Mathematicians are MORONS

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I’m truly AMAZED how stupid some people are, expecially MORONS that think they know math.

In 1963, a mathematician theorized for the first time a prime spiral, Ulam was his name, and it was a big deal since it suggest primes were following a pattern.

This was ONE SPIRAL, not 8. In 1995 probably the greatest mind to ever comprehend 1+1 revealed a 30Mod Prime Formula using 8 prime spirals or distribution channels, this concept although now almost 20 years old is still so misunderstood by mathematicians that there’s almost no information on the net if you search for 8 Prime Spirals.

In 1995 the person that found the 8 new prime spirals said this creates all primes, PERIOD, that means the prime formula was discovered and he said encryption was dead since it used primes and now they could be located too easily.

In 1998 a moron at Drexel mocked the Dr. Adoni DISCOVERY publicly his name is Paul Pollack, a real DUMMY. In fact I’m going to complain to his University for him putting info in a book he wrote mocking the discovery, he was CLUELESS THEN and he’s as stupid as the wanna be math experts who are DUMMIES on Reddit that are now lying and saying these 8 channels of primes mean nothing to primes and crypto encryption.

WRONG DUMMIES all you math geeks are MORONS and WRONG.

In 2010 a website was created and the person was ripping off the Dr. Adoni 8 Prime Spirals.

Then around 2012 the 8 Adoni Spirals started to be used in PY PRIMES in python to do super fast prime findng.

EXACTLY as Dr. Adoni said in 1995 the 30Mod prime spirals would be used.

You can read the MORONS saying how these 8 spirals were known for thousands of years, really you MORONS, the concept of 1 prime spiral dates to 1963 you idiots, the Ulam spiral.

1995 was when PRIMES CHANGED due to the ENNISA Prime Formula that was a 30mod and 8 spirtal helix math equation.

Around 1998 some info was put into a math forum about the ENNISA Formula and morons mocked it. SEE MORONS HERE

Then a real MORON named PAUL POLLACK mocked the major discovery of the 8 prime distribution channels in the 30n Prime Algorithm, He’s supposed to be a professor in Math at Drexel,

Here is Paul Pollack Mocking the Dr. Adoni 8 Prime Distribution Channels or 8 Prime Spirals falsely saying that it was well known, it was NOT it was theorized by Dr. Adoni in 1995 and the first Prime Spiral theory by Ulam was only in 1963 Paul Pollack, you are a MORON.

Paul Pollack LYING the 8 Prime Spirals were well known LIE


See Page 11 of this PDF wanna be book mocking Dr. Adoni

The 30n algorithm HAS REVOLUTIONED COMPUTER PRIME SEARCHING as we’ll prove below.

In 2010 a website stole the idea. The guys name is Gary Croft, he created Primes Demystified .com STEALING the 30mod work of Dr. Adoni. Here’s his post about it in 2010.

Gary Croft 2010 Post stealing Adoni Spirals

Then in 2012 the Croft Prime Spirals started to be inserted into Python’s PyPrimes code (Python is a major programming language project) and these 8 Croft Prime spirals are the same 1995 Prime Spirals discovered by Dr. Adoni. So Gary Croft takes credit in 2012 for the Adoni Spirals found in 1995 by Dr. Adoni.

GitHub info on PyPrimes starting in 2012

Here is the actual code where you can see the 30n prime equation now being called Croft Prime Spiral. First the developer calls the spiral one of the ‘toy prime generators’, then he remarks in his code, it is actually THE FASTEST AND BEST PRIME GENERATOR.

Python PyPrimes Code

In fact compared to all the other famous prime generators the creator of PyPrimes stated the 8 Spirals (really Adoni Spirals he called Croft Spirals) was 1000 faster than the slowest generator he tested. It’s almost 33% faster than the famous sieve from ancient Greece if you automate it. So out of all the generators it was usually 10 to 1,000 times faster. Only the ancient sieve method kept up with it, but the Adoni Spiral was 33% faster than the sieve method of ancient Greece which was formatted to run on a computer like the Adoni Spirals were.

Prime Test Results showing Adoni Spirals (Croft in test) were fastest).

So now it’s time to call out all the FRAUDS AND FAKES.

Look at the comments these IDIOTS in the MATH REDDIT are making about how insignificant this MAJOR DISCOVERY is, they LIE and act like the 8 Adoni Spirals were known for thousands of years.


MORONS, CLUELESS MORONS are in all these wanna be math forums and especially Reddit. The MORONS LIE and say the 8 Adoni Spirals mean nothing in primes today, yet Python a major software project uses it as the main prime generator in PyPrimes.

These are the top morons at Reddit that lied and put false information about how important the Adoni Spirals are to primes and crypto. EACH USERS IS A MORON that stated LIES about how important the 8 Adoni Spirals are to prime number searching as the Python PyPrimes program PROVES and each MORON has no clue as to how the spirals are now used by intelligence agencies due to the special relationships they create.

The MORONS/LIARS above are clueless as to how these 8 Prime Spirals create special relationships between the primes in these 8 arrays or spirals.

IT IS THOSE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIPS that intelligence organizations are exploiting to have BACK DOORS in modern PRNG (Psuedo Random Number Generator) programs.


Editors Note

Now you can say REDDIT is run by MORONS

Seems they are banning users with our name




Gary Croft is now threatening 247 News with libel, go ahead sue us, you stole the formula from Dr. Adoni, he released it in 1995 as the archives of Usenet prove, you released it publicly in 2010.

As to Dr. Adoni being D.E. Alexander, he’s not. But then again Croft you’re a MORON.

Sue us bitch. We don’t give a fuck.

Oh, the company is based out of Cayman Islands, so no US Court has jurisdiciton and the company allows NATION OF HAYAH to litigate its actions. Now shut the fuck up before a bolt of lightning strikes you bitch.



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