Amazon BANS New Historical Book on JESUS

Is Jeff Bezos the Anti-Christ?

Is Amazon and Jeff Bezos THE ANTI-CHRIST?

So says the author that had his new work on Jesus BANNED.

The banned author mocks Amazon and Jeff Bezos in his recent RANT on Amazon and the falling author royalty known as KENP which is a way Amazon pays authors to use their WORK FOR FREE so Kindle Unlimited subscribers have now over a million books in the KU program.

The banned author that is now saying Amazon is a MONOPOLY and Jeff Bezos acts like THE ANTI-CHRIST is the famous author who is the Honorable Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni who has six cites in the US Supreme Court making him one of the greatest legal minds in history (ask any lawyer you know how impressive it is having SIX CASES filed by the Clerk of the US Supreme Court, that rejects almost 100% of filings, for any lawyer to have six successful filings) says Amazon and Jeff Bezos whom he calls affectionately THE ANTI-CHRIST has banned his new historical book on Jesus.

The Book is titled

JESUS God? Satan? Or a Hoax?

It is available at 1 eBooks.

Banned Jesus Book
Banned Jesus Book

The work is almost 1,000 pages long and it was written by Dr. Adoni who is an acknowledged biblical scholar and a man who is also the chief judge in an international court who has labeled Amazon a MONOPOLY for the slave wages Amazon pays authors they use and abuse in the Amazon Select program where Amazon has now lowered Author Royalties 25% in only 6 months.

Dr. Adoni throws out amazing fact after fact about Amazon in his newest rant on the book selling giant he has labeled a MONOPOLY.

Amazon has also BANNED Dr. Adoni’s Series on TIME TRAVEL which you can get at i Time Travel.

They have recently banned a few of his older books on future math that includes his famous 30 Mod Prime Algorithm that some say was used by the NSA to not only create Bitcoin but to crack all modern encryption or crypto.

You can download the BANNED Math books of Dr. Adoni at:

Prime Algorithm

BItcoin Algorithm