know who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

NK: No.

247 Q: Before I told you about your ECC work being used in bitcoin, were you aware of your connection to bitcoins encryption?


247 Q: The new 8 prime spirals algorithm beat all the other prime algorithms in the PyPrimes test. Do you think the 8 prime spirals is a significant discovery?

No.  Any new methods that might be discovered for finding primes or testing primality would be of theoretical interest but would have no significant value in cryptography because it would not allow anyone to break a cryptosystem.  Also, extremely efficient primality tests are already known, so an improvement would have at most marginal value.

247 Q: Do you work for the nsa or cia?



DE Alexander

Chief Editor 247 News


Analysis of the response of Neal Koblitz.

It appears to be how a lawyer would answer questions in a deposition, Yes/No etc.

Until he gets a chance to discredit the major new prime generator known as the 8 Prime Spirals, the quesiton asked had nothing to do with Cryptography, it had to do was the fact a new prime generator algorithm beat all the famous prime generators. Instead of saying WOW, you mean something finally created primes faster than the ancient sieve, he goes on to say there’s other primality tests. A primality test is not a prime generator, it’s like a general doctor to a brain surgeon.

Primes are now generated in record numbers from scratch with the 8 Prime Spirals, and these spirals have created a new branch of mathematics THAT MAY impact how crypto works. That impact is not doing brute force or hard primal testing, it is how mathematicians now understand the infinite universe of primes only exist on one of only eight spirals, so the issue is, is this new understanding of PRIMES how the back doored seed keys in crypto are being created.

Instead of answering that question, Neal Koblitz replied well in large primal ‘testing’ (not generation or understanding how primes or composites interact due to the 8 Primes Spirals) he said it’s not important. Well Mr. Koblitz that was not the quesiton, the question was in general number theory not in prime testing, was the fact that a new prime algorithm was CREATING primes faster than the usual algorithms like the sieve and various wheel factorization methods important. Instead of answering that question he says well you can’t do large prime testing, that’s not the question Mr. Kobliz.

Here are the new questions about Bitcoin that are not such softballs we threw to Mr. Koblitz. We hope he responds but doubt he will.

He was FUNDED by the NSA for his crypto project, his bio ADMITS THAT, yet he can say technically he doesn’t work for the NSA.


Here are my new questions for Mr. Koblitz.


Thank you Sir for your responses.

I only have a couple of more questions.

Have the NSA ever funded any of your work such as your ECC work?

While the 8 Prime Spirals has been proven by PyPrimes to generate primes faster than the Greek sieve and wheel fraction methods, I agree its not important in say a brute force attack upon RSA etc, however, it has been suggested that the understanding of only 8 prime master spirals creating the infinite field of primes greater than 5, may be how relations between various seed keys are created so the seed keys could be cooked or back doored. So if such a special relationship in numbers is understood now by analysis of the 8 master prime spirals or another algorithm , would you agree then, that it is now clearly understood that some ECC seed jeys suggested by the NSA to NIST were cooked seed keys as the Snowden documents confirm was done?

Do you agree that the Snowden documents show ECC seed keys issued by Nist were cooked or back doored by the NSA?

Are you aware of any vulnerabilities in your Koblitz curves used by bitcoin?

Do you think the use of your curves in bitcoin suggest inside intelligence knowledge that the other ECC crypto PRNG’s were cooked?

Do you think its just coincidence that the name Satoshi Nakamoto meaning CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE was a fluke and not an intentional finger print of an intelligence agency or lone wolf on bitcoin?

If you could please give your opinion on bitcoin? Such as if you think it is a viable new currency or is it not a good idea as many think it is the future of a global digital currency.

Do you own any bitcoin?

Thank you Mr Koblitz for answering our questions. Due to how bitcoin has become a mega-billion dollar industry/currency many people have questions as to exactly who or whom created it.

Due to your long impressive career in crypto and your clear ties to the PRNG chosen in its core, many interested in bitcoin will appreciate you responding to my questions to settle the possible intelligence community being the source of bitcoin.

Thanks again.

247 NEWS



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