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Editors Comments -

Sollog is someone we often write about on this site, due to his proven ability to fore warn of major earth quakes.

A trademark owned by Sollog was registered by a publicly traded company, that being ADAT

ADAT is now the first public traded company that we are aware of, that will have to defend a CYBER SQUATTING case at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)

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Investors sell ADAT - ADAT has sharp increase in Short selling!
Stocks Tumble - Verisign and ADAT drop over Sollog news!
Solomon Islands Rocked - 3 Major quakes hit exactly where Sollog warned!
Sollog Interview - Sollog on the record about ADAT!!
DAVID versus GOLIATH - Public company accused of CYBER SQUATTING!!
High Tech Stock Warning - ADAT caught using TRADEMARK ILLEGALLY!

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