Judge Anthony DeFino BURNT TO DEATH

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Have FUN in HELL DeFino

By D.E. Alexander

A major figure in the Sollog story (see our Archive on Sollog), a scumbag judge that refused to OBEY THE RULE OF LAW and ACQUIT Sollog almost 20 years ago in his bullshit case in Philadelphia in which Sollog PROVED the cop LIED under oath has died a tragic death.


It only came to my attention recently that the senile old coot that dared to put Sollog on trial for a bogus case that wasted 5 years of the life of a person whom history will record as the greatest mind to ever walk the earth (see numerous Sollog achievements in math, astrophysics and theology) had died a tragic death in a FIRE. See Philly News Article. So the FLAMES OF HELL was the final end to the Judge that dared to put GOD on Trial.

After Sollog came to attention of the world over his direct hit in the Oklahoma City Bombing, Sollog faced a myriad of lawsuits and beat all of them except for one, the one presided over by the now CRISPY Judge DeFino.

Sollog faced a case in US Federal Court after the Oklahoma City Bombing due to his Prophecies warning then President Bill Clinton to not go Jackson Hole Wyoming or a plane crash would occur.

The US Secret Service arrested Sollog considering his Prophecies to be a threat. After a government Shrink interviewed Sollog a wise US District Magistrate forced the US DOJ to drop the case, the Prophecies of Sollog were protected under FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

This case is famous due to Sollog making a public statement to the US Magistrate upon his initial appearance and Sollog giving the Court and the Judge exact details of near events that INCLUDED the assassination of the Prime Minister of Israel almost 30 days later and the devastation caused by future Hurricane Opal that struck the United States days later.

Sollog also warned in that famous PUBLIC STATEMENT how the City of New Orleans would be struck by a historic Hurricane and how the Super Dome would be DESTROYED. Both events occurred 9 years after Sollog made his famous Public Prophecy about New Orleans in that court case.

I had access to the court records in these trials involving Sollog and I released the court transcripts in my Book title The Amazing Prophecies of Sollog. So I guess you can say I am the foremost expert on Sollog other than Sollog himself due to me covering his amazing prophecies for almost 20 years now.

The most amazing part of the Sollog arrest by the US Secret Service way back in 1995, was for his clear warning of the Jackson Hole Plane Crash involving the US President, is that within the year after Sollog wrote and was arrested for his warning, Bill Clinton went to Jackson Hole Wyoming and his Presidential Support Plane crashed just after takeoff behind Air Force One in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

All of these FACTS are well known to fans of Sollog that have read books about Sollog such as the one I did on Sollog in the 1990’s that provided COURT RECORDS to validate every claim I am making about Sollog in this article. My book is Titled The Amazing Prophecies of Sollog and it was the first book dedicated to the amazing Prophecies of Sollog.

The Feds then had Judge DeFino try Sollog for a nearly 10 year old TRAFFIC ACCIDENT that Sollog proved was an ACCIDENT by producing a SIGNED PETITION for a CIVIL CASE filed almost ten years before by the same cop that then appeared in court saying HE LIED and the incident was really an assault.

Instead of Judge DeFino FOLLOWING THE RULE OF LAW for having PROOF OF PERJURY by the cop,  he allowed the cop to LIE to a jury and even allowed a Federal Agent to take the stand and say Sollog was being investigated for his connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Now this information made a jury convict Sollog for an ACCIDENT almost 10 years earlier, due to the one fact that the McVeigh trial hadn’t even been tried yet and here you had a Federal Agent saying Sollog was connected to it.

Sollog eventually was exonerated by international court but he wasted FIVE YEARS of his historic life in prison thanks to the scumbag judge that has since been BURNT TO DEATH.

Sollog event went to the US Supreme Court SIX TIMES over the case and got NO JUSTICE, it is why “The US Government will be destroyed”, saysSollog, his case was “The TEST CASE for higher intelligence to JUDGE the US Legal System and the US Government and it lost. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE UNITED STATES“, saysSollog.

Are enemies of Sollog CURSED?

Another nemesis of Sollog a tabloid paper that refused to remove libelous articles about Sollog has just died a tragic death, the City Paper of Philadelphia was sold recently and was immediately put to death by the new owner.

The search of City Paper now shows ZERO ARTICLES about Sollog and they were a major source for haters of Sollog that do all they can to LIE and COVERUP his amazing hits of Prophecy in events such as 911.

The Jewish Spy Howard Altman (see our article) actually mocked Sollog‘s warning about future terrorism in a City Paper that is almost now IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND.

Howard Altman MOCKS New York City Terrorism WARNING by Sollog on 9/11/1997 four years to the exact date of 911.

I was the first Author to write a Book about The Amazing Prophecies of Sollog.



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