Indonesia Plane Crash 3rd on Sollog Line

On the Winter Solstice the famous mystic Sollog who is called THE NEW NOSTRADAMUS by his legion of fans around the world, warned of 3 Plane Crashes in his Winter Solstice Prophecy video aka Xmas 2014 Prophecies on Youtube and within a short time 3 planes did crash and two were on the exact line he put into the video. The only crash not on the exact line was the ill fated German Wings disaster which did crash in an area also given by Sollog that connects to a triangle of death he mentioned.

Here is the video TIME STAMPED by Youtube and it says 3 Plane Crashes and it has a map where 3 planes then crashed in Asia within 6 months. AMAZING


Today the 3rd Plane in South Asia struck and IT WAS ON THE EXACT LINE that Sollog had an image of in his 3 Plane Crash Prophecy video.

History will record this as one of the most remarkable feats of psychic ability, to draw a line on a world map and say 3 PLANE CRASHES and then have 3 major plane crashes ON THE LINE you gave.

So today the 3rd Plane of Sollog’s warning hit and all three form a dead straight line, now tell your friends and make this historic event go VIRAL.

Here is the image of the LINE where Sollog said 3 Planes would crash in his famous video and IT HAPPENED.


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